school love part 6


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part 6
everyone wake up early in the morning and was making preparations for todays functions bt our queen was only preparing herself for function. she was getting ready as if her haldi is going to get started. ( 😉 twinkle hai kbhi nhi sudhregi [u know na miss. amritsar wala serial ka bhoot yahan bhi chada hua hai])
in the hall
all were busy and bt kids were playing and talking. everywhere only happiness can be seen. after some tym haldi ceremony started. all applied haldi to bride and groom( sry guys dont know much abt this so bear my little knowledge) as they were sitting opposite to eo divided by a transparent curtain. kunj was staring twinkle thru his specs 😉 and tw was smiling and blushing on his gestures
tw- (in mind) oye hoye baba g mujhe toh pta hi nhi tha ki kunj ko kitabo ke alava aur kuch bhi dikhta hai wah wah acha hai lekin ???? she thinks something and goes from their. kunj sees her leaving and gets tensed thinking where is she going alone and where is sid????
sid- what happened kunj where r u lost???
( haha bechara kunj sid se itna jalta haii ki woh uske saath kadha hai fir bhi he is finding him only)
kunj came back to his senses and
kunj- nothing jst like this only. actually i have to call my maa will talk to u later bie
sid- ok bie. he is literally wierd. anyways wat to u let it be.
kunj leaves from their and searches tw everywhere bt she was found to be nowhere. now he started to get tensed nd worried for her.
suddenly someone closes his eyes from behind and he let a sigh of relief as he got to know that the person is one and only siyappa queen of his.
kunj- twinki wat are u doing this???
tw- nothing jst was taking test of urs
kunj- test?? which test??? and like this???
tw- yup kunj actually was thinking that will u be able to find me wen i am lost or away from u. bt u won as u were so scared tht i dropped the idea and came to u. kunj- tw that was any kind of test do u know how much tensed i was???
tw-(holds her ears) sorry kunj
kunj melts- its ok bt dont repeat this
tw- ok baba
and she forwards her hand and gave something the kunj
kunj- wat is it??
tw- mr…… actually this is called a gift u made me feel special and also (she blushes )
ok leave it and open this first.
kunj opens the box and finds a watch in it he ws so happy to see it.
tw- kunj never loose this do u know what i have bought this from the money which i have won in the comp. i know it is not that gud sorry for this bt….
before she cud say further kunj hugs her tightly that her words struck in her throat itself
kunj- pagal hai kya
this is the best gift which anyone can give to someone i just loved it and i love u and ya thanks
tw- i love u too
now this was it kunj was not able to stand on his feet anymore. he wanted to fly in the sky as this is the first tym tw said this to him and he knows before ths tw jst accepted him bcz that he doesnt feel bad bt this tym she accepted wid all her heart. he also knows that it is not any infatuation as tw said i believe in true love i can love u bt need tym bt know kunj feels tht tym came and he left tw and danced like a crazy guy bt this ws nt done yet.( siyappa queen itni jaldi chood degi)
tw(knelt down on her one knee)- so mr. kunj sarna urf shy king will u love me back?? will u bare me thruout the life?? will u marry me but after we get legal permission??? ;-):-P
kunj hurriedly nods his head in yes and hugs tw again
kunj- tw yeh sab kya tha that purposal
tw- actually i love u kunj and thought to tell u bt u know na tw taneja is very diff. so
and they both laughs
kunj- u will never leave me na??
tw- never ever i will always be by ur side promise
and they hugged again


kunj in his room
tw u cheated me. u broke ur promise. u left me all alone. hw will i stay like this without u i wll break completely hw cud u???? nahi kunj tu aisa kaise tw ke bare mein soch sakta hai shayad uski koi majboori rhi ho. i have seen pain and love in her eyes bt it can be bcz ur eyes are blurred wid pain. he held his head b/w his hand and kept on his knees in sitting position and cries
kunj- i am nt able to understand wat the hell is happening in my life. wait kunj u cant take ur decisions all alone u have to ask tw. u have to trust ur tw. u know na she is tw taneja and will never break her promise….. he became determined to know the truth and then he slept…

on the other side
tw was lying on floor
tw- hw cud u tw?? hw cud u??? u know that only u r responsible for his pain. his eyes which uses to shine always are dull. u cheated him . u left him all alone btt nt more i will tell kunj that i love him and want to spend my life wid him. i want to marry him.
thinking this she slept their only on the floor.

next morning
everyone was doing preparations of haldi. this tym tw was also helping and that haddi was roaming around her only. bt tw was nt paying much attention to him. after some tym function starts and than after some tym function ends.
tw and sid were talking and kunj came near them wen they were talking and misunderstands them. again all thoughts occupied his tiny mind and again he broked down.
after some tym all elders left the place only youngsters were left and they were talking
uv’ sister tanya said
kunj bhai plz sing a song for me as a wedding gift
kunj denied bt tanya insisted so he accepted at last
( guys read the song carefully and try to feel the emotions conveyed)

Ik daur woh tha mujhse bhi zyada
Unko fikar thi meri…
Kehte thhe mujhse rukhsat na honge
Milke dobara kabhi…
Ab toh gairon se mera haal puchha jaata hai
Yahi dard-e-dil mere dil ko rulata hai
Wafa ne bewafai.. bewafai..
Bewafai ki hai (x3)
Wafa ne bewafai..

AND He Sees tw wid tears eyes as if he is conveying his emotions and complaints to her

Meri aashiqui yeh, Rabb ke hawale
Roothe yaar ko bas, koi mana le
Yaadon ki sooli dil mein, gad jaati hai
Veeraniyan jab had se, badh jaati hai
Ik daur woh tha mujhse bhi zyada
Unko fikar thi meri…
Kehte the mujhse rukhsat na honge
Milke dobara kabhi…
Ab toh gairon se mera haal puchha jaata hai
Yahi dard-e-dil mere dil ko rulata hai
Wafa ne bewafai, bewafai
Bewafai ki hai (x3)
Wafa ne bewafai..

and the pain in his voice increases and know this pain ws burning tw from inside wid guilt so she replied him

Kuch baatein aisi hoti hain
Jinko bayaan karna..
Lafzon mein, namumkin hota hai
Jab wafa mein, wafa hoti hai
Koi na koi, wajah hoti hai
Koi na koi, wajah hoti hai
Kyun faaslon mein, nazdeekiyan hain
Kyun zindagi mein, tabdeeliyan
Kyun tanha dil yeh mera mujhse kahe
Ye silsila bas yunhi chalta rahe
Jaane kya hua hai jiski wajah se
Manzilein judaa si lag rahi
Anjaani raah pe dil ye kyun
Khud ko paata hai
Yahi dard-e-dil mere dil ko rulaata hai
Wafa ne bewafai, bewafai
Bewafai ki hai (x3)
Wafa ne bewafai..

after listening this kunj felt that she is saying him
so again the hopes build up in him and decided to talk to tw tonight at any cost as now he is unable to take this anymore.

to be continued……

precap- twinj confrontation.

how was this guys???
were u guys able to feel the intense pain or not????
sry for the song bt it is the source of transfer of emotions. if u dont like tell me i will stop adding it otherwise enjoy like this only!!!! 😉

Credit to: ridhima

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