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school love part 21


Hey guys ridhima here to irritate u all…once again…
I m soo happy to see ur comments bt i must.. i think i lost sme of my regular commenters…. is it true??? Do i nt write good now???
Lama, sam, zikra, sayeeda, dreamer, panchi, bulbul, sasmeera, fiona, shakti, ria, twinj fan (tamana)…. nd also my silent readers…
Few of u have said tat i will nt kill tw…u guys may be correct or may be nt.??? Bcz even i dont know wat my devil mind thinks…

And i m sooo happy that i make a silent reader comment….thanks shakti for breaking ur silence….
Nd dr… fiona u can call me watever u like i would love to hear new names…??
Nd also guys u were apprciating the song…than i wll make it clear tat i have no role to play in choosing it…this is suggested by twinjfan( tammana)…. thank u soo much dr….for giving such a beautiful song….??…
Part 20

Here we go

Kunj rushed out of the auditorium as fast as possible…..he doesnt w8 for results…. he jst left the place nd drove away rapidly…..
He was recalling wat jst happened wid them tat changed their life like this….
******flashback*********( yaar main kitne flashback deti hoon…??)….

After getting ready both twinj left for their house….
While travelling….
Tw was continously speaking…nd kunj was irritated….as he was nt able to drive proprlerly….
( dont take tension guys…. they called the mechanic nd got their car repaired)…
Kunj- plz tw will u shut ur mouth( irritatedly)….
Tw was hurt to hear this bt then she understood her condition…bt
Tw- okkk i will shut my mouth forever now….
Kunj- wow soo goodd….atleast i have nt to bear this radio anymore….
Tw- okkk then leave me na… one day i will go so away from u tat u will nt be able to see me….( dramatically)….
Kunj applied sudden break nd strted scolding her for her rubbish…after sme tym he get calm nnd hugged her tightly…. the fear of loosing her cme in his heart…. tw felt bad for him.. nd the promises i will nt repeat this ever again…

*********flashback ends***********
Kunj( in mind) – u said tat u will nt speak that words bt now toh u r trying to leeave me….hw cud u tw….??? Once u wake up then seee… hw much i will scold u…. i think tat wss nt enough for u…..( tears were rolling down his eyes….??)…..

Main Taan Jiyan Na Maraan
Haay Ve Dass Main Ki Karan
Dil Jude Bina Hi Tut Gaye
Hath Mile Bina Hi Chhut Gaye
Ki Likhe Nae Lekh Kismat Ne

Baar Baar Ron Ankhiyan Tainu Jo Na Vekh Sakiyan
Khoh Leya Hai Yaar Kudarat Ne
Kattan Main Kiven Din Teri Saun Tere Bin
Main Taan Jiyan Na Maraan

Kunj was crying recalling the moments nd this result to increase in his cars speed….
He was driving soo rashly tat he skipped a few accidents….

Before a day of finale…

Twinj were sitting on the bed
Kunj- tw wat if i loose…i mean…
Tw cuts him off…
Tw- u already lost kunj….
Kunj’s eye s poooopppppped out… Wat?????
Tw- wen this sort of question arises in ones mind then the person starded thinking himself as looser than hw can he win??? Nd it doesnt matter tat u win or loose the thing tat matter is u shud participate wid all ur will ……
Kunj nods….
Tw- kunj this competition is really very important for both of our life….i know u r thinking to skip it due to tension….bt promise u will nt do it watever happens…..Promise me…
She extends her hand to him….
Kunj places his hands on her nd said PROMISE… baba….i will nt back out chahe ku h bhi ho jaye….
******** flashback ends***********

Kunj reached the hospital nd was nt able to move forward as if he cant face the upcoming storm in his life… he heart is sure tat his tw cant leave him alone bt also his mind nd his eyes has seen her all in blood…
kunj closes his eyes..nd tears roll down his cheeks….

Bt smehow he managed to go towards ot taking baby steps….. their he found samar sitting outside the OT….wid shirt all red wid blood…his condition ws nt less than kunj…. they both are on the verge of loosing the most important person of their life once again…. the pain of this thought can be seen in their eyes…

Kunj moves towards samar nd
Kunj- sa..mar…wo…woo..twinkle????
Samar jst ups her head to see him….his face was tear stained nd the eyes were whole red due to continous crying….
Samar was abt to speak smething bt at tat tym doctor came out of OT….
They both rushes towards him….
Dr-. See mr.sarna…as i said earlier ur wife ws in vrry critical condition….we tried our best bt…..
Kunj held her collar nd shked himmmm……
Kunj( shouts)…- bt wat haan??? Wat u meant by trying????….
Dr- see…mr.sarna i understand ur condition bt this is nt the way to talk…..
Bt kunj was nt ready to listen… if one more thing he spit out from mouth than god knows who will save doctor from kunj……

Dr smehow manages to free himself( yaar hamesha bichare doctor hi kyun faste hainnn….)….
Kunj realises his mistake….
Kunj- bt wat doctor??? ( this tym a bit calmly)….
Dr- she slipped into coma…bcz of excessive blood loss… nd severe injuries on head..??…..
Kunj+ samar- Wat??????
Dr. – i can understand mr.srna wat u r going thru bt plz be calm….nd have faith in god….
Kunj doesnt listen him…. bt moves towards ot … he saw tw lying unconcious on the bed…..
His eyes again filled up tears…. nd fell down on his knees crying….??

