sdch finale epic part 2

This part 2.enjoy reading if liked it comment.
After marriage kabir takes sanchi inside his house
Kusum-come sanchi.its your home
Sanchi nods

At mandap
Malhotra-this veer is so useless he made me feel insulted if he didnt wanted to marry sanchi why he did this drama
Just then veer enters
Veer-priya where r all
Priya-veer where were u.sanchi married dr kabir
Veer – wht!
Priya-u left this letter
Veer-i dont know abt it

Veer-oh god sanchis life got destroyed
Priya notices tht gaytri is smiling
Priya-i think veer is saying truth
Malhotra-we should check cctv
Gaytri-whats its need.sanchi got married
Just then a goon comes mam give my money u said to kidnap tht guy now give my money.all gets shocked
Malhotra-u have done this get out i said because of u people taunt me
Priya-u dont know dad she is the one who made me marry vikrant
Malhotra-get out
Gaytri goes out she pleads but no one listens
At kabirs home
Sanchi and kabir enter room

They see the room decorated
Kabir notices tht sanchi is sad.he takes his pillow
Dr kabir-Sanchi sleep in bed.i will sleep in sofa
Sanchi nods
Next morning all at sdch congarts dr kabir abt his marriage
Veer comes in hospital to search for sanchi
He sees sanchi.a dil a ye mushkil song plays
Sanchi sees veer.he goes near her but saanchi trys to go away he holds her hand and take her to a corner
Veer-i m sorry u have to suffer because of me
Sanchi-why u have come now.u ruined my life
Veer narrates all things to sanchi
Sanchi-but veer i m now married nothing can happen now.
Veer hold her hand
Veer-sanchi give divorce to dr kabir
Kabir sees them from a distance and gets upset and goes away
Sanchi-veer i cant..
Veer-dont worry i will talk to dr kabir
At night sanchi comes home.

Kusum-sanchi kabir has not come till now
Sanchi-aunty dont worry
Servant comes
Servant-mam saheb kabir baba has come
Sanchi-aunty go and sleep i will give food to sir
Kusum-ok beta
Dr kabir comes but sanchi is shocked to see dr kabir drunk.dr kabir stumbles
Sanchi-sir are u fine?
Dr kabir-sanchi …why u love veer

Sanchi-sir u are drunk pls come to room
sanchi takes kabir to his room
Dr kabir-answer me sanchi..cant u love me like veer
Sanchi-sir what are u saying.i think you are drunk.wait i will bring lemon juice for you
Dr kabir holds sanchis hand
Dr kabir-dont leave me sanchi..i love u.
Pls dont …saying this kabir sleeps
Sanchi is in deep shock
Sanchi-dr kabir loves me.
Next morning kabir wakes up he remembers abt previous night
Dr kabir-oh god i was drunk yesterday.kanhi maine sanchi ko apne feelings toh nahi baatye naa!
Dr sanchi enters
Sanchi-sir take medicines u will feel better
Dr kabir pov-i think sanchi didnt know anything.thank god
At sdch

Dr kabir does a surgery with sanchi
Dr kabir-dr sanchi i have to talk to u
Dr kabir gets some call and goes.
Aftersometime ms fernedes rushes to dr kabir
Ms fernedes-sir 1,2and 3 floors have catched fire

Dr kabir-how?
Ms fernedes-sir oxygen cylinders which came yesterday exploded in storeroom
Dr kabir-are all patients and interns safe
Ms fernedes-sir dr sanchi who was hepling patients is still stuck in fire
Dr kabir-what?and u are telling me so late!
Dr kabir rushes
At fire place.

Pragya-sanchi…sanchi…r u fine
Veer-pls somebody help sanchi
Dr kabir rushes to room where sanchi is stuck
Dr kabir sees sanchi lying on floor
Dr kabir-sanchi… Wake up

Kabir takes sanchi to hospital
Doctor-sir shes fine
Dr kabir sits all night with sanchi
Sanchi wakes up and sees kabir
Sanchi remembers yesterdays talk with jaya

Jaya-sanchi i dont know who loves u more.but before taking any decision think well
Sanchi pov- maa is right.i should give this relation a chance.
Next day sanchi comes sdch
Veer comes and takes sanchi with him.kabir sees it and gets hurt
Veer-sanchi see this .These r divorce papers

Sanchi gets shocked
Sanchi-veer yesterday i got stuck in fire.besides asking me abt my health u r giving me this papers
Veer-sanchi sorry.but u know what i was happy that i forgot to ask you. Sanchi dr kabir has also signed it now take this pen and sign it
Sanchi-veer no i cant

Veer-but why !
Veer pushes sanchi. Sanchi gets hurt
Veer-sorry sanchi
Sanchi understood that her maa was right

Sanchi-veer i dont know whether its love or respect for dr kabir.but i cant leave him
Veer-but sanchi ..
Sanchi-veer we used to love each other.but god separated we were not made for each we must move on
Veer-if this is your decision then fine.but we will always be friends.
Samchi smiles
At night dr kabir enters room.he is shocked to see room decorated
Dr kabir-maa bhi naa

Sanchi-sir i have done this
Dr kabir-sanchi u..
Sanchi-sir i want to give this relation a chance
Dr kabir-Thanks sanchi for your chance

They both share a hug ….

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