school love part 8


Hey guys sorry for making u w8 till long. Bt kya karoon was nt having tym so in short span was nt able to write ff so thought to give os

And i am very happy and thankful to all my commenters nd silent readers. U all have motivated me a long. Sorry if u find it as short as till now busy wid some works still somehow typing it……

Part 8

Next day
The venue or the mansion where they were staying was decorated beautifully wid green and white curtains giving view that mehendi function is going to happen. All were sooo happy especially girls but boys were making wierd faces. The special mehendi designers were invited who will apply mehendi to all girls.
Some girls were dancing in the hall in circles. In short it was a perfect function wid lot of happiness surrounded everywhere.
Mehendi was being applied in tw hand and kunj was jst staring her lovingly from far. Uv was standing beside kunj.
Uv – oye hoye koi apne chand ko ghur ( stare ) rha hai
Now kunj was blushing like hell and he hit uv wid his elbow.
Uv- aowwww….. Sach kadva hota hai…. 😉
Kunj left from the place.
Uv wink to tw and tw also bcms shy and blushes as she understood wat must have happened over there.
Bt someone misunderstands the whole scene and was fuming in anger and jealousy….

On the other side
Tw was searching for kunj and she spotted him standing in one of the corners and she silently moves towards him.
Tw— bhoooooo…. o_O
Kunj turns back
K- oh main toh dar gya….. :-O
tw- u r very bad
Knj- oh so thats why came here in search of me
Tw- acha ok w8 i wnt to show u something.
She forwards her hand to show him
Kunj- oh wow tw teri mehendi bahut achi lag rhi hai……itne sare cartoon banvane ki kya zaroorat thi ek adha bana leti toh bhi chal jata
Tw was now fuming
And she started beating him
Tw- oh babaji!!! Cartoon mehendi mein nhi mere samne khada hai and after complaining she pointed towards a specific place in her hnd.
Their kunj see in b/w diff cartoons their was a alphabet written ‘K’…..
Kunj was sooo happy and hugged tw immediately.
Tw- kunj tum mujhse kitna pyar karte hoo(innocently)
Kunj- departs himself and asked kyun tw kya hua???
Tw- nhi actually maa was saying ki the colour of mehendi depends on the love of partner..
Kunj- oh toh yeh baat hai matlab kal tak toh tere haath hi nhi dikhenge
Tw( total confused) kyun???
Kunj- bcz they will be soo dark red that no one will be able to see ur white skin… Tw blushes nd hugs kunj….

Next day
Mehendi preparations were going on full swing bt our devdas was still waiting for his paro (sry guys dont know exact spellings try to understand plz…)
As from last night she had not returned back even that sid ws seen no where. He ws tensed and scared if this is all bcz of yesterdays incident…..
Bt his thoughts came to an end wen he saw his greek goddess standing on the door wearing green colored anarkali she ws looking damn beautiful. Then girls started to apply mehendi. It ws tw’s turn.
The mehendi designer asked her if she wanted to write smthng on mehendi . Then tw saw towards kunj wid teary eyes and said S….
Kunj was heartbroken and once again he found his whole world revolving and laughing at him.
Bg:- pyar hai ya saza…..

After completion of mehendi tw left from the place and goes towards her room bt jst before entering two strong arms pull her towrds him. Yea u are right he is kunj…. Tw saw in his eyes the tear, tears of helpnessness, pain, anger, betrayal and what not. Along wid many questions in his heart tht why tw why are u doing this wid me??? Why u made me body widout soul??? And wat not??? Tw was nt able to see in his eyes due to guilt and lowers her eyes.
Bt kunj makes her to see him by holding her chin wid his fingers
Tw- leave me kunj. Let me go
Kunj- tw will u nt show me ur mehendi now…..
Tw- plz let me go
Kunj- first show me cartoons ( in pain)
And he stretches her hand and was shocked to see it and asked tw
Kunj- wat it is????
Even tw was also shocked on seeing ‘k’ instead of ‘s’. They both were nt able to understand wat happened bt kunj thought that it is done by tw for him and he immediately hugged her….. Bt tw was shocked and pushed kunj and ran inside the room and bolted it.
One person ws seeing it from far and was smiling wid teary eyes and said- i will nt let u two separate. It is a promise. And he left.

Now guys they dont know how it happens bt i will tell u how ith happens

Wen tw was busy in staring kunj then the designer who asked the name was of the next lady sitting to tw. And the lady who was applying mehendi to tw was told letter ‘k’ by same unknown person….. See destiny also dont want to separate them at any cost……

Guys apne twinj ka toh theek hai bt think of the lady sitting next to tw…. Lolz 😉 😛 jst imagine……..

To be continued….
Precap- teaser

Guys in next two epi twinj will be together….. Thanks for bearing my torture and also sorry for a short update. Hopefully nxt will be a longr one wid many secrets…….

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. Is it uvi??? The unknown person.
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