Scooter Love – OS (PART 1/2)


hi guys. I’m already writing swasan ff. now im writing a raglak ff in one shot. I hope you will like it.

the scene starts with a green colour Saree is shown in the bed. shomi is shown is standing at the door step.

shomi : why are you wearing a Punjabi suite instead the Saree?
ragini : why I’m want to wear three Saree?
shomi : when seeing the would -be -bridegroom, you have to wear The Saree.

ragini’s hand is shown. she wearing the bangles.

shomi : hey these car I’d waiting for you. come fast.
ragini : I can’t go in car to see his face. I will go in my scooty.

the scene shifts to a road side. laksh is getting on The bike. behind, him his friend abhi is get in the bike. the man is have a scrap book in his hand. they stay that bike and goes. while going …

laksh : hey, I’m scared. it will work out, nah?

the scene shifted to ragini. ragini I’d going on her scooty with her friend.

ragini : which stupid said that girl’s have marry in there age 24. ny parents are forcing to marry.
they are going in the scooty. ragini is in angry.

her friend : you did’nt like there groom them why do you go to meet him?
ragini : my parents want me to see him, first then only they will listen my words.

then, laksh is seen in road. abhi gets it from hits bike.

abhi : okey, we will meet.
laksh (putting his helmet on): I’m scare.

then , he goes from there.

ragini is shown, he’s her friend to her place.

the friend : okay ragini, don’t be harsh with the man.
ragini : okay.

she goes from there.

laksh (narrating his story in mind): today, I’m going to meet a important person.

laksh looks. ragini comes into the cafe searching for that man.

ragini : pch…

laksh : welcome. thanks for coming.

ragini comes to the man and confess.

ragini : I’m not interested in this marriage. I came here for my parents satisfaction.
groom : hey cool, I’m also not interested in this marriage. my parents ate forced me. that is why, I came here.
ragini : thank god.
groom : can you smile now?

on The other side, laksh and shekar is shown.

shekar : so, you are lakshya. you are the one who called me to publish a novel, right?
laksh : yes.

laksh takes out the scrap book and put it on table. shekar takes it. lakshhhh grabbed the book.

laksh : sir, sir, sir, one minute. I will narrate the story.
shekar : why? you gave the scrap book them why? I have no time.
laksh : I Will finish narrating the story in 10 minutes.
shekar : okay, tell me the story.
laksh : it’s a love story.

groom : hey, ladies first. tell me your love story. then mine.

shekar : love story? what is this? can write any other subject?
laksh : sir, it’s based on a grid story.


"The two IT professional person ate going on bike."

it's none other than, laksh and abhi.

abhi : why are you scolding the manager when you are wake up late?
laksh : what I'm done? the manager only. if the girls come late then he is good nothing.
abhi : managers are always like that
lakhs : don't say like that. im only knew how irritating person he is.

on the opposite side, ragini is coming in her scooty. she turned Lefty and laksh also turning. they collapsed into each other motor.

abhi : hey.
laksh : don't you have sense. don't hit hit the horn when turning.
ragini : hello, in put the horn only. you are the one whip didn't hear.
laksh : oh Yes. the horn sound will be live the.

laksh hit the horn. ragini pot get hand on her ear and looks.

ragini : go away.
laksh : they are always don't know to drive. hey come lets go

abhi get in bike. they goes.

day 3 _ CSK and MI Final.

laksh and abhi are going in bike.

laksh : hey today will CSK win. we will Taj me the cup.
abhi : don't ever think to get the cup. we will win in the match.
laksh :dhoni will win the game.
abhi : hey, they have to get him to house with the first ball.
laksh : if you speak like this then I will get the here.

infront Of him, ragini is going in scooty. ragini turned left. they collide their motors again.

laksh : don't you have sense ?
ragini : I put the indicator on and come.
abhi : your fathers is driving an auto? the are putting the indicator in left Andee turning right.

ragini checks it.

ragini : sorry.
laksh : sorry? get come.

laksh tries start the bike.

abhi : hey, fist on the engine.

laksh look at him angrily.
ragini looks at him.

laksh : sit up and get in bike.

abhi gets on and they drives from there

day 21 _ Apache second service.

laksh and abhi talking while walking on the road. they hear some sound and goes to check. there he meet ragini again. she now collide with a stopped car. ragini is in mutt floor. laksh sees her. the car driver is scolding her .

ragini : ouch. I'm sorry, sir.
laksh : I thinked. sir, I apologize for her mistake. she it's an elboard.
driver : elboard means?
laksh : I know her, sir. I apologise.

they driver goes from there.

laksh : hey scooty, nowadays I thinked I do nor see you. there isn't no bike too hit. straight too car . you don't give in this big road, okay? first you drive in the small size road. then only drive in this place
ragini : first, help me.

helped ragini to get up.then he gets the scooty.

ragini : actually it's not my fault.

the shot ends with ragini .

So guys did you like ?

Credit to: Bindu

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  3. Isn’t it the Tamil short film enai saaithalae. Hope I’m not wrong. Anyways if it is inspired from it please do mention it.

  4. yes this is inpired from ennai saaithale

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