from Scintillate to Swara OS by Stella


TITLE : From Scintillate to Swara

TYPE : One Shot

AUTHOR : Stella

GENRE : Fantasy+Comedy+Romance


I always knew that love would come find me someday
But never did I know that it would be you who was headed my way
You caught me off guard and took me by surprise
But you simply captivated me,
The same way you do when I look into your eyes.

~ “When Love Begins” by Florence


Let’s begin with a question…!!

What’s the similarity between water and human desires…??

To answer this difficult question, I would like to use just a single sentence with only five words and that is:

“They both have no ends”

No matter how much you give, both water and desires try to reach out for more than what’s given to them…!! The more you’ll give, the more they will occupy…!! This is how every human in this world is; with endless desires…!!

And no difference than others is Sanskaar- Sanskaar Maheshwari…!! A person having tons of desires but no such intention of working to fulfill them all…!! All he ever wanted is just to sit idle and gorge over his father’s money…!! So, what’s the thing that makes him different from others…?!! Its his habit, or whatever you might wanna call it, of blaming God for everything wrong that happens in his life…!!

~ His father kicked him out of the house… God’s fault that he made his father so heartless…!!

~ His girlfriend dumped him… God’s fault that he gave no brain to the girl he dated…!!

~ He gets his toe hit against the table… God’s fault that he gave humans the brain to make a table…!!

~ He lost his job… God’s fault that he made his boss so rude and manner less…!!

Unbelievable, right…?!!

So, all in all, everything that happens in his life is God’s fault because there is hardly anything good that has happened to him…!!

But this all changes when God could feel his ears bleeding because of his cusses and accusations, and He decides to summon Sanskaar to His court in the heaven above…!!

One night, Sanskaar sleeps and reaches his world of dreams trying to find some absolutely beautiful, elegant lady over there, but instead he finds a door in front of him…!! A little confused, as he turns the knob of the door, an entirely different world welcomes him…!! The darkest of the dark skies holding numerous stars in its palm forms a canopy like structure over his head…!! Clouds of various colors could be seen revolving all around the place and passing by…!!

Amazed by his entire surroundings full of shimmering and glittering stars, Sanskaar moves forwards but stops abruptly as the sky starts parting away as if giving way to something…!! And soon enough a huge ball of light enters calling him, “Sanskaar…!!”

“What the…?!! Who called me…??”, Sanskaar looks around in a haste and stops when his eyes land on the light ball right above his head. “Who are you and how do you know me…??”, asks Sanskaar narrowing his eyes…!!

“I’m the one whom you blame for whatever happens in your life”, answers a streak of light coming out of the ball…!!

Sanskaar thinks for a while before a smirk starts appearing on his face, “Aahh God…!! So, finally you decided to show me your face.“

“Well technically, you are not seeing my face…!! All you can see is a ball of light”, answers another streak of light.

“Yeah, whatever. But why did you call me all of sudden…??”

The ball shines brightly before descending down and settling in front of his face, “I want to ask what’s your problem. Why do you blame me always…??”

“Because you are the reason for all that is going on in my life”, Sanskaar answers folding his arms across his chest.

“How come it’s my fault if you are not paying any attention and you hit your leg against the table”, asks God in a calm voice.

Sanskaar shoves his hands inside the pockets of his track pants and says, “Now don’t make excuses. I know you have some special issues with me.”

“I think you are mistaken Sanskaar. I love all my creations and I love you even more because you are my special creation.”

Sanskaar gives an unbelievable look to God and says, “Stop joking around. If I’m that special to you then… umm… why don’t you give me a gift which you have never given to any human before.”

God gives a small laugh, “If that’s what you want, then just name it. What do you want as a gift…?!!“

Sanskaar gives his surroundings a quick glance before making up his mind for his gift, “Give me a Star.”

“A Star…?!!”, the shock in God’s voice could be easily guessed.

Sanskaar smirks at the huge glowing ball, “Yup. A Star…!! So, give it to me.”

“Alright. Which one…?!!“

Sanskaar scans the sky once again and smiles as he finds a star glittering and shimmering more than any other star in the whole heaven, “That one”, he says pointing towards the star…!!

“Are you sure you want that one…?!! If you want, you can choose another…!! This one is a bit… difficult to handle”, God asks him for the first and the last time.

“Now, I want that one only”, Sanskaar answers in full confidence.

