Scientific thriller(Tei,tpk,vishkanya,swaragini and ikrs) epi


Sorry for ending now.. Really sorry twinj fans,swaragini fans,IKRS fans,thahaan fans and apulay fans.. Due to some problem.. In FB with my best friend.. So I am ending this ff.. Becoz I lost my patience and ending this ff sorry.. Now time machine.. Willl be fast.. So let us start..

The episode starts with Viplav asks sanskaar why u killed papa? He tells I did not.. Duplicate sanskaar pic is shown.. Viplav gets shocked.. Sanskaar tells yes he was the one who killed papa.. Viplav tells sorry to him and hugs him.. Dhaani and Swara sees this and smiles.. Swara comes there and tells sorry to sanskaar that she was always behind money.. But what happened last night.. I don’t want u to be away from me from now on.. He smiles and hugs her.. Viplav and dhaani hugs Sanam re plays..

Dhaani tells now our problem is solved.. Bihaan and thapki enjoys candle light dinner. Bihaan bends his knees and asks her hand for dance.. Thapki gives it happily.. She smiles and dances with him.. Bihaan holds her hand and comes close she tells public..he tells OK and takes her aside and holds her hair and tells now this is private.. She smiles and kisses him…

Malay waits for apu near there..Apu smiles seeing his angry and comes to him and tells sorry and hugs him. They both share an eyelock.. Siye re plays. He asks for her hand and tells let us go back to house becoz it is already time.. Malay smiles.. Apu keeps finger on her mouth and tells sure sir.. Apulay and thahaan comes there and sees then hugging each other.. They also comes there and joins them and they all have a talk.. Kunj wins the match.. Twinkle smiled at this and hugs him.. Twinkle and kunj comes to house with cup and asks him what r u doing? Viplav tells all.. She smiles and comes there and hugs them all.. Kunj tells I got first prize.. All smiles and congrats him and hugs him.. They all pose for a pic.. Selfie..

Next day… IKRS part..

Viplav and dhaani near beach.. Viplav tells we both alone.. Viplav holds her hand and shows her arrangements.. He smiled at her. She hugs him and tells superb.. IKRS ends..

Tei part..

Kunj brings twinkle to forest area and shows her cnadle light bed and etc.. She looks on surprised.. Twinkle comes close.. He hugs her and kisses her.. Slowly he kisses her.. End. If tei part.

Swaragini part..

Swara and sanskaar have some intimate moments.. Suddenly swara sees all things and asks him we are middle of sea? He nods.. She shouts in happiness.. Ends.

Tpk part….

Bihaan and thapki share some intimate moments.. Bihaan gives thapki a gift.. She sees train.. She tells u.. U will never change and beats him..??Ends..

Vishkanya.. Part.

Apu gives Malay a cake and tells I did not tell u I love u.. So now I am gonna tell for u.. She tells. I love. U.. He hugs her and tells this one word is enough for me… Ends..

The End.. Sorry for ending I have some problems in FB page.. So I lost my patient.. So ended this ff.. Sorry Kathy and ooshi… I am brave.. So I will write horror..alone..

The moral:Greedy leads to destruction.. Don’t be greedy.. Like me for comments.. Be happy with what u have.. So here is my last ff for all this shows… But tashan-e-ishq and vishkanya I am writing ff and I will write for other three shows big good bye..

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  1. I hope u r not disappointed by my comment. Will miss u. Come back with another rocking story

    1. not ur comment mitali….thnx

  2. Oh naren I don’t want this to end….???

  3. How could u do this …. I mean…. U said that u had argument with ur best friend n stop writing this…sci-fi ….. I don’t believe this let me tell u one thing… Best friends support n stood for their friend in any circumstance … Sorry to say this yaar….Anyway it’s sad U stop two ff ‘s here anyway it ur decision n am respect ur decisions as always I do… It’s ok yaar… I know u Are sad as well.. In one way it’s good with wounded finger u cannot even type na… It’s good now u have less ff’s to write n u can have some rest as well

  4. Naren this moral for u specially my little bro…
    There are still some wonderful people left in this world! They are diamonds in the rough, but they’re around! You’ll find them when you fall down– they’re the ones who pick you up, who don’t judge, and you had to fall down to see them! When you get up again, remember who your true friends are!

  5. Oh naren… Am lecturing u… Coz am feeling sad that ur gonna stop two ff’s it’s not fair…. ???

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Hey Kathy. I am writing 1more FD for Vishkanya.. So for Vishkanya alone 3 ff and another 2ff.. That is it..

      1. Ok… Take care of yourself ….

  6. Awesome yaar. …superb

  7. naren nice ending yaar……come back with another one

  8. varsha(philo)

    hi narendran anna what did i say and y u r quitting ur fb account and u said that u r going to comment on IKRS page just say what i said

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