Chhan Se Jo Toote Koi Sapna
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna

Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Yeh Kyun Hota Hai
Jab Yeh Dil Rota Hai
Royen Sisak Sisak Ke Hawaayein

Jag Soona Soona Laage
Chhan Se Jo Toote Koi Sapna
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Laage

Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna
Jag Soona Soona Laasge
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Soona Laage Re

Kunj wiped his tears nd gets up nd rushed inside the room….
He saw tw their on seeing her condition his heart wrenches bt he didnt stop….
kunj- (holding tw)- wat u think of urself haan??? u will do watever u wish…no u will do wat i will say understand…i m ur husband nd u have to follow me…wake up tw wake upp…. stop ir stupid drama…wat u think u will act like this nd i will believe no ways…i know u cant stay widout talking for much tym…u will get up nd will try to talk to me…bt then i will nt talk so better is get up.. kunj sarna….
bt i think kunj’s words were nt reaching tw….she remain motionless…. kunj cnt take it anymore he breaks down completely… he kepy his head on her shoulder nd places his hands around her waist…..
kunj( in b/w sobs)- tw plz..get up…i beg u…. plz dont do tis to me…it is killing me…
dr enters in the room bd asks kunj to leave bt he ws nt ready to leave her alone like this…bt he was forced to do so…..

he left the hospital… nd again started driving..

He wanted to cry to let his pain go bt tears dried in his eyes..this increased his pain more… as tears are one of the best medium to let go off pain…
Roothi Roothi Saari Raatein
Pheeke Pheeke Saare Din
Viraani Si Viraani Hai
Tanhaayi Si Tanhaayi Hai
Aur Ik Hum Hain Pyaar Ke Bin Har Pal Chhin

Chhan Se Jo Toote Koi Sapna
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Laage

Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Re

He stopped his car nd reminded the incident which destroyed him competely ….

********flashback*********( continuation of last fb)
Twinj were hugging eo…
Suddenly tw’s phone rings…
She picked the call….
After the call…
Tw- kunj i have to go to office nd i will be late at ngt… as i have to discuss sme important project….
Kunj- hmmm….jana zaroori hai???( is it important to go??)
Tw- yes kunj its really important….
So it was the tym for tw to go…kunj ws nt feeling good…
Kunj- tw i m feeling smething bad is gonna happen…plz dont go…
Tw while collecting her stuff…
Tw- kunj tum bhi na….purani auntiyon jaise baat kr rhe ho….( u r talking like old ladies)….
Kunj – its nt like this…the thing is i m nt feeling good..
Tw- its jst ur thoughts kunj…nothing is gonna happen.. evrything wlll be fine…u jst practise preoperly… i wnt my husband to win…
Kunj- ok…madam…
Tw was abt to leave bt kunj pulls her towards him… nd placed his lips on hers… tw was shocked on his act bt later understand tat it is due to his restlessness… she kissed him back…
He ws kisssing her wid all the fears in his heart bt she was responding saying nothing is gonna happen….
Soon they both departed nd tw left….

At nearly 4….
Kunj ws sleeping as it was late bt tw was nt home yet…he slept w8ing for her……
Then suddenly his phone rings…. giving the most dreadful news of his life….

Yeah he got the news that tw met wid the accident nd is in city hospital… he immediately rushes towards the hospital…
He reched the hospital nd saw tw lying on the stretcher all covered wid blood nd samar nxt to her holding her loks like he brought her here…
then the doctor came nd started her checkup…
nd after cming out they said that she is serious… nd had undergone heavy blood loss…so they need blood… fortunately samars nd tw’s bloog grp is same so he donated the blood.. bt her health ws nt improving… so the doctor suggested for another doctor who will cme 2morow…nd will operate her… till then they have to keep her stable….
kunj was total shatterd on hearing all this…his fear became truth…??….
bt kunj had nt left the hope nd went to competition as it was tw’s wish nd dream…..

*******flashback ends********( last fb of this chapter)…huh..i m fed of them….??

Kunj was still sitting in the car thinking all tis…suddenly he saw a temple nearby…
(Guys the most famous temple of hindi serial’s.)

