school love part 12

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Part 12

The sun was shining brightly in the morning, the birds were chirping. All were ready to leave to their works and start a new day. But our newly wedded couple was still sleeping in the embrace of eo covered by a single comforter… 😛
The sun rays falls on the face of tw and she slowly opens her eyes and first thing she saw was her prince charming sleeping beside her. She slowly get up and kissed his forehead and gone inside the washroom to freshup after covering herself wid the bedsheet…

After some tym she came in room wearing a beautiful red coloured sleeveless saree and sat on the chair near dressing table. Till then kunj gets up and was mesmerised seeing tw.. He slowly get up from the bed and started moving towards her. He bends down and sat beside her( on floor)… He hugged her from back and places his chin on her shoulder and kissed her shoulder romantically…
Tw shies and says kunj..
Kunj- gud mrng tw.
Tw- hmm… Gud mrng.. Jao jake jaldi se tyaar ho jao. Bt kunj keep on teasing her by kissing her neck and shoulder..
Tw blushes and again asked him to go bt he refuses. So tw forcefully by holding his arm take him inside in washroom and closed the door from outside.
( bechara kunj tw subah subah uspe julm karti hai 😉 ).
Tw goes to kitchen and prepares breakfast for him.Till then kunj came after getting ready. On the dinning table, while having breakfast
Knj- tw i want to tell u that i am going to participate in singing comp. which is of national level… So today i am going to give my audition…
Tw( happily) wow kunj i am sooo happy bt will my shy boy be able to sing in front of all
Kunj( fumes) oh plz i am nt shy boy okk i m changed ( smiles naughtily) dont u remember last ngt want me to do again.
Tw( gulps) no kunj who said u r shy okk leave all that eat fast u shud nt get late..
And kunj i want to join wid my fashion designing work again. May I???
Kunj- tw u need nt to ask anything from me u can do watever u doo.
Then they finish their bf.
Kunj was abt to leave. Tw came from behind and stop him. She said him to have dhai shakar ( curd + sugar). She feeds him and
Tw- best of luck kunj.
Kunj pulls her near by her waist and leans forward for a kiss. Tw closes her eyes. Then soon their lips meet. It was a short kiss pr maybe a peck.
Kunj- this is more sweet ( and winks)
Tw blushes and he left.

After sm tym
Tw was sitting in hall going thru various newspapers, magazines , laptop to find a fashion designing (fd) company as she is new in delhi and this place is new for her…

After sm struggle she finds 2-3 companies. She calls in companies and fixes her appointment…

On the other side

Kunj ws sitting outside the audition room and was hell nervous. He was chanting mantras to calm himself.. After sm tym his name was announced, he has gone inside.

And stand in the centre of the stage ( think of the stage of X factor/ Indian Idol) and hold his guitar in his hands…

Judges asked him to start. He smiles nervously and closes his eyes and imagines tw in front of him and all his nervousness vanishes…

He started singing…..

Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se ankhein mila ke
Chura loon tere khwab main..(2x)
Mere saaye hai saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho

He stops as it was only allowed to sing a para as their are many ppl for giving auditions.

When he stopped. He saw all the three judges standing and clapping for him….
He bcme extra happy as he got selected. Without wasting a single minute he ran to call tw bt stopped as he thought to tell her after reaching home. After tat he goes to his musical academy( he teaches music there to every age grp. as a source of income). He stayed their till evening and thn left for home.

When he reach home he was surprised to see the decorations. The hall was decorated with candles, curtains, ballons, roses and all giving it a royal look wid dim lights. Then he slowly reached to dining table. He was stunned to see all the dishes of his choice. He was overhelmed as after 4 yrs also tw remembers her choice. (aww… 🙂 )…

Tw came from behind and whispers in his ears
Tw- congratulations kunj.
Kunj turns and asks her for what???
Tw- for ur selection..
Kunj- ty bt how do u get to know abt this.
Tw- as i have heard ur voice and noone can neglect that voice so they must have selected u… And hugs him. He hugs her back.
K- itna bharoosa hai mujhpe.
Tw-isse bhi zyada…
Both stare eo lovingly and move towards dining table and kunj tells her his experience and was behaving like a kid who got a full pack of chocolates while telling i mean he was over excited… 😛
Kunj- tw wat abt ur job.
Tw- i have to go tom. For interviews. Ok kunj tum jao i will come after cleaning this.
Kunj- w8 i will help u.
Tw- no u go nd take rest as it must be a tiresome day for u…
Kunj leaves to freshn up and tw was cleaning the kitchen and all. After some tym kunj comes and saw tw cleaning the kitchen floor. He goes and hugs her back and started kissing her nape.
Tw protests and tries to stop him bt he picks her up in bridal style and take her to room. Then lights off and they make love again….. 😉

Precap- bathroom romance 😛 and tw’s appointment…. 🙁

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  1. Awsom so much romantic i really want some more deep romance ,your ff is really awsom mind blowing

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  3. aww so romantic. loved it

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  5. It was a mind blowing episode but please don’t add any villan

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      and even i dont like villians bt for proceeding wid story we have to add twists so sry for that
      bt i assure u tat i will nt separate twinj for long….

  6. Oh gosh jus amazing epi such a romantic epi can’t wait 4 d nxt update plzzzzz update soon

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  10. wah!!!! it ws mindblowing…keep up the gud work ridhima.. luv u….. waiting fr nxt update

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