school love part 4

hey guys hwz u all and thanks for the support. i am soo happy that u liked it was seriously nt expecting this much love for my ff it motivate me a lot to write more and more
part 4
before 5 years
next day
at 8:00 am
all were ready for going to chandigarh specially our love birds as they will be able to spend some quality tym wid each other. wen they were busy in staring each other than
uv- hey people! andar ja ke ek doosre ko dekh lena we are getting late
both were embarrased on this statement bt suddenly kunj realises wat he said and gave a angry look to twinkle and their on the other side twinkle bit her lower lip
uv leaves leaving tw nervous and kunj angry

kunj- u told him
tw- u know na he is my best friend and i cant hide anything from him
kunj- bt u know na i dont like all this he will make fun and all
tw- no worries i am here he will nt do anything plz my shy king
kunj was so angry on listening ‘shy king’ that he without uttering a single word left from their and went inside the mini bus. leaving twinkle all shocked and now she flt bad and angry on kunj’s behaviour
inside the bus
twinkle goes and sit wid uv instead of kunj and kunj notices this and thinks
kunj(in mind) gussa main hoon aur attitude yeh dikha rhi mujhe ek baar manane ki koshish bhi nhi ki now leave all this kunj she knows that u are not comfortable among people and that is not shy okkk madam jst show ur attitude and even i will nt talk to u this tym
on the other side

uv- u both fought again
tw- no yaar he always over reacts on small things
uv- is that bcz of my statement
oh god twinkle u know him how he is. he is really uncomfortable wid people bt still u fought him u shud help him bt
tw(hits her own head)
i am such an idiot kunj will be feeling bad i hurt him bt now he is really angry he will nt talk wid me see even he is nt paying any attention to me only engrossed in his book
mujhe nhi lagta woh asani se mane ga(and pouts)
uv- no worries wen uv is here and he tells her something and they both high5 eo
after sometym bw the journey
tw(bit loudly so that kunj can hear)
u know uv i am so exited i will meet sid after so long tym
uv- ya me too i know. wen u too me all the other world dissapears bt plz not this tym kunj is also wid us this tym and he might feel bored

tw- no worries u na know kunj will be busy reading books so u need not to worry abt him and also u know na sid he is really a sweetheart, handsome , caring and she keeps on praising him
on the other side kunj gets super jealous bt somehow controls his anger and says calmly
kunj-hey twinki plz come to me
tw- no kunj its ok u keep reading ur book i will call sid
kunj- (loudly) twinkle…. (normally almost pleading) plz twinkle i want to talk to u
here uv gestures tw to go to kunj and she sits beside kunj
ad they talk for sometym calmly and know kunj feels gud and whispers
kunj- twinkle plz sid se dur rahio
tw- oh my sweet bf is getting jealous
kunj- no no ways
tw- acha ohk lekin why i shud not talk wid him
kunj- bcz he is not gud
tw- bt u never met him how can u say this
kunj- twinki plz i am getting sleep will talk later
and they bith dozes off.

twinkle went inside leaving uv alone in that tym uv get call
uv- hey bhai kaisa hai??
voice- pata nhi tu kab ayega
uv- bas kal tak pahunch jaonga with a surprise for u
voice – ok i will be waiting bie
after the call
on the other side
voice- kash uv toh vo surprise la pata jo mujhe chaiye tha kash tu meri twinkle ko laa pata bt mujhe pata hai it is not possible for u and cries.
twinkle goes inside
and their she encountered wid her dad
dad- twinkle are u going wid uv
tw- yes are u having any problem wid this also
dad- mind ur language twinkle dont forget i am ur dad
tw- thats why u spoiled my life jst tell wat u want now
dad- beta
tw- jst speak up mr. rt taneja
dad- ok f9 i was here saying that u are nt going alone u have to take sid wid u
tw- wat but why is he a bodyguard to me
dad-(shouts)twinkle he is ur fiance and u r going to marry him and u shud spend tym wid him. i toh dont want to send u bt bcz of uv i am sending u
mean tym uv reaches their and controls the situation and twinkle leaves from their she goes to her room and cries hard on the other side kunj also cries thinking abt twinkle

precap- not yet decided

hw was it guys???
hope u liked it!!!
and also wanted to ask are u guys ok wid both past and present together as acc to me it will make u cry and smile in same epi if u want changes then tll me i will chnge it .and i know after this epi many of u wanted to kill me and sid hahahaha. bt have patience
and also whom u wanted to seee as sid
1 vivian dsena
2 aly goni
3 pearl v puri
or any other of ur choice
love u all

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  1. Yup m vry happy with both d past n present Idk abt othrs so keep writing n do cont soon asap plzzzzzzzzz luv u

    1. thanks yr

  2. Omg loved this episode and wonder what will happen next

    1. thanks sam

  3. Just loved it.

    1. i am glad mitapi that u loved it and thanks 4 ur valuable coment

  4. Loved it….. Eagerly waiting for the next…..

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  5. Nice episode……but I am getting little bit confuse…..that what happened when they were out for trip and did they still love each other ? …….please clear my problems…….over all ur is episode was as usual Amazing

    1. thanks lama
      and ya they still love eo a lot actually now they realise love for eo and regarding the trip u have to w8 for few more epi

  6. gud i want sid to be vivian……….
    osm epi by the way

    1. thanks sanaya
      and literally love ur suggestion

  7. loved it …… post d nxt one asap pls……

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  8. cool love it post soon

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  9. Ridhima update the next epi now and now itself i cant wait and ya a longer one i know its already a long one but i m tooooo selfish regarding ur ff

    1. thanks ritzi and i will be posting the nxt epi at midnight
      so will nt let u w8
      and i am very happy to get a comment like this from u as i am a crazy fan of ur ff

  10. Nic

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  11. wow. you are a very very very good writer.vety nice plot and iloved it very much. pls pls pls post next epi soooooooon. i’m eagerly waiting for it.

    1. thank u thank u thank u grace

  12. I wd suggest yuvraj thakur
    He is good
    Well episode was fab

    1. thanks sanam bt sorry i dont know who is yuvraj really sorry

  13. loved it

    1. thanks gopika
      and plz will u let me know how to change comment icon plz…

      1. ridhima… for changing that u need a account in wordpress….

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  14. osm dear. can’t wait for next

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