“As you wish. I’m giving the Star to you for two months but keep one thing in mind if you hurt it in any manner or if you try to send it back before two months, you’ll stop complaining and demanding from me and if you are able to win its heart by the end of the two months, you can have it for your entire life”, saying this God throws him back, out of the door he came from and then he looks at the star, “You know what you have to do.”

“Yes Big Boss”, saying this the Star, Sanskaar selected, falls down from the heaven straight towards the Earth.


The next day Sanskaar opens his eyes to the sound of the buzzing alarm clock and finds himself lying on the usual side of his bed in his one room rooftop apartment, but deciding to sleep a little bit more he turns off the alarm and rolls on the bed towards the other side…!! But no sooner he turns, someone kicks him in his guts which sets him flying off, down from the bed.

As soon as his butt kisses ‘Good morning’ to the floor of his room, he opens his eyes in shock only to find a beautiful girl cladded in shiny full-length white gown lying on his bed peacefully. Her long silky black hair lay sprawled up on the entire pillow. Never in his life Sanskaar had seen such a beautiful girl. Her long eyelashes trying to kiss her high rosy cheekbones and her full pink lips look more inviting than even a full cup of hot chocolate in a chilling winter night.

But before he could do anything, she opens her big doe eyes looking at him. Sanskaar, getting a little bit confused, asks, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

“You don’t remember what happened last night…?? You are the one who brought me here”, the girl looks at him without blinking even for once. Getting a huge shock from her statement, Sanskaar starts mumbling all to himself, “Holy Shit…!! I lost my virginity to a girl I don’t know and now I don’t even remember. Sanskaar, what have you done?”

The girl gives him a weird expression, “Okay…!! If you are going to talk to yourself, then I’m going to sleep. Have a great shimmering ahead”, saying this she pulls the comforter over her head. Sanskaar pulls the comforter back, “Oh hello…!! I don’t know you and you are supposed to leave.”

The girl glares at him before pointing out her long slender finger to him, “You…!! First of all, you made me travel such a long distance just because of your stupid wish and now you’re not even allowing me to rest.”

Sanskaar gives her a slightly nervous smile seeing her anger, “Relax…!! Relax…!! I was just wishing you a good morning.“

“What’s a morning…?!!”, she asks him rolling her finger back. Sanskaar looks at her as if she has lost her mental balance, “Morning…!! The one you’re seeing right now. Light and light everywhere.” The girl looks around before the realization strikes her, “Aahh…!! Downtime…!! In our place we call it uptime and downtime, that’s why I was a little confused. Anyway, it’s time for me to rest.”

“Who the hell sleeps in the morning”, Sanskaar shouts all of a sudden.

“Have you ever seen any ‘Star’ up during this hour? ”, she shouts back in the exact same tone.

“No, I haven’t. But… wait… what…?!! Star…?!!”, he looks at her with eyes and mouth wide open, “You’re kidding me, right?”

“Now, don’t give me those expressions. You only asked God to give me to you”, the Star says rolling her eyes.

“I don’t believe this. So, it wasn’t a dream which means nothing happened between us. Hahh, great”, Sanskaar smiles taking a sigh of relief. The Star gives him a naughty smile, “Oh wow…!! You are the first being ever who is happy even after meeting me. Now, since you have already woken me up, come on ‘Pretty boy’ get me something. I’m hungry”, saying this she walks out of the room leaving behind an utterly shocked Sanskaar who feels like ripping all his hairs off his head, unable to believe that it is actually happening…!! It wasn’t just a dream at all…!!


Sanskaar reaches the kitchen and finds her already sitting on one of the stools. “So, what’s your name or do you want me to name you…?!!“, Sanskaar asks her opening the fridge and trying to act normal no matter he is freaking the hell out from inside…!!

“No, I don’t need you. I already have a very glittery name, Scintillate.”

“Scinti… What…?!!“

“Sci… inti… lla… te”, she repeats her name again but this time a little bit slower.

Sanskaar takes out an ice cream box and places it on the island of the kitchen, “Scin… ti… whatever…!! Ughh…!! No…!! No…!! It’s too long…!! Not going to work.”

She glares at him, “Don’t you dare insult my name. It’s the best in the whole Kingdom of Sparky Skies.”

Sanskaar raises his hands in surrender, “Alright…!! Alright…!! Why are you getting angry…?!! I’m just saying that since you are going to live here for a while, why don’t we give you a new name, like… umm… Swara…!! How’s it…?!! Isn’t it beautiful…??“

“Swara…!!“, she thinks for a while before smiling, “I think I like it.”

