school love part 5


hey people ur love towards my ff made me crazy this is the second part i am typing on same day
sry if its nt gud and plz bear my spelling errors as i am typing on phone and it literally sucks me
so here we go

part 5
the journey was going very pleasant. All were having fun was playing games,singing and dancing. and some were reading books…(hahaha u know who it can be)
after some tym all reach the destination.
they were very much exhausted and left for their rooms for taking rest. twinkle was staying in a room beside kunj+ yuvrajs room wid her cousin naina.
at the evening
after taking rest all came down to help in preparations for tommorows haldi function( sry guys idk the order of mariage rituals so u all have to follow a order made by me 😉 )
all were helping bt suddenly twinkle came down shouting
tw- mom u forgot my dresses dupata at home only now wat will i do
leela- puttar maine dala hai theek se dekh
tw- maa main theek se hi dekh ke ayi hoon
leela- shayad jab tu mujhse lad rhi thi tab main dalna bhul gyi thi
tw- maa ab main kya karoon?? and she was very unhappy and was going to cry at any moment and then
a voice came from behind
voice- no worries twinkle i will help u. we can go to market
all turns towards the door and see someone standing over their.
(i think u all guessed it right it is none other than ….)
tw- are u sure u will help me
voice- ofcourse and he comes close to her and wipes her tears and says u dont look gud in tears and he turns towards leela and asked her aunty may i take tw wid me
leela- haan haan sid puttar le ja isko issse pehle yahan ganga jamuna beh jaye
tw stares angrily at leela bt then she looks at kunj who was literally fuming in anger and was ready to kill sid so she understood and
tw- maa kya main uv,kunj aur naina ko bhi saath le jao they will also see the place and we will enjoy
leela- puttar nahi itni raat ko…
uv cuts her off
uv- haan aunty we will go and will take care of eo.
They all leave to the market along wid driver. kunj was really happy to come wid twinkle and also that tw understands him.
during the journey and in the market sid tries to talk wid her bt she pays no attention almost to him and was busy in her shopping.
after shopping they came back to home and ate dinner and after that all left to their respective rooms . uv send tw to his room to bring the phone. wen she reached their she saw kunj waiting for her.

kunj- tw tum yahan??
tw- haan uv snd me to bring his phone aur tu neeche kyun nhi aa rha
kunj- ruk ja w8 kar phle apni aakhein band kar
tw-( she opens her eyes widely ) kyun
kunj- tere kanpur mein problem hai kya??
tw gave him wat the hell look
kunj- ok sry meri maa plz pehle apni aakhein band kar if u trust me
tw immediately closes her eyes
then kunj comes close to her very close on feeling his presence tw started breathing heavily an said kuuunnnjjj…
bt kunj keep on coming closer and finally he wrapped his hands around her neck and then left her nd moves
tw slowly opens her eyes and she was so happy to see a beautiful heart shaped pendant in her neck and she was soo happy and she hugged him
tw- thanks kunj this is so beautiful i loved it
kunj- mention not siyappa queen chal ab chalte hain isse pehle koi upar aa jaye and tey left and reach downstairs. all chit chat for some tym and gone to sleep
having a peaceful and a beautiful day.

next day
uv twinkle and sid left for airport in way
sid- hey tw why are u so sad u shud be happy that we r going together to a marriage and side hugged him
tw gets a side suddenly and said plz sid i told u that i need some tym
sid- tw plz that ws jst a friendly hug i know it is a arrange marriage bt dont u think so we shd spend tym wid eo to know more abt eo so our life after marraige can be a gud one
tw- plz sid i am getting sleep
sid- ok as u wish
tw(in mind)- kaise batao main tumhe sid ki hamari shadi kabhi hogi hi nhi mera kunj zaroor ayega mujhe lene aur iss doran main tumhe koi jhuta hope nhi dikhana chahti so its better we shud stay away frm each other

after some time tey reached the destination delhi they were heading towards the palace like house where uv sisters marriage is going to happen.
they enterd in and was greeted by many people.
finally which looked as a dream came true our princess spot her actual prince from the crowd. he was not same he ws completely changed taller than before ,more muscular,more smart and without specs. she was completely lost in his eyes. her prince ws also lost in his eyes both have a painful yet romantic eyelock bt suddenly someone kept hand on tw shoulder none other than haddi i mean sid
😛 . on seeing this kunj break the eyelock and was continously staring sid.
lady- hello tw kaisi ho??
tw- main theek hoon aunty( bt was only seeing kunj)
lady- who is he tw?(pointing towards sid)
before tw cud speak anything he replies i am her fiance. these words acted as a knife to kunjs heart. he felt cheated, pain he felt that ki the earth has skipped below his feet and he will fall in the pit…
tw saw him and was able to understand his situation and was feeling extremely guilty bt wat she can do she was also bound by destiny.
then kunj left the place and tw goes to her room both cried hard at their respective places remembering their childhood ,their separation ,these 4 yrs and todays incident.
bg: jag sunna sunna lage

precap: haldi function in both past and present

hw was it guys?? do comment it motivate me a lot
and i hope this is big enough
love u all

Credit to: ridhima

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