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school love part 18


Hey guys ridhima here…my last epi before a break..i thought to write it after break bt i dont want to do any sort of injustice wid my this ff….so here writing another part…..Hope u will enjoy it….Here we goPart 18The scene starts where it ends….tat girl still hugging kunj bt tw came back to hall…Tw moves towards them….while moving she looks in kunj’s eyes…kunj also..both have a ilock which shows the pain after seeing the seen bt kunj eyes shows another pain tat her love tw have nt trustedhim…either for a second or a minute bt sheget doubt on him….he was hurt…bt was nt able to do or say anything as now their first preference wss to find who the girl is…Aftrr sme tym the girl herself departs from kunj nd wipes her tears ndGirl- sry sry i m really sry i didnt mean to hug u bt i was scared…nd she shivers…Twinj were shocked to see the girl most importantly her state….(She is swadheenta( sw) from dehleez…)Twinj didnt recognize her as they dont know her bt felt pitty for her…**** sw was in a very bad condition…no no.. i think miserable condition…she was shivering wid fear….her face ws covered wid dried blood nd ws having wounds nearforhead….her clothes were very old….nd hairs very much messy seems like she hadbeen kept capitative for long tym*****Tw holds her nd led her in…she gave hr water nd also her clothesTw- who r u??? Wat happened to u???Sw- i m swadheenta…i was been kidnapped wen i was 10….bt the ppl were sooo good nd kept me as their daughter btwen i realised they r wrong nd asked the reasons..then they started hitting me nd locked me in my roomm…bt smehow..i managed to run away from their nd reached here….Twinj felt pity nd thought to keep her at their place as it is the safest place till now…Tw asks permission thru her eyes nd kunj by blinking agrees….(aww so much of understanding na….)….?

Then girl after getting fresh came back to hall nd they all had dinner nd slept…( guys sw ko alag room diya tha ok…tum logo ka koi bharosa nhi kya soch lo…??)….Next dayThe sun rays on sleeping tw nd disturbs her sleep…she wakes up irritatedly…nd find kunj not beside her….she found him everywhere bt he was nt at home itself…Suddenly tw’s phone beeps nd yes it was message from our kunj…ok sry tw ur kunj…Message reads…tw i m going to academy as i have work and i will be late in evening as i have work….bie…Tw was shocked to read the message…Tw thinks i think he is angry on me as i doubted him…bt main kya karoon..this is human nature…he shud also undrstand ki mere upar kya beeti hogi usse kissi aur ke gale lagte dekh kr…i am nt at fault completely.. let him show attitude i m also nt going to manao him…huh…nd she left toget ready…Tw reaches at samars office along wid sw is in need of job….They both came inside the office nd went to receptionist….All ppl around tem were greeting them smilingly as due to last tym

Credit to: Ridhima

  1. You know how it was! I don’t need to comment.. it was as usual great.

    1. Thanks dr..

    1. Thanks dr…

  2. Amazing

  3. hi ridhima. it was a nice epi

  4. Ridhima dear osum epi…ctd soon

  5. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    what to say….I dont have words….its…its just amazing…awesome..

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