Sanskaar smiles in relief, “Actually, you look very young. What’s your age?”, he asks her taking a sip of water.

“Hmm…!! I’m quite young…!! Just four thousand three hundred and fifty one years old”, answers Swara having her entire concentration on the fancy looking box in his hands.

Sanskaar spits out the mouthful of water the next instant, giving out a shriek full of shock, horror and astonishment, “Four…!! Four thousand…!! And you still think that you are young…?!!“

Swara shouts back keeping both her hands on her ears, “Aaaa…!! Why are you shouting…?!! Of course I’m young, there are many of us who are millions of years old.”

Sanskaar stares at her, “Yeah right. Why don’t you eat this then”, saying this he opens the lid of the ice cream tub. Swara looks at it with such an excitement as if it’s the most wonderful thing in the entire universe, “What is this…??“

“Ice cream”, Sanskaar replies.

“Why would you scream…?!! I’m not doing anything”, asks Swara with confusion etched all across her face.

Sanskaar mentally slaps his face before looking at her, “Not I scream. It’s… Ice… cream…!! Ice is ice and cream is cream. Ice cream.”

“Then give me both”, Swara replies back almost instantly.

“What both…?!!”, asks Sanskaar putting a spoon inside the bucket.

“You only said, you are giving me ice and cream. Then give me both and whether the one you are holding is ice or is it cream…?!!”, she asks gleamingly pulling the ice cream bucket towards herself.

“Seriously, I don’t believe this”, he starts banging his head against the table whereas Swara keeps looking at him with eyes full of pity, “Tch…!! Tch…!! Tch…!! Look what have you done to yourself. Gosh, why are you humans so confusing?”, saying this she picks up the ice cream bucket and walks back straight inside the room.


After a few days…

The night has already fallen and is about reach its peak. Sanskaar lies down on his bed and just as he is about to slip into his dreamland he feels something, or precisely someone, poking his arm…!! As soon as he opens his eyes, he literally jumps out of his bed in horror…!!

“What the hell…?!! Why are you shinning…??”, Sanskaar asks Swara moving as far as possible away from her, trying to confine himself in the farthest corner of his bed, seeing her entire body shining so brightly that it could be blinding if looked at without blinking even for once…!! Her eyes twinkling just like a five year old child who got his favorite candy, most beautiful of all the beautiful smiles playing on her lips and her silky long hairs now have a silver glow. She smiles looking at him before asking, “What was that in there which looked like ice and cream but was different from last time…??”

“No seriously, why are you shining…??”, Sanskaar is still pretty shocked seeing her. Swara rolls her eyes seeing his expressions, “I’m a Star, Pretty Boy. Shining is what we are supposed to do.”

“Yeah right…!! How can I forget that my dream has recently changed into a nightmare…!! But what are you doing here…??”, he asks her trying to calm his rapid heartbeat.

“What was that…??”, her excitement is back within the fraction of a second.

Sanskaar looks at her giving a genuinely confused look before realizing what she is asking, “Aah that…!! It was Vanilla Choco chip ice cream.”

“Vanilla Choc… Choc… what…?!!”

“Vanilla Choco Chip…!!”, Sanskaar smiles looking at her cute efforts for pronouncing the flavor. “I like it. I want more…!!”, Swara immediately jumps on the bed sitting just in front of him.

“But I spent all my money in stuffing your face with those different flavors. I don’t have anymore.”

“Then make some money for me”, Swara orders leaning towards him. Sanskaar feels like banging his head against the headboard but soon drops the idea as it would cost him extra money and all in all it would be his loss only.

“We don’t make money. We earn it”, Sanskaar makes a futile attempt of making her understand but soon the boulder hits him back. “Then earn some money”, Swara orders him like a princess.

“Great…!! I will go and earn tomorrow alright. Let me sleep for now”, saying this Sanskaar tries to sleep again but Swara insists on having the same flavored ice cream then and there only, literally dragging him down from the bed…!!

“Aahhh…!! Go away”, Sanskaar screams jumping back on the bed and putting a pillow on his head closing his eyes. But as he opens his eyes again he finds Swara holding her palm next to her ear. “What are you doing?”, Sanskaar asks her.

“I’m calling God to tell him that you want me to go away.”

“No wait…!!”, Sanskaar shouts pulling her hand away from her ear but shouts again, “Damn…!! Why…?!! Why are these buttons on your palm…?!!”

