Three doctors are seen discussing a case and they are none other than sabiveer

Sanchi- this case is really complicated

Veer- idea!

Kabir- what idea

Veer- kavya

Sanchi – kavya
With a confused expression

Two interns are shown outside gym they are sapna and armaan

S- are you sure armaan

A- are 100% we can take her help in this case and if this case is not solved than we are screwed up

S- okk fine let's go

She was holding files they went inside while armaan was lost in fact every boy

A- yaar her figure

S- armaan!

A- haa

S- case

A- oh yes

A girl is seen working out on running machine

Boy 1- yaar I want to date her

Boy2- me too

Boy3- her waist

Boy2- she is too beautiful

Boy1- hot

While sapna and armaan goes to her

S- kavya

The girls turns round and she is kavya

K- bolo sapna

A- Hume actually

Kavya sees a file in sapna's hand she stops and wears her jacket and drinks water and check her pager

K- oh God sapna fast yaar it's an immediate page

She hands her files

K- armaan I am not going to tell you about at least solve one case

A- please kavya please

K- fine

She goes through files

K- simple !

A&S- simple?

K- do ct scan you will know about the tumour and she explains them

A- ohh
Kavys pager starts beeping

K- guys I have to leave that superstar KK is doing Drama for his dressing bye

She leaves immediately

A- why do she need to do internship yaar

S- seriously we were trying to solve this case since 5 days

A- and she solved in 10 min

S- she is daughter of dr kabir yaar

A- right
In Kk’s ward

Kavya was in her gym outfit only as it was an emergency page she sees scene

Scene was

Kk- listen you will spoil my face and girls die on my face I would put curfew as it is paining me
Kavya widenes her eyes she goes
Kk- oh see my fans come to meet me after exercise really a big fan and a beauty

Kav- thank you sir but anjali what happened
DA- kavya actually

Kavya soon understood by her face expression

Kav- ohh Kk I had saw your many films and your film dil kabutar you played a great role sir
Soon she dressed his wounds without giving him pain
Kav- done !

Kk- ohh so nice of you well you are a talented doctor
Kav- thanks actually I have to leave right now catch you later bye

Kk- Bye

She leaves
Kk to DA- learn something

Da also leaves

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