school love part 14


Hey guys ridhima is back. Thanks guys for supporting me. Love u all.
Bt ya i missed my many friends in previous epi. Dont u guys like it then plz jst tell me. I will try my bst to entertain u ppl…

Here we go

At night
Twinkle was packing their bags for going to goa on a honeymoon trip.. πŸ˜‰
Kunj comes from back and hugs her.
Tw- kunj plz na i am busy…
Kunj- ya wat i am doing u do ur work i will do mine saying this he blows air on tw’s face which causes goosebumps in her body parts…
Tw was busy in packing while kunj was busy in romancing. Tw was soo much frustated by now and was thinking smthng to stop kunj suddenly
Tw- kunj plz help me na then i will be able to pack fast and will give u my tym.
Kunj( extra happy) tw pehle batati na. U jst tell me wat i have to do. tw tell him some things to bring from kitchen which was of no use. Kunj ws first confused on this bt later went to take without arguing as it will save tym πŸ˜› .
In the mean tym tw pack their bags and went to sleep.
On the other side, kunj was still struggling to find things at last he gave up and goes from their to do his old job as it was much more simple and interesting…

Kunj entered the room and ws shocked to see tw sleeping peacefully and bags kept at a corner all packed. In no tym he got that tw make him bakra. So he slowly slowly goes to tw and sit beside her on bed.
Kunj( slowly ) so mrs. Sarna this was ur plan to get saved from me bt u forget that we r going to honeymoon how will u save ur self from me their nd smiles naughtily. Nd kisses her forhead and he also sleeps beside her.
Tw who was pretending to sleep gets scared and gulps
Tw( mind)- tunne toh apne aap ke liye musibat bada ( increase) li πŸ™ .
Thinking this she sleeps…

Next day

In goa
At the airport

Twinj’s flight land in goa. They happily come outside the airport and gone to their farmhouse( kunj’s farmhouse). They settled themselves and after freshing up.
Tw- kunj lets go for shopping..
Kunj- why??
Tw- why matlb i want to go and i want to see goa i love this place. Plz….
Kunj- oye hum yahan school trip pe nhi honeymoon pe aye hain and winks.
Tw blushes….

Tw-(shy) plz kunj lets leave. Plz….
And kisses his cheek. Kunj melts nd agrees.
( best formula for pati manao πŸ˜› )

They left for shopping.
Inside a mall
Tw was shopping like a kid and was literally dragging kunj here and there. Almost after 4-5 hrs . She stop and thy left the mall wid kunj holding almost 10-15 bags in his hands.
Kunj- bechara mall soch raha hoga konsa janwar aaj ghuss aya.
( murmers)
Bt his bad luck tw listens this.
Tw- kunj wat do u mean main janwar hoon.
Kunj- maine aisa kab kaha
Tw- dont try to act innocent maine sun liya.
Kunj- sun liya toh kya maine kuch galat nhi bola. Aur waise bhi agar main tumse shadi na karta na toh koi aur tumhe dekhta bhi nhi.
Tw was fuming now- mr.sarna shayad aap bhul rahe hain meri shadi kisi aur se hone wali thi bt aap ne….
Kunj- keeping bags inside the car- oh literally or apke
usi pati ne meri shadi ap se karvayi warna toh.
Now that was it..
Tw- now u w8 mr. Sarna i will show u who is tw sarna…
Saying this she left the place and kunj laughs loudly bt suddenly he thought wat siyapa is she going to do now ???