Swara pulls her hand away from his hold, “We have a technology much advanced from you all. We don’t need to carry all those numerous gadgets with us like you humans. So, are you getting me ice and cream then…??”

Sanskaar looks at her and then thinks about the last hundred rupees note lying in his pocket before deciding, “Let’s go. Looks like I’m going back to work from tomorrow onwards.”


Sanskaar takes Swara to an ice cream parlor and gets pretty surprised seeing a few people there even though it’s almost midnight. Getting her the desired flavor Sanskaar turns towards the cashier to pay but as he looks back at her, he gets the shock of his life as the tips of her hair start shining again. Sanskaar immediately runs and stands right behind her trying to hide her hair with his chest.

“Swara…!! Stop…!! Stop…!! Stop…!! For heaven’s sake, stop shining”, he whispers in her ear.

Swara could feel her feelings going haywire and her heart beating crazily as she feels the warmth of Sanskaar’s chest against her back, “I can’t help it…!! I shine even more whenever I get happy.”

“Do stars, too, get happy and angry…?!!”

“Why…?!! Do you humans have the copyright of emotions…?!! You can’t even imagine what happens when a Star gets angry…!!”, she glares at him narrowing her brows.

Sanskaar surrenders, “Alright…!! My mistake…!! But stop getting happy.”

“I can’t do that either, Pretty Boy”, Swara replies still concentrating more on her ice cream.

“Stop calling me Pretty Boy…!! I have a name…!! Why can’t you call me Sanskaar…?!!”, he asks her wishing to hear his name once in her voice.

“Nope…!! Pretty Boy suits you more”, Swara chuckles enjoying another bite of her ice cream.

“Alright, then let’s get out of here first”, saying this he wraps his arms around her and runs outside. But as it is said that ‘a house built on a hill can’t be hidden’, much the same way ‘is a human capable enough of hiding a shining star’…?!! No, right…?!!

And that’s when Sanskaar’s biggest enemy, Pratyaksh, who happens to be an insane scientist cum researcher with just only one evil desire of ruling the whole world, notices them and smirks looking at his minions, “Looks like Mr. Good for Nothing has got something really precious in his hand. Don’t you think that every precious thing in this world should belong to me”, saying this he laughs looking at their retreating figure.


It’s almost the end of two months and during this while both of them have come pretty close. Even though, Sanskaar couldn’t name what he feels for her but somewhere down in his heart, secluded in the farthest and darkest corner, is a wish that, someway or the other if he could stop her from going back. But neither he couldn’t bring up the courage of asking her nor he is sure whether he has won her heart or not.

Above all this, one thing that he wanted most is to hear his name in her voice, no matter if it’s for only once. Yup…!! She still calls him ‘Pretty Boy’ only, saying that it suits him more than any other name.


It’s Swara’s last day on Earth but still Sanskaar is unsure of what her decision would be. He is debating with his inner self only whether to ask her to stay or not, when the doorbell of his apartment rings.

Thinking who could be it, he opens the door but gets shocked on seeing Pratyaksh smirking at him. Sanskaar tries to close the door back again, not because the person standing at the doorstep is his enemy but because of the fact that he is perfectly capable of hurting Swara and in no manner Sanskaar could put her any sort of danger.

But before he could close the door, Pratyaksh and his minions push the door open, making their way inside.

Pratyaksh smirks looking at him and sits on the couch, “My…!! My…!! Look how hard he is trying…!! I told you that he has something precious…!!”

Sanskaar fumes out of anger seeing him talking about Swara, “I don’t think you are invited here Pratyaksh.”

Throwing his arms on either side of the couch, Pratyaksh makes a fake sad face, “Now…!! Now…!! Is this a way to greet your long time college friend…??”

“As far as I remember, we have never been friends”, Sanskaar replies back.

Hearing all the commotion and sounds, Swara comes out of the room. Pratyaksh looks at her and exclaims in fake excitement, “Look…!! She is here herself…!!”

He gets up to go towards her but Sanskaar shouts, “Don’t you dare touch my girl…!!”

“I don’t think she is a girl, Mr. Maheshwari. Normally, girls in our world don’t shine, do they…??”

Sanskaar gulps audibly but tries to maintain his calm, “I have no idea what you are talking about…!!”

“Yeah…!! Right, right…!! How can I forget that your little brain went out on a vacation long ago and has now refused to come back”, Pratyaksh smirks and stands stuffing his hand in his jeans pocket, “Okay…!! Let me make it easier for you by coming straight to the point. I have an offer for you…!! I know that… she is not a girl, Sanskaar. I want you to give her to me, so that I can find out what exactly she is and for that I can give you whatever you want.”

