Scooter Love – OS (PART 2/2)


the episode starts with continuing scene where laksh helped ragini…

laksh : I know. but everytime they are will hitting you. we also has fell down.

ragini looks at him. they walked from there. laksh is pushing the scooter. ragini walked like her leg is fractured. laksh noticed it.

laksh : what happened? is there any fracture?
ragini : there is nothing at all.
laksh : no? just miss.


ragini : I want to do with him for a long journey that day. but he left me and goes solo. I don't know if he loved me or not . I feel very lonely. the memorize of him haunted me everywhere. I hate my self for loving such a selfish person. I swear it's my eyes my worst day off my life. I feels to call and message him, bit I have angry on him .he wants career and money rather than than me.

the scene shifts to laksh narrating thr my the same story.

laksh : career and money and also love is important. laksh not took luff my long time to feel it. he fights in the office and comes here.
shekar : what now? they will unite. there is no twist in the tale? who will read it when there us no twist.?
laksh : die the twist will come now in this story.
shekar : yes, tell me.
laksh : after came from USA. if laksh goes to ragini. then he will get some punch. so he goes to her father to discuss.
shekar : this is not a big twits. you said that if will be a good shocking twits.
laksh : the twist he goes to meet is yours, sir.

shekar looks shocked bby his speech .

shekar : me?
laksh : the father of the heroin, father in law. response my ragini's father. ragini shekar Gadodia .

shekar stands in shocked. laksh convice him and make him sit.

laksh : father, you want say some punch dialogue line get out. before they, I will say some matter. I'm lakshya. lakshya maheshwari. yesterday only I come to info India.not after come he I didn't know how to face ragini .while I'm thinking, I saw aparichit movie. which in the ambi character gave the love letter to Sadha's parents. so I get idea to met you. I called my astrologer to get some information. he told that we can marry each other .but your and ragini have to accept.
shekar : I can't go in your speed. it's not our tradition. you cake man come to my house with your parents.
laksh : thanks sir.

laksh walks. shaker stopped him.

shaker : then this scrap books?
laksh : there is nothing into it. you can use it for office work.

groom : if he comes to you then what would you do?
ragini : I will punch him with slippers.
groom : then get ready to punch him.
ragini : what?
groom (showing his pic in the phone): he is coming to you..
ragini : what?

she smiles and Gets angry. she goes from there. the groom stopped her.

groom : where are you going?
ragini : don't ever come to me. if you then I'll scold you in bad words.

ragini goes. the groom called the laksh. lol laksh attend it.

groom : sorry, I messed it up
laksh : what? where is she going?
groom : I don't know.
laksh : it's okay .

laksh get into the bike and goes ragini also is in her scooty. they hit each other again

ragini : hey don't you know to horn when turning?
laksh : I have horn.
ragini : hitting horn is be like.

ragini horns. laksh takes out his helmet. she sees him and goes back. laksh takes the key out from scooty.

ragini : hey give me my key.
laksh : listen to me, ragini.
ragini : just give me my key.
laksh : listen me first.

ragini didn't say anything. laksh start to talk.
laksh : actually, I'm done wrong. by I'm sacred if I propose to you then can't go. I'm spoke selfishness. I'm sorry. I thinked to come when I go to USA. but some problem. so I took so many months. I have already talked with your father. father.
ragini: talk with father? I can't be married in arrange.
laksh : do you want to propose you ,?
ragini : yes. laksh
laksh : okay.

laksh grad in his knees and proposed her.

laksh : this is the way she made me in my knees. first, she gets angry. then, give a me tight slap. then we are united.
ragini : first, you have to convince my mother. she is the one who is all to me and father.
laksh : why don't yo leave me in peace.

the story ends with ragini smiled face and laksh worried funny face.

so guys did you liked

Credit to: Bindu

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