The scream of that mansion…..(episode 10)

RECAP from episodes one to nine : anika and gauri have accepted the challenge to visit the haunted mansion. Om falls in love with gauri at their first meeting. Anika helps om to come out of his trauma. The gang gets to know about the past of the haunted mansion. They start facing paranormal activities. Om proposes gauri to which she nods. Anika gets to know that shivaay is the ghost.


Later i saw everyone being dragged out of the room. I pleaded shivaay to leave them. “Are you mad??? Why would i want to harm my family!!! If i was the ghost then who was i when i was playing with my brothers and sister?? Do ghost eat food?? Whom did my mom give birth to?? Do u have any sense left in you!!!!!!” he justified. I showed him the photo, “Then who is this???” i retorted back with anger. He replied, “I told you I resembled like my grandpa.” Then again my attention travelled to my sister and friends who were floating in air. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me, “I am sorry i had to do this.” I turned behind and saw laura which literaaly shocked me. Shivaay ran towards her to hurt her instead she punched him and he slammed against the wall. He was wincing in pain. I asked why, shouting at her. She looked up and i saw her fierce red eyes and her hair started to blow. She flew in the air and explained but with anger, “Because it was I who died in that stampede. I wanted to scare shivaay’s grandfather but i didn’t knew the mask was evil. i have come here for the mask. I know you have it. BRING ME THE MASK RIGHT NOW!!!!”. I was trying to figure out which mask she was talking about and then remembered one i assumed it to be of rudra. I rushed and brought it. But suddenly thoughts flooded my mind. She was evil and if I hand over this evil mask to her something would surely happen. I was in a fix forced to select whether should i give the mask or not.

Then i decided, I brought the mask towards my face, I knew if i wore i would turn evil but i had no other choice. I remembered all my moments with my sister. I closed my eyes trying to hold back my tears but i found one adamant which made its way out of my eyes. I WORE THE MASK. Suddenly i heard a shriek, ” What the hell did you do??? I wanted to destroy it!!! You fool!!!!” she shouted. I turned to find my sister and friends breathing for air. I felt relieved as all were relieved from the clutches of laura. I too flew in the air and we both had a terrible combat. I somehow defeated laura. I saw laura descending. I came and fell to the floor with a thud. I knew i was doomed with this mask. Suddenly i heard giggling of children. i looked up to find the souls of children running towards me. I knew i would even defeat them. But something unusual happened. They came and hugged me. They wanted me to play with them. From far away i heard the voice of laura, “You are the only one to care for them!!!”. It took me few good minutes to realize what she was saying.

THE CHOCOLATES!!!!! I was the only one to bring chocolates for them. I tried to remove the mask remembering laura’s saying that the mask could be removed only by a symbol of love. And yes it came of easily. I saw the children’s souls waving me a goodbye and leaving for their heavenly abode. Gauri ran and hugged and scolded me why did i had to do this stunt? I just smiled and replied just for her. The next day we were leaving, just before leaving i took a last glance of it and we left. As we reached the oberoi mansion, all narrated the incidents IN DETAIL!! Dadi made a sad face and said, ” Well priveer, rumya and omri are a pair. But what about shivaay and anika?” I understood what dadi said. but shivaay stood there with a confused look on his face. Even pinky aunty understood and asked my hand for shivaay. I turned and looked at gauri who pleaded me to say ok. I just nodded. Within next week our marriages were held. It was my first night. My wedding dress was so heavy so i changed into a simple white kurta. As i was removing my jewellery, i felt an arm around my waist. I knew it was shivaay. He came near my ears and whispered, “Are you ready for tonight Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi?”. I just blushed.

Meanwhile somewhere in the mansion, the mask was chuckling saying, “I will come back for you anika!!”


Guys this was the last episode. And i just wanna tell you guys that I just took the basic plot from a book. While in the book it was just three persons and the ghost, here i had to bring the couples. In the book it was haunted stable but here i made it haunted mansion. In the book there is no paranormal activities but here i had to write. I seriously had a tough time writing this ff because i needed to write about shivika, omri, paranormal activities then i had to bring a little bit of humour element and all those stuff. I am sorry i know this idea wasn’t of mine but i just wanted to write this ff. So please forgive me. And do comment.

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  1. Superb…..

  2. Angela

    i read all the parts of your ff it was amazing and thanks for presenting us with this ff i hope/wish u could write a sequel on it

  3. Akshaya

    Loved it. Is there any season 2?

    1. Saasha123

      Not yet decided..

  4. Superbbbbbbb…is there a sequel?

    1. Saasha123

      Not yet decided and thank u for ur lovely comment

  5. B.k.maha


  6. Shivika

    Superbbbb……loved it…..plz do write part2 for it

  7. It is awesome dear….

  8. Vincy


  9. Wonderful

  10. Mrunal

    hey saashu….
    the end
    i didn’t expected it…
    but let it be…
    i loved this whole ff a lot…
    and miss u a lot dear…

    1. Saasha123

      Didi u returned. I missed ur comment a lot. Well i am not having any idea for sequel but stay tuned soon u will read the prequel. I will inform you once i update it. I to miss u and ur ff. Post ASAP.

      1. Mrunal

        Okay dea…
        Inform me whenever u start ur work….
        And love u yaar…
        And BTW i have updated 19th epi of trust me…

        Here is the link check it…

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