school love part 15


Hey guys after a long tym
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Part 15

Next mrng..

@ some house

A man- no maa i m sry u have to listen to me….
Lady- no i am nothing for u. U r a bad son who did a sin by nt fulfilling his mothers last wish..
Man- no maa dont say like this… it was ur last wish bt how cud i play wid sme ones life….he closes his eyes and falls on his knees crying.
After sme tym
Man opens his eyes and doesnt find the lady their and says my mothers soul is nt happy. I know i hurted her bt i cant play wid anyones life…. bt i cant see my mother like this. I love her and she is unhappy wid my decision.. i will talk to tw bt sid u cant hurt her right if u will say like this to her than she will feel bad and guilty as even after wedding she was tensed due to this…

After twinj’s wedding

In tw’s room before bidaai

Tw- sid i am feeling very guilty and unhappy as i am nt able to fulfill ur mothers last wish….
Sid- shut up tw dont think all this. U have to think abt ur future nt alll this… and kisi mare hue insaan ki khusi ke liye hum zinda insan ko kabar mein toh nhi dhakel( push) sakte…
Tw- bt
Sid-plz yaar zaldi chl warna kunj will kill me…
And they left for bidaai rasam..
******flashback ends********

Sid- this is ur hallucination yar now plz stop all this and i will call panditji he will tell smthng to make mum fine…..

# in goa

Twinj were roaming hand in hand on the beaches of goa…..
Tw- u know wat kunj beach is my fav spot and mumbai hve many beaches bt i never visited one…
Kunj( confused) why??
Tw- bcz i want to come wid u on beach for the first tym wid u… i was soo tensed ki how will we unite again and abt sid bt he is soo nice that we need not to worry he gave everything to us right …..
Kunj- yup and now plz leave the past and concentrate on our present and future….
( as he doent want to remind bad days of his life)….
Then they march towards the market for buying sme stuff…. ( actually guys i think tw ka naam badal ke shopping queen hi rakh do.. )…

At some shop…

Tw was fighting wid the salesman for some dress and was continously giving him tips for making the dresses. Till now the salesman and kunj both were frustated and kunj was literally dragging her out of the shop bt tw ws still speaking and speaking…..

After sme tym they bth came out of the shop finally safe and sound….

Tw- kunj u shud have allowed me to tlk i know how was tat….
Kunj- chup kar yaar tu had ho gyi….tu itne saare siyape kaise kar leti hai…
Tw ws abt to speak.. bt kunj interupts
K- bas meri maa mere saath mat lad ( fight ) kar ab…. nd tw pouts …

A man reaches them

Man- ms. Tw i heard all wat u did inside….
Twinj were seeing eo and were thinking who he is??
Tw( whispers so tat only kunj cn hear)- yeh kaun hai???
Kunj( sme tone) america ka presidnt obama….
Tw gave her wat the hell look …..
Kunj- abe mujhe kya pta khud hi puch le…vaise agr police wala hua toh…
Tw gulps in fear

Tw- sir voo.. i m sry sir… i didnt…
Man interupts…
Man- ms tw why r u sry no need….. and i am impressed wid u.. ( kunj who was jst seeing here there suddenly gets attentive towards the talk…and tw was also shocked…. seeing them the man understands and said)) … i mean ur fashion skills r gud… i like it… vaise i m samar singhania owner of singhania fashions( sry guys mere chotu se dimag mein yhi naam aya so manage haan)
And i jst wanted to ask u tat will u help me????

Tw was shocked, surprised happy and wat not???
Tw- i wud love to as i heard a lot abt it bt sir main i mean u need mg help…
Samar- ya actually my designer get sick so i need a new dsigner as fast as possible.. so if u dont mind???

Tw was soo happy she sees towards kunj for approval bt kunj was already very happy 4 tw….. he assures her thru eyes and tw accepts it….

Samr- bt their is a problem tat we have concert in delhi and u have to come their also…..
Tw- no problem sir we r from delhi and its gud only…

Thn after gving card
man leaves the place ..

Tw- ( hugging him) kunj i am soo happy.. i love u soo much. This is the best day of my life…

Kunj( responds to her hug)- even i am soo happy for u tw …. i love u too yaar… so lets go and celebrate …..

Precap- celebration and rts plan….

Sry guys if it is a short update…..
Love story in heaven will be posted tomorow
Was busy wid shifting back to home and all along wid mera phone bimar tha ho sake toh maaf kr dena …

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Love u all

Credit to: ridhima

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