school love part 3


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part 3
before 5 yrs
after completing her studies twinkle left for her house. She was so happy due to kunj’s sweet gesture.
next day
in school
after the test
all the students were sad as it was a tough one bt twiraj was sooo happy first of all their test was sooo good and secondly… (lets eavdrop their conversation)
tw- guys i am sooo happy u know wat i am going to chandigarh to my cousions marriage
uv- yeh twinkle even i am even so happy tom. mrng we have to leave na
kunj- uv u also
uv- ya twinki’s cousin’s mother is my moms best friend soo
and me and twinki will be together

kunj- ohk and i am happy for u guys bt uv uska naam twinkle hai
uv- i know its ok and wat is ur plan for weekend
kunj- nothing special
uv- how can i forget u have no works other than studies hahahaha
bt yaar u shud enjoy life too
kunj- i am enjoying i luv to read vaise for how many days u people are going
twinkle- for 8 days

kunj-(his mouth literally dropped) wat how mean guys i will misss u
uv – awww…. ok bt why will miss us as tum bhi toh shadi mein ja rahe ho
kunj- ha woh toh theek hai…. (suddenly realises) kya fir se bol?? aur main kyun??
uv- yaar u r my best friend so i can do this 4 u even i dont like these marriages so thought ki u will also get bored along wid me aur vaise bhi it is impossible to bear tw all alone
kunj- haan yeh toh hai bt hamre parents
uv- i have talked to uncle and aunty and tey allowed now jst be ready by 8 till tommorow
kunj- ty guys u r the best
someone calls uv from behind and he leaves
leaving kunj nd tw all alone

tw- so mr. kunj sarna are u exited for trip
kunj- truthfully speaking no as u know i dont like all this bt ya i will be able to spend tym wid u so much more than exited
tw( was happy and a naughty idea strike her mind)- its ok kunj if u dont want i will nt force u and no need to worry for me i will be happy wid sid
kunj- who sid ur bro
tw- no ways
he proposed me once and we r very gud friends and…
before she could complete kunj interupts
kunj- have u gone insane u will not talk to him i will be their by ur side forever and
before he can complete
uv comes back..
they bid bie to each other and leaves to their houses

uv and tw were going together
tw- thanks uv u r the best
uv- dosti mein no sorry no ty and i know i am the best
tw- okk bie
uv- bie

after reaching home kunj was completely thinking of that sid and was feeling jealous and was thinking to break his bones..

after 5 years
wen twinkle was standing in the garden someone from behind covers her eyes. due to this the sad tw turns happy and a smile appeared on her lips and she said yuvraj
uv- yaar this is nt fair how always u find out that its me
tw- bcz u r the only one who understands me and supports me. i have lost my one friend due to…..( she cries)
uv- its ok twinki
tw- mera naam twinkle hai
uv- i know and ya plz stop crying and give me a tw smile and yes i ws here to inform u that we are going to delhi for my sisters marraige
tw- sry uv i will not be able to come
uv-ohhh i am nt asking i am ordering u so get ready and leave for packing
tw- ohk bie
and she leaves

uv( in mind) mere dono friends ki aisi halat mujhse dekhi nhi jati yaar bt no worries wen uv is here i will give ur happiness back
ek shadi ne tumhari khusiyan cheeni toh doosri wapas degi
uv promise……

precap- not yt decided

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Credit to: ridhima

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    Awesome episode
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      i can try bt cannot assure u

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