school love part 7

hey guys..hwz u all
i know i know i said that i will not be able to give u updates for few days bt kya karoon was nt able to control myself and
i have added a new character in it a new girl played by jennifer winget.
suggest names plz

@ past
same day

all youngsters( twinkle, kunj, uv, sid, naina, tanya and a new girl) were sitting in a room and were chit chatting and discussing abt some stupid things

naina was continously staring uv bt uv ws nt paying attention to her. so we was a bit disturbed and also tried talking to him bt all in vain.
uv ws busy staring twinj and ws smiling seeing them. so next she saw sid staring tw and smiles

naina- hey sid i wanted to talk to u
sid- ok come
they all left from their.
sid- haan bol naina
naina- bhai do u like tw??
sid(was shocked) naina yeh tu kya keh rhi hai??? this is nt ur age to think all this do u get that???
naina- sry bhai jst like this leave all that bie
and she left.
sid (in mind) do i seriously like tw. but sid leave all this naina is jst a kid how cud u even pay attention to her words. leave all that .
he comes inside.
all were leaving wen he arrives.
all reaches their respective rooms and sleeps. as the nxt day was free so everyone planned to take a round of chandigarh and explore it..

next day
all were ready for leaving. all elders were busy so younsters were going alone wid driver and also sid was wid them so parents have no problem as he was well aware abt the city.
as girls were wid them so the first thing they decided to do was shopping……. 😉
( i dont know why girls do shopping i hate it)
so they decided to go to elante mall. they reached their and shopped a lot and had fun. bt uv was lost in someone( something is gadbd 😛 )
then like this they reached a lot of places like lake, rose garden, rock garden and many more clicked a lot of selfies and had a lot of fun and friendly tym.
at a corner
tw was having ice cream she was eating like a kid her nose, cheeks, lips all were covered wid ice cream.
kunj was staring her lovingly and then he strted to clean the ice cream wid his thumb and tw was smiling shyly. then uv captured this moment in phone. tw notices this and started going towards him.uv get that twinkles intentions are nt right so he started running and tw started running behind him.
tw- uv stop
uv- kyun is their written on my face that i m donkey monkey
tw- u jst stop once i will make u everything present in zoo.
uv gets scared and ran more fastly. seeing them kunj was laughing hard….
bt naina was feeling irritated and jealous and wanted to stop them. bt after sometime tw falls all were tensed bt naina was happy. uv came running towards her bt tw started hitting him badly. now everyone got that she was acting and all were releived bt naina was irked and left to car. after sometime all left the place and reached home at night.
as tey were so busy whole day so all went directly to room and dozes offf…


after the songs finished all were engaged in their works and tw left to her room to cry her out. as she left kunj follows her and goes behind her. before she could close the door kunj enters in. leaving tw shocked and made her more weak. before she could react kunj bolts the door and hugs tw tight and tw also hugs him back. kunj ws so hppy to get his life in his warm embrace. he can feel the world revolving around him and he felt very happy. they just wanted to freeze the moment then and their only. Dont want any sort of separation.
kunj finally breaks the hug and cups twinkles face in his hands and planted a kiss on her forehead on feeling kunjs touch tw closes her eyes and a tear drop down her eyes.
she was feeled wid mixed emotions of happiness and guilt.
kunj- tw tw tu theek hai na??? i missed u so much. why my tw is so dull and pale. dont u take care of my life properly. i love the bubbly tw who always smiles not this one. ( and he cries)
tw smiles fakely and wipes his tears
tw-( she was nt able to speak anything only the words which escaped from her mouth was missed u too.
and then kunj again hugged her and both cried. the pain they faced due to separation was slowly decreasing and new story tried to start.
kunj forgot his every doubt every confusion and even he forget that his tw wass engaged to someone else. he jst wanted to be wid her like this forever.
bt gud things doent last forever. they came out of their world wen tw’s phone rings. they parted themselves and tw pick the phone up and was shocked to hear something. she was scared like hell. she without thinking anything ran from their as fast as she can before kunj can stop her. kunj was jst seeing her going again. he was standing their numb trying to recollect things….

precap- not yet decided

teaser epi will be uploaded after 1-2 more episodes.

guys i have a question plz everyone answer this truthfully

am i boring u guys?? do u guys wanted me to wrap this up???

next epi may be on 16 april or so

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  1. Noooooooooo it nt boring itz amazing I jus loved d epi so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much……… do cont soon plzzzzz asap……

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  4. Awesm epiii…yrrr..
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  5. No ur not at all boring yaar but gud job jenniefer winget is my faviourate actress……u can name her tia if u want i m not forcing u

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  6. no ridhima your ff is nt boring. it’s fantastico

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