school love part 9

hey guys thanks for ur love nd support towards my ff and os.

If some one missed any of my os then i will be giving the name to u guys
1 love is soo unpredictable os
2 love needs no words os
3 true love os
4 ajeeb si luv story os

Now this part contains a surprise for u guys…… 😉

part 9

next day
Everywhere the preparations of sangeet ceremony was going on. One side the dnce preparations were going on otherside the evil preparations
Nearly at 5 pm
Uv goes towards tw and signalled her to go to his room. First tw was confused later on she understood that kunj is clling her. So without wasting a minute she left for his room. This ws all seen by naina she jst misunderstands everything and ws fuming in jealousy.
She without giving a second thought goes towards rt and told him tat she saw tw talking to a boy closely and going in his room. (she didn’t reveal the name of the boy ). Rt fumes listening this and asked her in which room she is???
naina shows him the path and takes him to kunj and uv’s room…..

inside the room
kunj- tw u know wat ur designs are selected. they said that aftr ur class10 ,u can get permission to study their….
tw is sooo happy. She hugged him excitedly.
tw- tysm kunj today bcz of u i will able to fulfill my dream. ty i love u
kunj- i love u tooo…..

They were still hugging wen rt enters the room. He ws very much hurt, angry to see her beloved daughter hugging someone….
He just goes near them nd separated them nd slapped kunj tightly. Due to the slap kunj’s lip started bleeding. and along wid twinj naina was also in a gr8 shock….
naina- kunj tum yahan???
rt- wah kunj wah we thought u as our family and u r doing this wid my daughter.
Tw pleads rt to listen to her bt instead
rt- tw u jst be quiet otherwise i will kill u today.
kunj- tw stay away.

tw cries and
tw- plz dad plz once listen to me.
rt slaps tw also and she fells on floor. kunj tries to go to her bt rt stops him and starts acussing him.
rt- tujh jaise ladke yehi karte hain aamir( rich) ladkiyon ko apne pyar mein fasa lete hain aur fir……. i never trusted u bt my dear wife always say that u r good and all… how dare u to think of my daughter. aukaat kya hai teri…..
tw stands and goes near rt and says plz dad stop here. i love him
rt- this is nt love this is ur childishness. i will not leave u here for a single moment. go and pack ur bags. we are leaving now.
tw looks towards kunj. They share a painful ilock.
kunj- plz uncle i love her. i will always keep her happy plz trust me….

rt- u shut up otherwise i will kill u today. u love her literally than prove it. bcme more rich than me before i make her marry someone else..than think abt my daughter
tw- dad money is nt everything why dont u understand i love him(shouts)
rt- know bcz of this man u will shout on me.
kunj- tw plz no he is elder behave properly… i will do it sir. i am ready to prove myself.
tw- no kunj u need not to this man will never understand our luv. he only loves money bcz of money he never came to see us.

kunj- plz tw do u trust me. I will come to take u. Plz beleive me tw.
tw cries and nodes her head in yes nd leaves from their…
kunj was also heartbroken and he sits on floor and cries…

and all leave from their before function starts….
(all- uv’s family, tw’s family nd kunj)
rt thinks i will never let u succed in ur atemps kunj….

wat happened in nxt 4 yrs????

kunj tried everywhere to get job after completing his studies bt of no use although he was a topper bt still due to rt noone dares to give him job. Atlast he thought to do smthng wid singing and so he is a gr8 singer now bt only in delhi. He is still nt as rich as rt.

Rt takes tw to mumbai where she completed her fashion designing studies. After studies one f9 day sid’s family comes and asks for tw’s hand and rt accepts it. and forcefully make tw to get engaged to sid…

naina feels guily of watever she did and leaves the country.

uv also feels guilty as he was nt able to save them. He is the only one who was in contact of both and supported both in this situation.He promises himself to unite them at anycost…
and also uv proposes that girl and both are in relationship and soon gonna get engaged.

Sorry guys given all the things in summary as i dont want to drag all this. Now past is over and will now basically i will focus on future.

Sorry for short update will try to give other update till tom. noon

Precap- present teaser and marriage of tw nd sid……

I know After reading precap u guys wanna kill me bt wat can i do if the bride and groom are ready…. 😉 😛

Credit to: ridhima


  1. Rashi verma

    Rodhima I’m very angry at u …..u did not posted ur ff regurly….I liked it so much…..but anyways nice flashback and teaser……waiting for next part….

    • ridhima

      Hey yar plz dont get angry on me i try my bst to update regularly bt my exams dont allow me and dont worry let my exam get over i will upload two epi daily…….
      And thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Plzzzzz update nxt part asap I can’t wait bt anyways ur epi was osmmmmmmmm loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much it was such a painful bt osmmm

  3. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    awesome yaar ridhima….its amazing…ur such a great writer….plz post next part Asap….cant wait anymore…..

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