The scream of that mansion…..(episode 1)

Hello ishqbaazis!!! I am back with the first episode of my horror ff….

A girl is seen waking up from her sleep as sun rays fall on her face. She goes and stands near the window to close it. A cool breeze starts to blow, strands of hair fall on her face. She smiles. She goes to another girl sleeping and whispers in her ears “Sleep well gauri”. As she turns to leave gauri holds her hand. “Thank u didi” was all Haiti could mumble in her sleep. Anika smiles and leaves. Later the sisters go to college. A boy is seen flirting with girls.

Anika pulls his ears saying “Shall I make a call to Saumya rudra Darling?? “. Rudra makes a ? face. Anita let’s go f his ears. Gauri smiles seeing this. Anika asks about priyanka, Rudra replies with a sigh “again with ranveer”. Just then a girl comes running to this trio. She starts panting heavily.
ANIKA – woh woh woh?!! What happened pinky??

Priyanka says “it’s ranveer ‘S birthday today. He invited everyone to his house.”
Rudra hits his hand on his forehead giving an “impossible priyanka” look.
It’s night all reach the destination except Rudra. Everybody are chatting and wishing ranveer many returns of the day. Just then Rudra enters tiptoeing and scares Anika. She shouts. Rudra and all like hell seeing anika’s state. Anika burst out her anger saying “don’t u dare do that Rudra!”. Rudra while laughing says ” we all know u r big scaredy ? Anika sharma. ” Anika throws pillow on him.

rudra-prinku and ranveer could u both stop cuddling??
Priyanka kisses ranveer on his cheeks thrice and says “he is my bf I’ll kiss him, hug him what’s ur problem?? ” Rudra hits his hand on his forehead. They cut cake and then dance on a party song. Then they decide to play truth or dare game. All agree. The bottle starts spinning and stops at Anil. All cheer for Anika. Anika chooses dare. And Rudra suggests he say the dare. Anika says “no thank u Rudy last time u nearly ended me in jail!!! ” Rudra makes a sad face and Anika agrees that Rudra to say the dare. Rudra starts “OK Anika ur dare would be to visit the haunted mansion in our village.” the episode ends with Anika’s shocked face…..

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  1. Nice

  2. Great start..

  3. Nice yard….

  4. Awesome yaar….Plzzz continue waiting for next update…..

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  6. Interesting one dear.

  7. Archisha

    Awesome !

  8. Awesome but where is shivaay??

  9. Lalitha

    It is very interesting dear… Pls post the next part soon…

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    Nice dear

  11. Mrunal

    ohhh my god saashu….
    it’s ur ff…
    u didn’t tell me anything…
    surprise haan…??
    loved it dear…
    seems interesting waiting for next episode…

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