Saying this he left in direction where tw was going…

His mouth literally dropped on seeing tw trying to flirt wid another boy. Bt the intentions of the boy ws literally nt gud and tw was also seen uncomfortable wid it bt on seeing kunj she started talking more freely. On this that man tried to get hold of tw bt before that kunj reaches and pulls tw behind him and punches the man. The man run away being scared bt kunj was hell angry and turns towards tw.
Kunj- lets go.
Tw tried to speak bt kunj interupts- mujhe kuch nhi sunna chal yahan se.
They both left and reach their farmhouse.
Kunj was soo angry that he didnt speak a word and was going to sleep bt tw holds his hand and sys- kunj i am sry mujhe nhi pta tha he will try to touc..
Before she can complete kunj holds her from shoulder and said
Tujhe nhi pata tha, tu samjhti kya hai apne aap ko. Agr main tym pe nhi ata hai toh kya ho sakta tha pta hai tujhe. He tightens his grip on her shoulder and his eyes were red in anger. For a moment tw was scared… And next moment she was happy that he cares for her this much. She again tries to speak bt kunj leaft her and said jake change krle. I am feeling sleepy.
Tw- bt kunj hum honey.moon pe aye hain
Kunj- plz tw shut up and leave. I am nt in the mood and this is all bcz of u. So plz…
Kunj leaves to go. Tw feels guilty for making him angry.
Tw- tu kab siyapa karna band karegi aab kya karoon yeh toh bahut gusse main hai…
A idea strikes her mind and she went to washroom and gets changed..
Tw(shouts) – aah kunj
Kunj gets tensed on hearing her scream and ran towards washroom.
Kunj- tw kya huya banging the door then he find that the door is open so he ran in washroom. He was shocked to see tw completely scared. He reached her and asked her wat happened…
Tw- kunj kunj cockroach… Pointing towards a direction
Kunj was shocked to hear cockroach and he sees the direction in which tw was pointing an sees a cockroach. He picks the cockroach and throws it out thru window…
He turns and was amazed to see tw as he firstally only noticed her faced. She was wearing his shirt which was upto her half thighs… She was looking so hot and s*xy.
Kunj forgot all his anger and started moving towards her all lost. On seeing kunj coming towards her tw started moving back

(Precaution- Read at ur own risk πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› )

Kunj keeps on moving forward and she keeps on going back bt was stopped by a wall behind. Kunj keeps his both hands on either side of wall and also on the shower mking both wet. They both were so close to eo lost in eo’s eyes. Kunj eyes fell on her pink rosy lips and leans towards her. She also closes her eyes nd parts her lips giving him a positive response. Within no tym their lips meet and they kissed eo gently. Tw’s Hand was in kunj’s hair nd kunjs on her waist. Both pulling eo towards their side.. Soob their kiss turns into a hungry one. They part after 10 minutes to get oxygen as it is also necessary u know na… πŸ˜‰
Now both were drenched in water.. By now kunj’s shirt on tw’s body was not able to cover her as due to water it turns into a transparent one . It was so difficult for him to control now. He digged her face in his neck and started kissing her passionately and she was rubbing her back. While kissing kunj’s hand goes to button of tw’s shirt and he started openeing it one by one. And also kissing her neck . Tw ws too shy and was blushing badly caressing his hairs.

Bg:- aaj phir tum pe pyar aya hai….

Now kunj steps back and takes out his shirt from her. Now his wife was standing all naked in front of him. Tw feels shy and hugs kunj. Kunj hugs her back. After sme tym they broke their hug and also kunj undresses himself and now tw was awestruck on seeing her husband’s hof naked body with wet water droplets. Kunj again reaches tw and now he stares and picks her in his arms and takes her to room and make her lye on bed and he himself lyes above her. He again dugs himself in his neck and stred kissing, bitting and liking it. And tw keeps mourning his name in pleasure. He did this wid other side of her neck too this tym he bites her hard nd due to pain she hold him tightly due to which her nails get digged in his bare body. Bt it had no effect on kunj instead he kept on teasing her. He came down nd started kissing and sucking her exposed boss*ms making tw shiver. She clutches the bedsheet
Tw- slowly- kkuuunnj…
Kunj gets more crazy on hearing his name and started bitting and kissing his boss*ms. After exploring her wife’s boss*ms he reached her bare belly and kissed Nd bitted their also…
Now this ws enough of the torture. Tw pushes kunj and came on top of him and started kissing and bitting him in return of her pain…

Bg still plays..

After sme tym kunj rolls tw down and came on top of her.
And again he entered her. First he was soft bt listening to tw’s moan, he becames harder and harder. Tw feels extreme pain and her eyes well up. On seeing this he feels bad and was abt to depart himself bt tw puts her arms around his back and started pulling him inside her more. This action of her wife make him understand that she is enjoying it. And they continued to make live to each other for next 1 hr. After that both gets exhausted and sleeps in eo embrace.

to be continued….

Hey ppl hw was it?? I hope i have nt made it vulgar and i tried my best to make it long and hope it is long enough…

Love u all
And also will nt be able to post till next week.
I am feeling very bad fir this and hope u will understand me and w8 for me…

Credit to: ridhima

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