Sanskaar scoffs at him, “Not even in your dreams. Unless and until I’m alive, I won’t let you lay a single finger on her.”

“Then how about we finish you first”, saying this he takes out his gun pointing it towards Sanskaar, but the next moment something changes his mind and he removes the gun back saying, “Tsk…!! If I’ll kill you then I’ll lose my dearest enemy. And for sure you’re not going to tell me whatever I need to know. Then how about I confirm it myself…?!! If she is a girl then I’m sorry well in advance for what’s going to happen; and if she’s not then I don’t think so that anything will happen to her”, saying this he points the gun towards Swara.

Before she could understand what’s going on, the trigger is pushed and the bullet hits Sanskaar as he runs and takes the bullet on him instead trying to save her…!!

“Sanskaaarrr…!!”, and there she says his name for the first time in last two months as he falls unconscious in her arms but not before giving her a small smile.

“It’s… beautiful…!!”, Sanskaar says in between his breaking voice.

“What…?!!”, Swara couldn’t believe everything as a lone year escapes her eyes.

“Hearing my name… in your… voice… It’s beautiful”, saying this he closes his eyes falling unconscious completely.

Swara looks at the almost lifeless body of Sanskaar in her arms and then at the people standing in the apartment. Never in the four thousand years of her life, she felt such a pain that she is feeling right now seeing Sanskaar in such a condition.

Lying his body on the floor cautiously, she covers him with an invisible layer. And no sooner see does this her anger bursts out. Her entire body, even her eyes start turning red and her hair start growing longer emitting flames. Everyone standing in the room gets horrified because that’s something they could have never imagined.

“Now see, this is what happens when a Star gets angry…!!” Soon, all of them could feel their skin and flesh burning and could see their end approaching towards them. So, in order to save their lives, they all jump out of the already open window…!!


A few hours later, Sanskaar is still lying unconscious in the emergency ward of the hospital whereas Swara is sitting on a chair holding his hand and resting her head against the side of the bed. All of a sudden everyone else in the hospital other than Swara, falls asleep as a huge ball of light shines above Swara and Sanskaar…!! Swara raises her head whereas Sanskaar is still unconscious.

“Scintillate…!! It’s time for you to return to your own world…!!”

“But how can I leave him in such a condition and I think I like Swara more than Scintillate now, Big Boss…!!”

“Looks like you have made a decision. But you know that if you are going to live on Earth slowly and slowly you’ll also start becoming vulnerable just like humans. You’ll also get hurt and feel pain besides having all your powers.”

“If he is with me, I think I can overcome all”, says Swara tightening her grip on Sanskaar’s palm.

“Do you think that you can tolerate him for that long…?!!”, asks God in a humorous way.

Swara gives a small laugh and says, “I think it’s the other way around, Big Boss…!! And you are worried about that…?!! Whereas I’m worried about all the ice and creams of this world…!!”

A streak of light falls on Swara’s head as if giving her a blessing, “Bless you, my child…!! You fulfilled the purpose for which you were sent. You actually knocked some sense in this person. And remember, you can return back whenever you want.”

Saying this the light ball vanishes once and for all…!!


After a few days both Swara and Sanskaar are standing in his apartment looking at the Stars…!!

“Why didn’t you go back…?!!”, Sanskaar asks her curiously.

“Because I couldn’t leave you in such a condition…!!”

Sanskaar smiles and looks at her, “So, that means I succeeded in winning your heart…!!”


“Don’t I deserve a prize. I did something almost next to impossible”, says Sanskaar giving her a naughty smile.

“What do you want…?!!”

“This”, saying this he pulls her lips in a soft tender kiss. In a flicker Swara’s eyes widen and she could feel her heart beating at a rate of a hundred light years per second, threatening to break out of her rib cage anytime, and she shines the way she never did before…!!

Sanskaar pulls back and looks at her. “What was that…?? I’ve never felt this way before”, she asks him with an expression which could be called a mix of shock and amazement.

Sanskaar shrugs his shoulder, “I don’t know about your Kingdom of Sparky Skies but in our world we call it a kiss…!!”

Swara, “So, this is what a kiss is…?!! I heard some stars talking about this back at our kingdom and I always used to wonder how it would feel having…”

“God, you talk so much”, Sanskaar pulls her back again for another kiss but soon she pulls back and glares at him, “You started complaining again.”

