sdch finale epic part 1

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I will later write ff medical drama part 3.
I got an idea of write this story . Pls comment and sorry for any mistakes if done. The story,characters are same as in here we go.
After sanchis truth came out.jaya warned dr malhotra that if he resticate sanchi from college she will tell media abt his malhotra let sanchi study.
sanchi and veer confess love.and tell to their families tht they wish to get married.besides malhotras protest veer convinced him abt marriage.malholtra didnt want to loose veer so he accepted this.sanchi also convinced jaya
Sanch-maa veer will keep me happy.dont worry

Jaya-i know sanchi. I am only agreeing as veer is savitris son
On other hand dr kabir was heartbroken when he came to know that veer and sanchi love each other.riya took advantage and thought to come near kabir but all her attempts got failed.priya filed domestic violence case against vikrant and got divorced.dr malhotra also came to know truth that dr chawlas son was mad and apologised to priya for creating troubles in her and sankets life.

Sanket came back from mumbai . priya and sanket got married.on other hand gaytris truth is not come out.khusboo gets separated from ashok got bankcrupt.ashok seeks forgiveness from jaya and dada for his deed and jaya forgives her.both decides to start chaklis buisness together.
In kabir house
Kusum comes to kabirs room to change bedsheets she notice that the pillow is wet.
kusum pov-i know kabir beta that u love sanchi.
Dr kabir-he is in deep thought abt sanchi and his moments.
just then sanchi enters kabirs cabin

Sanchi-sir this is invition card of my wedding pls come
Dr kabir-dr sanchi i have an important surgery i cant come but my best wishes to u and veer.
Sanchi gives sad look.
Kabir pov-i hope u get all happiness in life sanchi.

In wedding cermony .

Gaytri-i will not let happen this plan to destroy priyas life got failed but not this time.veer just wait and watch.
Gaytris calls kidnaper to kidnap veer from venue
Veer-priya stop it till how much time u will do makeup of mine
Priya-veer its your wedding.all should know that this is groom.sanket enters
Sanket-wow veer u r looking dashing.oh priya come maa is calling u she dont know where she kept her medicines.
Priya-veer come fast.i m going when dadi comes go with her to mandap.ok

Veer-ok pyari behna
Priya glares
In ceremony, sanchi comes with her family.she is wearing beautiful leghna.all praise her.
Priya does her aarti.pragya and isha teases her.
Pandit-now as bride has come call groom.
Daadi goes to veers room . She comes downstairs
Daadi-veer is not in his room

All get shocked.gaytri smirkes
Jaya-daadiji dont panic call him.he might be busy.
All nods priya calls him but phone is off
All people gossips
People-look at that girl she doesnt have dad and her groom also fled i feel sorry
Sanchi gets teary eyed.jaya consoles her.
Gaytri pov-its time for my last plan

A servant comes and gives a letter to malhotra
Servant-sir someone left it at door
Dr malhotra-he gets shocked after reading the letter
Malhotra:veer left marriage.its veers letter
Jaya-whats written in letter

In letter:sanchi i m sorry but i dont want to marry u as i m still young and want to enjoy my life.i love u but pls understand.
Sanchi gets shocked.all ladies gossip oh god who will marry her. A girl who gets left in mandap is not accepted .
Just then dr kabir enters as he had to dicuss something imp with malhotra.he gets shocked to witness all this.

He annouces who said that a girl is not accepted if she is left in mandap
Ladies-u will shut our mouths but what abt world.will u marry her even knowing that her groom left him?
Dr kabir-what the hell?
Ladies-u can only say it u dont have courage to accept truth
Kabir fumes
Dr kabir-i will marry dr sanchi
kabir goes and applies sindoor to sanchis forehead.

All get shocked.
Sanchi-sir what u have done!
Jaya comes and take sanchi to a corner
Jaya-today veer proved tht he is malhotras son.look beta dr kabir is ready to accept u pls marry him for ur respect

Jaya-he betrayed u now move on
Sanchi-if veer thinks tht i am weak hes wrong.maa do what u want
Jaya comes with sanchi
Jaya-panditji start marriage rituals
Kabir and sanchi sits in mandap.they got married
Dr kabir-mam u dont worry.sanchi will not have any prblm in my home
Jaya-thanks beta

Sanchi waves bye to all
Precap-veer comes in venue
Veer-priya where r all

Priya-veer where were u . You got lata sanchi married dr kabir

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    Continue soon.

  4. Nice ff…

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    Loved it a lot….. How kabir took stand for sanchi and married her.. Loved it….. Hope so thi happens in show also… Because I love kanchi a lot……… ?

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    This is actually what I want in the serial and thank u dear for this….. Loved it from core of my heart!!!

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    Awesome episode ???

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