He leaves the car nd started moving towards temple… he was nt able to move straight.. he was moving all lost…

Patthron Ki Is Nagari Mein
Patthar Chehre Patthar Dil
Phirta Hai Maara Maara Kyun Raahon Mein Tu Aawaara
Yahaan Na Hoga Kuchh Haasil Mere Dil

Chhan Se Jo Toote Koi Sapna
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Laage

Finally he reached the temple.. he stood in front of the god’s idol….
( guys plz forgive me for nxt few lines if u can nd plz tat is jst the requirement…inka motive kissi ki dharmik bhavnayo ko thes pahuchana nhi hai…??)…
Kunj eyes were red in anger one can see pure hatredness in his eyes…
Kunj pointing fingers towards the idol….
Kunj- who r u??? R u real or jst meant to be in this stones nd all???? I never doubted ur presence wen u took tw far from me in childhood… wen i ws struggling wid me… in evrry phase of my life…i trusted u… bt not anymore.. i know tat u dont exist… if u were being here na then hw can u see ur child in soo much trouble… wat tw have done to u tat u r giving her tis much pain…right now everything was coming on its correct track bt pathar ki murat se hamari khushiyan dekhi nhi gyi…
U wanna take away my tw from me…haan do u want tat?? Bt i challenge u… tat u cant do tat .. i willl nt tell u take her away from me… she is mine tw nd will be mine only.. nd we both will stay together either in this world or that one????
After torchering god he fell on his knees nd cried hard……

Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Hai Toh

Yeh Kyun Hota Hai
Jab Yeh Dil Rota Hai
Royen Sisak Sisak Ke Hawaayein

Jag Soona Laage
Chhan Se Jo Toote Koi Sapna
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Laage

Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna
Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Laage Re
Soona Laage Re

After 10 months…….

Kunj was seen getting ready standing in the front of mirror…..
He after combing his hair move towards the bed… where smeone wss lying… he st beside the person nd holded her hand….
Kunj- tw plz apni aakhein khol….. aaj pure 10 mahine ho gye tujhe aise pade hue…. tera maan nhi krta mujhse baat krne kaa… mujhe daantne kaa…( plz tw open ur eyes…today total 10 monts are completed and u r still lying like this…. u dont feel like talking to scold me..)…
Bt no response from her side…

kunj- u know wat tw…today i completed our dream…today is the launch of my first album… i wanted u today…. so badly… bt see it doesnt affect u a bit ….. nothing more jst give me a sign tat it effects u nd u r happy wid me…
( kunj break down in tears)… soon he composdd himself… nd leaves frm their while wiping his tears…..

wen he was leaving…tw’s hand was shown moving bt as kunj left he was nt aware abt this……

screen freezes on tw’s lifeless face……

precap- twinj’s first anniversary…

Finally written this…. guys u know wat i m very bad at potraying emotions bt i tried my best to show u all kunj’s pain…i m sry if it doesnt reach ur expectations…. it was soo difficult for me to not add my bakws in b/w i kept on adding it nd removing it….huh…
I wanted to make u ppl understand the pain of kunj.. ws i successful doing it or failed…???
i know expressing emotions are nt my cup of tea bt still thought to irritate u guys…??…

so leave all this… Wat u think will happen nxt??
Do leave ur comments…
Nd plz guys if any silent reader is their doo comment as it is the longest chapter i have ever written nd it almost took me 5 hrs to write this…
Sry if i m asking smething much nd being selfish..

Love u all??

  1. Its fantastic yrrr.. .. ? update next soon

    1. Ridhima

      Thanks dr ..
      will update asap

  2. Callmenazu

    it was awsm as usual post d nxt one asap

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  5. loved it and who say that u can’t write on emotional topics
    i loved today’s epi full of emotions
    and missed your bak was too
    post next soon

    1. Ridhima

      Thanks dr….
      everyone who sees me say me like this only…..hehe ..i always keep on laughing na tats why…
      nd willl post asap

  6. Who said you can’t portray emotion you made me cry with this .or tera episode itna kunj me leh heartbreaking hota.but I’ve to say brilliant episode

    1. Ridhima

      Thanks dr….
      nd sry for making u cry….

  7. Awesome as always yaar …….. it was so emotional yaar ……post d nxt ome soon……..

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  9. Mahi

    Its so sady but awesomely written dea….
    Pls next soon

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    Ctd asap

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      Thank u sooooo much dr…
      love u muaaaahhhh

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  15. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    I should be thankful to u to select my adviced song…n u know u should no thankme bcz the scene u created for that song was awesome. ….loved it….n u know today’s episode was as always awesome but I cried a lot….the episode was really awesome…

    1. Ridhima

      No need dear…nd i m glad u liked it….really thanks for ur support

    2. Ridhima

      Nd really sry for making u cry…

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