school love part 16 (pt 1)


..Hey guys ridhima is back…..
It was really very tough for me to choose tat wat to write as i wanted to write 3 of them….? bt chose to write school live as i am nt having suitable tests for heaven one….. ?

Vaise thank u all soo much….

Here we go

Part 16

After getting a gud news ( ehhhh… tat is tw’s job kuch jyada mat sochna ? ) twinj thought of celebration bt as they were very tired so thought to go back to home and take some rest…
They reached home and twinj were sleeping peacefully in eo embrace wen kunj’s phone ring and he left the place without disturbing tw.. .

On the other side…

Rt- ( on phone) wat???
how is this possible???
R u sure??? Phone cuts…
( to himself) No tw cant get a job and tat to in samar’s fashion house….now wat will i do…. this will be more difficult to separate them nd how will i get wat i want???? Yaar…?

Their comes a lady whose face is totally covered….
Rt- r u doing ur work???( angrily)
Lady- yes sir i am doing u will get results wid in a nxt week…..
Rt- i cant w8 4 nxt week…. do as fast as u can do i want results wid in 2 days….
Lady- bt it can be risky….
Rt- (shouts) do as i say…
The lady gets scared nd leaves after nodding in yes….

@ a very big mansion….

A guy is shown talking to a photo frame hanged in a large room by standing in centre. His back is facing towards the camera( or us)…
Man- i will make sure tat i will help her as much as i can….i will nt let rt to win over again….i luv tw…plz dad give me strength tat i can protect our tw from tat man….
A servant came inside the room
Servant- sir apka lunch ready hai…
The boy turns and he is none other than samar….
Samar- kaka plz mujhe sir mat bulaya karo aur haan main khana khane aa rha hoon app chaliye….
Saying this both leave the room….

@ twinj’s house
Tw wakes up after having a small nap and was nt able to find kunj and was extremely tensed… bt her tension turns into excitement wen her gaze turns to a table jst placed in front of her… she started moving towards the table and picked up a letter from their….
*** table attracts tw bcz….. table was a small round table wid scattered red rose petals all over and the small cndles placed at the edges… and a gift kept at centre wid a letter placed upon it***
Letter reads….
Hey meri ghansi ki rani, i know tujhe badi khusi ho rhi hogi yeh sab dekh ke….bt zyada khush mat hoo…aur iske niche ek dress padhi hai usse pehn ke tyaar ho jaa …plz 8 baje tak tyaar ho jaio meri maa….i dont like to w8…
Ur kunj..
Letter ends…
Tw(in mind) are is this a way to ask 4 a date yeh toh dhamki jaisa lag rha tha…shaddi ho gyi warna agr aise shaddi se pehle krta na toh i wud have found an another one….tw break laga apni thoughts pe aur tyr ho jaa ab jo ho gyya usse jhel….

Thinking this she starts to get ready…
Wow miracle takes place. She get ready by 7:55… (omg i m fainting mujhe koi bachao..?)
She wwwwwwwwwas w8ing for kunj….bt ek aaur jhatka kunj was nt their now its 8:10…. tw ws feeling angry…
tw- mujhe w8 krna psnd nhi. 8:00 baje tak tyar rehna…jhootha…
At tat tym kunj comes in a black mercedes…. wearing a black suit…looking dashing and handsome….( haye oo mere rabba…?) bt bt bt…. he was more shocked to see his wife in a black gown gifted by him… she was looking very hot and beautiful….

Kunj came out of the car and started moving towards tw… first toh tw jst forget abt her anger bt suddenly remembers and before kunj can approach her….she moved towards the car and sits inside……
Kunj smiles at her stupid and childish behaviour and moves towards car nd sits inside and widout saying anything started driving.. tw was like wat the hell…
Tw( in mind)is he nt able to see ki main isse gussa hoon he is nt doing anything, doing kya nt even speaking…..

After sme tym kunj stopped the car wid a sudden jerk….tw gave him wat the hell look bt her all anger vanishes….
They were on entrance of a cliff which was beautifully decorated( beta cliff sirf suicide karne ke liye nhi hoti it can be used as romantic spot also ?)
Wid ballons lying on the floor rose petals spreaded all over…tw was soo much excited to see this….

@ sids appartment

Sid was lying on the bed whole face covered wid sweat, eyes closed as tightly as much he can and
Sid( blabbering again and again)- maa plz mujhe maaf kardo plz..

To be continued….

Sry for short update
Will try giving another one till midnight…
Thanks guys for ur support and do leave ur comments…

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. It was amazing.. And, what’s RT’s problem!! Why doesn’t he like Kunj? Huh.. Hate him..

    1. Thanks yr
      U will soon get to know abt rts problem

    1. Thanks dr

  2. Nyc part nw wat is samar s relation wid tw disclose it fst n post soon

    1. Thanks yr
      and yes their relation will be disclosed in nxt part

  3. Awesome… at least some one come to protect tw from that rt …. btw i think sid will because villain for her mother’s sake… too much of suspence .. just loving it

    1. Thank u soo much 4 ur comment and in nxt part ur most of the suspense will be cleared ……i think soo

  4. oh god ridhima osm now jst cant w8 fr ur nxt episode pls post asap xD

    1. Thank u soo much deary
      will be uploading as soon as possible

  5. Awesome ….. wtng fr d nxt epi ….. m also wtng fr ur 3 shot …… pls upload asap pls …..

    1. Thanks dr..
      will be posting asap

  6. Very nice

    1. Thanks dr

  7. Ridhi rocked again….

    1. Haha…
      thanks for ur lovely comment

  8. ridhima it was a superb epi.wt is the relationship btw samar and tw? and i think next part will be very interesting

    1. Thanks dr…
      will try revealing the answers of ur question in nxt part…..
      and will surely try making it interesting…

  9. Fantastico!!

    1. Thanks dr

  10. Its awesome loved it mindblowing

    1. Thank u soo much dr

  11. It ws jus amazing ridhima loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    1. Thanks dr….

  12. It’s awwwwsuuummm

    1. Thank u soo much dr

  13. Awesome loved it

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  14. Very nyc…i just luv it yrr….2 gud

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