“No…!! No…!! No…!! I’m not complaining…!! In fact, I love the way things are going in my life. So, since from now on you are going to live here only, I need to get some work for earning money.”

“I have an idea”, Swara exclaims almost immediately.


“How about we start selling the ice and cream thing…?!!”

Sanskaar face palms himself, “Oh God…!! Ice cream…?!! Not again…!!”, saying this he runs inside his room.

“Ohoo wait…!! I have even a better idea…!! Why don’t we start inventing new flavors…?!! You’ll make them and I’ll taste to tell whether they are good or not…!! Wait, Pretty Boy”, saying this she, too, runs after him inside the room…!!

Sanskaar jumps on the bed trying to sleep but Swara pulls him down from the bed. Sanskaar screams due to the sudden shock, “What the hell are you trying to do…?!!”

“First tell me how was my idea…!! Fantastic, right…?!!”, asks Swara excitedly. “Absolutely not”, Sanskaar replies almost immediately, “Seriously, there are so many other things in this world. Why can’t you eat them…?!!”

Swara makes an almost sulky face, “But I’m your responsibility. You need to feed me. I stayed back just for you.”

“Exactly there was no need of that. Your Big Boss should have taken you back. It’s all his fault…!!”

Swara shouts back, “Actually, it is His fault, he shouldn’t have sent me in the first place.”

There on the other side, up in the heaven God finally feels himself at peace and tries to get some rest. But His entire kingdom turns upside down when the cusses and accusations begin all over again; and that too getting doubled this time. And when He could not tolerate anymore, God decides to intervene in the matter Himself by going down to Earth.


God: What are you both trying to do…?!!

Swara: It’s all your fault Big Boss…!! Why did you send me here…?!!

God: But he only asked for you…!!

Swara: But you could have sent someone else. He wouldn’t have even known the difference.

Sanskaar: Oh hoo…!! Look at these two…!! Planning to cheat me…!! It’s your fault, why didn’t you take her back.

God: But she only wanted to stay back for you…!!

Sanskaar: Is she the boss or you…?!!

God: I really wonder…!!

Swara: But I really like ice and cream.

Sanskaar: Ughh…!! First of all, it’s ice cream…!! It’s one thing…!! Only one thing…!!

He turns to look at God…

God: Now, why are you looking at me…?!!

Sanskaar: Remove all the ice creams of the world…!!

God: But…

Swara: (shouts almost immediately) No, Big Boss…!!

Sanskaar: Shut up…!!

Swara: You shut up…!!

God: At least listen to me…!!

SwaSan: (together) No…!! It was all your fault…!!


God literally slaps his forehead for committing such a grave mistake of bringing them together…

God: (to himself) Now…!! Will this fight ever have any end…??! Umm… I don’t think so…!! Ha ha…!! Looks like not only me but the entire world has to bear these two like this only…!! Forever…!! Because one thing for sure, these two are going to unfurl an ‘Eternal Love Story’. It’s always said that ‘The most beautiful love story is the one you expect the least’ and the love story of a human and a star… can anyone expect that…?!! No, right…?!! ??

====== THE END ======

Disclaimer: This story has been drafted purely with an intention of entertainment. The entire conversation between God and the lead characters is just for the purpose of creating a humorous situation and not for hurting anyone’s belief or trust. So, if in any case someone feels hurt, then please forgive me…!!


Hii everyone…!! So, this was my new OS…!! I know I’m not that good in writing when it comes to one shots and this might be the king of all the weirdest Swasan stories you might have ever read but I thought of writing something new and refreshing this time that’s why I have used a combination of Fantasy, Romance and Comedy genre. I, myself, am not very sure whether you all liked it or not but thanks for giving this story a try…!! It really means a lot to me…!!

Stars have always been a fascinating topic for me ever since my childhood. A few days back while resting on the terrace of my house and gazing at the stars, I got this idea.

I hope I was able to do justice with the theme and that you all enjoyed reading this ‘Triple Tadka Experiment’ of mine…!! Do tell me what do you feel about the story…!! Appreciations and healthy criticism both are equally invited but this definitely doesn’t mean I’ll tolerate any sort of bashing against my story as I worked pretty hard on this concept and I definitely hate it when anyone copies my work…!! So, I suggest we avoid that also…!! Let’s keep the conversation healthy and fruitful…!!

Love you all…!! Stay blessed and happy reading…!!

– Stella

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