school love part 13


Hey guys, ridhima here.
It is a short update. Really sorry for it.

Here we go
Part 13

A new beautiful mrng. Kunj was still sleeping suddenly he starts searching for tw by his hands bt was nt able to fingmd her. Then he wake up and goes towards washroom bt she was nt there. She searched the whole house bt she was present nowhere. Now he started getting tensed nd was sweating. He pick his mobile to call her where he found a message of tw. Without wasting a minute he opened the message and was releived
Sry kunj, going for interview , u was sleeping so dint find it gud to wake u up. Prepared ur bf have it.
Love u :-*. Bie
Message ends.
Kunj- yeh bhi na subhe subhe saiyapa karti hai. He got ready for academy Nd had bf and leaves…

On the other side…

Tw was sitting outside the office room and ws w8ing for her turn to give interview…

After sm tym her turn came bt she was rejected as she was nt having any previous experience. ( sry guys i dont have information of this field so i dont know how ppl are selected. Sry)

She gave many interviews bt the result was same or the reason can be that they already got smeone appointed. Now she was highly depressed and heartbroken…

On the other side
Person- sir ur work is done. She will nt get any job.
Man2 – gud..
Man1 – bt sir why r u doing this she is ur daughter.
Man2/rt- i think that is none of ur concern.
Man1 leaves
Rt says tw u have to cme back to me. I will see how u manage ur life. I know ur called husband cant do anything for u..
He smirks…

Musical academy
Kunj was teaching his students. After smetym he started his practice also. Bt was getting tensed for tw as he know that wat rt an do..
He calls tw and asked her where she is??
Tw- i am at xyz place
Kunj asked her to w8 for him over there.
After sme tym he reached the place and now he was sure on seeing tw’s state that wat was the outcome of interview’s. As she was looking very upset and absent- minded.
Knj- oye siyapa queen chal baith.
Tw- hi kunj, i missed u too.( smiles fakely)
Kunj acts to check her temp. Tw stops him and asked wat???
Kunj- tu kya bole ja rhi hai??
Tw- actually jab normal couples milte hai na toh they talk like this bt how cud i forgot that u r nt normal..
Kunj- jaise tu badi normal hai, ab tanne( taunt) hi marti rahegi ya chalegi bhi.
They left from their and leaves to restaurant for lunch.
While having lunch
Tw- kunj i wanna tell u smthng..
Kunj- haan toh bol
Tw- woh…and she stops and again gets tensed…
Kunj- chal chod siyapa queen if u dont want then its okkm. Dont force urself..
Tw- nahi aisi baat nhi hai actually i have gone for interview bt i have nt been selected due to lack of experience and gets sad.
Kunj can feel and understan her pain as he has already faced all this bt he dont want to make tw feel sad so to cheer her up.
Kunj- acha hua before he can speak further, tw speaks..
Tw( was shocked) it means u dont want me to work, u cud have told me before bt kunj wat happened suddenly…
Kunj- hold on hold on, apne dimag ke ghodon( horses) ko aram de…
I was saying ki its gud that u have nt got job today as otherwise u have to start work frm tomorrow…
Tw- haan toh wat??
Kunj- actually mere competition will start after 15 days..
Tw- i know tat
Kunj- so i was thinking why not we go for honeymoon… And raises his one eyebrow.

Tw was drinking juice suddenly she started coughing badly. He gave her water.
Kunj- tw i thought it is normally done by couples soo.. If u r nt ready its ok ( makes fake sad face)
Tw( immediately) wen i said that..
Kunj- oh ho some one is eager to go wid me..not bad vaise kya karen i am soo much handsome u know…and ups his collar…
Tw- oh ho stop kunj… Khyali pullav pakana baand karoo and i said as u were getting sad and i cant see anyone sad bcz of me as i am soo gud and u r really living in a dream world.
Like this wid lots of nok – jhok finally they ate their food and left for the home.

To be continued…

Sry guys was nt in the mood of writing bt somehow wrote this in the sake of writing .
Plz forgive me if u can…

I will soon compensate wid a long epi..
Sry once again

Love u all :-*

Credit to: ridhima

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