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Here we go

Part 10


The day of sangeet happiness surrounding in every corner. But some hearts were still aching. But to increase their pain entry of villain takes place that is Rt ( πŸ˜› ) .
He came inside the mansion and first thing he saw was kunj… Started boiling again.
After sometym rt ws talking to uv’s father…
Rt- mr. Luthra( ml) if u dont mind may i request u a small thing…

Ml- u need not to request jst order my dear friend…
Rt- i ws thinking if along wid tanya hum tw ki shadi bhi karvan de. Ek saath hamari dono betiyon ka kanyadan ho jayega
Ml- apka vichar toh acha hai bt if tw is ready i mean u understand…
Rt- yes ml i am sure and infact tw suggested me this( lier).
Ml- ok then i dont have anyp problem. I will most happy person over here.
Kunj was hearing all this from outside the room and was very heartbroken. He ws nt able to understand wat to do nxt???

In the evening
All ladies started their function….. Enjoyed a lot bt tw was busy thinking wat will happen next?? How will she be able to love smeone else?? How will she give sid the place of her husband?? This thoughts of her were disturbed by sid
Sid- tw i am soo happy finally tom. We are going to get married.
Tw- (smiles fakely)- YES
I am also hh…happy
Sid hugs her happily
Kunj sees this from far and feels hurt . He went near bar counter. ( as after sangeet their was party for youngsters and all the things were arranged accordingly.)
He was continously drinking and drinking. Till now he was nt in his senses bt still drinking. Tears were rolling down his eyes like ganga, yammuna…
Twinkle sees him in this state and gets concerned and approaches near him. She manages to take him to his room widout anyone’s notice bt someone sees this….

In room

Tw places kunj on bed carefully and tw starts to leave bt kunj was holding her hand tightly.
Kunj- plz tw dont leave me i will die widout u. Plz i love u…. And do u love me and cries…..
(bg:- bol do na zara)
Tw came near him and caresses his hairs, tears were flowing thru her eyes also. She said
Kunj i love u too even i cant stay widout u….
Kunj( not in senses)- i love u infinite bt why why are u going away from me is that easy for u. Plz tell me tw i am nt able to tolerate it more…
Tw reminds smthng and said kunj i am sorry plz forget me i m going to marry tommorow. She left from their crying…

The unknown person was seeing this and was cursing himself for this. He was also having tears in his eyes.

Outside the house

Tw ws crying sitting in a park…
and thinks smthng which made her to take this decision
Wen twinkle ran from the room leaving kunj confused. She went to hospital…

A lady- tw beta cme. I know i will nt be able to live more. My end is near
Tw-plz aunty dont say like this.
Lady- beta i have one last wish plz fulfill this
Tw- aunty jst tell me i will do watever u will say.
Lady- marry my son sid as soon as possible plz …this is the last wish of a mother to see his son settled…..
Tw was soo sad as now she was thinking everything is going to be f9 bt everything changes in a second…

Lady- promise me tw….
Tw- yes aunty i promise u i will marry him….

Then the lady was taken to ot bt during operation she died and everyone was heartbroken. Somehow tw manages to support sid bt she herself ws thoughtful…..
Every one does her last rights and decides that noone will speak abt death to anyone as it will spoil everyone’s happiness… Somehow everyone pretends to be normal it was toughest for sid bt still he somehow manages him.

Flashback ends
Tw- u cant forget ur promise tw and also sid needs u
inner voice- kunj also needs u.
Tw-i will nt think anything i will do wat my destiny wants. And she leaves to her room.

Next day

Kunj left early in the mrng with his bags as he cant see his tw going to marry smeone else.

In evening
The place ws beautifully decorated with roses, curtains etc..

Sid was standing in his room was getting ready. Sid- i am soo happy today, the best day of my life . I hope mom ki aap yahan hote bt….

On the other side
Tw was all ready in her bridal dress, she was looking like a angel bt face was dull and pale. Twinkle without the sparkle in her eyes all lost somewhere. She lost all her hopes…

In a room
Uv was all lost
Uv- main kya karron khush hoyun ya apni kismat pe royun. I am a very bad friend, apne doston ke liye lakh chahne ke baad bhi kuch nhi kar paya. Bt uv w8 lets talk to sid first shayad i will get an idea to postpone the marriage..

Marriage tym

(guys i will only focus on twinkle and sid’s marriage, the other u can imagine urself πŸ˜› )

All was set ,mandap ws ready, dulha was sitting and was having a stupid smile on his face πŸ™ .
Tw was brought down and was mde to sid beside groom..

Panditji started his mantras and after sometym they both started taking pheras ( tw was continously crying while was groom was smiling ).
Aftr that the groom filled tw’s maang with vermillion and decorated her neck wid mangalsutra….
Pandit- vivah sampan huya aaj se aap dono pati patni hain…..

All were very happy who was inside the hall except a single heart tht ws our bride.
People started clapping and a person said
Person- congratulations twinkle.
And smiles fakely.

Tw was all shocked to see the person. She was all blank. she cries

Person- now wat happened mrs. Sarna why r u crying now…

( i must say u guys are genius u got to know abt the pairs wow.!!! )

Tw- sid tum yahan toh yeh……

The groom then takes off her sehra… And it is revealed to be kunj…..

Tw was shocked, confused…..
Tw- lekin how is this possible????

Rt came in front and was going to kunj angrily. Before that sid stops him
Sid-uncle plz stop. They both love eo why dnt u understand tat
rt- u shut up sid how cud u do this if u dont want to marry my daughter its ok why u spoiled her life.

Sid- i have not spoiled her life bt i have saved her life. U know uncle i like tw i am her gud friend. I want her happiness which is definitely not with me….
Rt- now u will tell me where is my daughter’s happiness.
He asked tw to come wid him bt she denied. Rt angrily said u r nt my daughter anymore. Dont come to me ever. And leaves.

Kunj thanks sid and they hug.
Tw- plz someone tell me wat all is happening here.

Sid- i will tell u. Tw i never wanted to marry u i know abt u both bt wen rt uncle started talking abt ur marriage so to stop him i got engaged to u. I tried my best to tell u bt u always ignores me.
Tw feels guilty and sys sorry.

Sid-u know wat ur kunj wud have spoiled everthing today if in the morning i have nt seen him going. So i stopped him and told him everything. So finally u both are married.
Happy married life.

Twinj hugs him and said thank u sid….

Yuvi also joins them

Happy ending….

Precap- twinj first ngt after marriage

And also tell me which type of suhagrat u want…. πŸ˜› i hope u understand…

Hey guys u guys want me to stop here or shud i continue. Choice is urs.
And of course if i will continue then their will be no separation till long as i am also fed up of separtion…
Or next epi will be the last one….. πŸ™‚

Credit to: ridhima

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