SDCH-FF (Prologue)

Hello everyone..this is Anonymousaa….Let me move to the plot first,we will have my bak bak at the end of this post!!

The episode starts with Sanchi being kept at the gunpoint by the masked man!She is shocked!The man asks who are you?Sanchi gets angry,she asks who are you?What do you want?

The man says I have nothing to do with you! I need to meet the dean here!

Sanchi says excuse me,I am the dean of the  Savitri devi college and hospital! What business do u have with me?Why have u kept everybody captive here?Leave them immediately else I will call police!

The man gives a tight slap across Sanchi’s face!Sanchi falls down holding her cheek.

The man says-You r not the dean.You r trying to fool me.In fact everyone here is trying to fool me.I said I wanted to meet dean,bring HIM before me,I will spare u people!

Sanchi-Its not HIM,its HER and that’s me only.

The man was going to slap her again when his hand was held back by….guess who?KABIR!!!

Kabir-How dare u try to attack my Sanchi!!!

Man-Are u the dean?

Kabir-Yes I am the dean!(in a loud reverberating tone)

Man-Is there a FOOL carved on my forhead?Why r u all trying to fool me?

He punches Kabir.Kabir stumbles.

Sanchi shouts Dr.KABIIIIR!!!

Man exclaims”Kabir???”

Before he can speak further he feels his ears boxed by a strong hand which was used to treat injuries not to cause them.


Kabir punches him again.He keeps on beating the man black and blue but the man doesn’t protest.He keeps on looking at Kabir lovingly with his eyes welled up!

Kabir-I will call police!

The man comes to his senses.Don’t u dare…I am god-gifted coz I have my strong son!!

The man escapes from the window.Sanchi runs and hugs Kabir!Kabir reciprocates!They are disturbed by ahm..ahm…ahm…sound by Pragya(They have been freed now)Veer gets angry.

They break hug.Sanchi exclaims-He was a weird person..came like a tiger went like a rat! I don’t know what he meant by his last dialogue!!

Kabir is shocked.He now remembers what the man said at last about godgifted and vaghera!

He runs to his office. Sanchi follows him.

Kabir gets thinking..the EYES….the ACCENT..that could only belong to a person in whole wide world!!!Sanchi looks from the cabin door.

The screen freezes on Kabir and Sanchi’s face.

Precap:Sanchi asks Kabir What happened Dr.Kabir?There is something that u r trying to hide.Tell…who knows I can be of some help to u!!                       
Kabir-Sanchi….the man today…was…m… Faaa…ther!!!

The End!

Author’s note:The precap is just a hint the epi of which I am not going to write at all.

I just took out my frustration regarding the plot through this epi.I really feel light now.I have an offer!If anyone of u wants to continue the plot as per the precap then u r free to do so and this work can be continued for upcoming epis too like a relay ff update.What say?Else let it remain like this..this much!

I dedicate this post to all my TU friends…my TU bakbak Queens and especially my daayan friend..the one and only Dhruvii as she has her birthday on 12 January!!!Happy birthday Dhruvi!!

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  1. Dhruviii

    Aeee rulayegi ky pgli???….tune mje gift diya toh mne bhi return gift m iss intro pe 1st like mra hi diya aur shyd comment bhi mra hi ho???…aur tu kha gyb ho gyi thi TU se….par koi ni ab tu aa gyi toh welcome back!!!……aur aur bahutttt bahutttt bdi vali jaadu ki jhappi to u…….aur tjhe jo krna h vo kr..i mean aage bdhana h toh bdha kyuki mein toh kmesha Kanchi k favour m hi hu

  2. Its true waht you said…. This is how even i feel…. The way you u showed it was really nice… Hope you continue it

  3. Anu88

    It’s awesome and amazing yaar………I hope it’s happening in real serial………. please yaar continue this…….it is our humble request dost……… how are you dost…….tc dear……..

  4. Miya321

    really nice dear!!! loved it! Hope that this comes true in the serial…. can`t wait for the next one 🙂

  5. Niyaaa

    Oyee bibu kaan khol k ankhein phaad k sunn i mean dekh..chup chaap iska nxt part post kar idea nhi h to soch naa mile to kahin se bhi search kar download maar mujhe nhi pata per kar ..mujhe chahiye to chahiye?z mindblowingidea yaar too good hope show m bhi aisa hi kuch ho.. Bas bhagwan ab to rs ko kuch akal de de bas thode din k liye udhaar jab tak kanchi naa mile or? sdch chale but kanchi milne k baad hi chale.. Lovv u meri vampu ab vampugiri chod k nxt post karne ki soch.. Bye gud nit milte h kal ig. p????

  6. Story was amazing BT d question is it was the real story is created on

  7. Aafiya

    Superb yaar.. Continue.. Waiting for the next update… Take care…

  8. Priyanshipp

    Bibu … bibu. …. aisa hi ho or tab hum sab khushi se pagal ho jaye…. sab ho bas kaanchi ek ho jaye….. the episode was mast mind blowing. Post next one as soon as possible. Luv u loads meri vampu☺??❤

  9. Amazing episode. Please continue it’s a request

  10. Swethaa

    really nice dear…you should continue…

  11. RuCh23

    Ha ha!!! This is how the show should go!!! Unfortunately don’t know what’ll happen today ??? awesome epi dear continue soon ???

  12. Amazing dear….really loved the idea….You have to post next one….Please Dear ?

  13. Riyarocks

    haye haye vampu……….tu hamare kanchi ko bina milaye chodegi………bilkul nhi……..mujhe kanchi milaap chahiye……..chahe uske turant baad tu isko discontinue karde………luv u bibu……….bohut saara

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