The scream of that mansion…..(episode 9)

The next evening anika was wandering in the gardens.

Suddenly a hand pulled me and i closed my eyes in fear. When I opened I found myself lost again in those greenish kind of orbs of shivaay. I was about to shout but he put his hand on my mouth forcing me to close my mouth. ” Anika listen, you and i will stay here
until we hear a bam sound in the mansion.” I wonderedn and mumbled. He removed his hand from my mouth. “What kind of bam sound and why will it come from the mansion?” i questioned. he chose to keep quiet. I couldn’t stay hidden so i moved from there. He pulled me back and it resulted in me hitting my face against his chest. I looked up and he stared at my eyes with no expressions. I had no choice so I had to comply and we both were hidden behind a tree.

I woke up from my afternoon nap and found the room empty. I thought didi might be in the hall so i just got freshened up and ran down. It was around five thirty in the evening and i found the hall empty. i went and checked the kitchen but even there no one was there. I found the whole mansion empty. I started getting scared as it was getting darker and the electricity seem to went off. I was walking with the help of flashlight from my mobile. Suddenly a mask came and hung before me. i screamed and took two steps behind and turned to find another mask hanging. i took a step beside me and another mask hung. i was scared to death with all
those terrible mask hanging . I screamed and cried. Suddenly the electricity came and there was a bam sound and i found glitters sprinkling on me. I looked up and saw papers roll out of those masks. In each one a love quote was written. I turned around to find om.

I could see tears rolling down her cheeks. She was scared. I knelt and asked for her hand. I knew she was shocked. She turned around and found her didi and gave a look to her. Her sister nodded and she too nodded. She kept on hitting me on my chest and
was crying badly. Later hugged me and warned me never to do this again. I just smiled. Rudra from above gave me a smile. Thanks to my brothers and sister for helping me to plan this proposal.

As soon as i heard the bam sound, I rushed to the mansion and found my sister weeping and om with a smile. Then om knelt and proposed gauri. I was confused as to what kind of proposal is this with the girl crying and boy smiling with masks surrounding them. Gauri turned around and looked at me asking whether she should say yes or no. I just nodded cause i know they would be happy together. She too nodded. Then warned om not to do something. I was confused. At night gauri narrated the whole incident and i was laughing like a maniac. i just wanted to name acres of land on om’s name to scare my sister so badly. Later i saw a glint of anger in her eyes and i immediately slept BUT still giggling.

At night priyanka woke up hearing crying noises. She saw a black figure past her. She tried waking up ranveer but he mumbled in is sleep asking her to sleep and not to pester him. She took the help of flashlight from her mobile and started walking towards the direction of noises. Again something ran past her. She was terrified. She started to run towards her room but something pulled her by the means of her leg. She felt it was the end of her life and closes her eyes. After some time she opens her eyes to find surrounded by ranveer siomru and anika gauri. Priyanka was questioned about the previous night and as to how she was fainted in the corridor. She replied by narrating past incidents of the previous night. Ranveer hugged her and consoled her. After few hours anika was exploring the house when she came to the mansion’s library. She entered and found many books but one book caught her attention. She walked towards it and found it to be a magazine. As she flipped the pages she found one page half torn with half face resembling shivaay. At the top of the page it was written mansion kinder.

I understood that this picture was taken during the time this mansion was a kindergarden. I rushed to hall and found shivaay sitting with phone in his hand. I yelled at him that i knew he was the ghost. Shivaay got up and walked towards me with no expressions on his face. Each step he kept forward i backed. He came to my ears and whispered, “Now you know my secret”.

The episode ends with shivaay smirking and anika looking shocked…….

hello. I am sorry but what to do i have exams. so only late update don’t worry i will update the part today itself. love u guys. do comment.

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