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So here is the story ,
@morning …..
Everyone comes to school …..
Its an big day for them …..its finally pathfinder camp of one week …
There were all excited ….
Swara was wearing pink skeeveless top with black scarf around her neck and black jeans made a high pony
Swara takes the mike

Swara : good morning friends … at last the day came …and now I am here to announce the bus numbers OK
Everyone were curious to know their bus numbers
Swara : Swara , ragini , tanu , Laksh , sanskar , varun , kavitha , kavya and so on in bus 21
And she reads out all the names ..
Some where excited and others were thinking that they shuffled their best friends …
Sanskar comes …
Sanskar was wearing black blazer , white shirt and black pant with stylish watch
Sanskar : hey guys ..
Varun : hey sanskar ….

Sanskar : where is Swara
Varun : went to bring file ….
Sanskar : OK …where is Laksh , and ragini
Varun : I should ask u that where is ragini
Sanskar : why r u asking me
Varun : buddhu ….she is your sister …….then who should I ask
Sanskar bites his tongue
Sanskar : she will be coming ….
Varun : good excuse …..
Sanskar and varun laughs …
Laksh enters
Laksh was wearing red blazer , white shirt and black jeans with watch
Laksh comes and hugs sanva
Sanskar : so Mr over smart …full fit huh
Laksh : ya ……excited

Varun : me too ….at least away from studies
Sanskar : truly said ….
Laksh : oh hello ….first where are the girls …
Varun : Swara is in principal room , ragini is on the way , tanu is with kavitha and kavya
Laksh : oh OK
Sanskar : u guys carry on ..I will be right back …
Laksh and varun : OK
Swara was reading the file and walking fast …..
She bumps with someone ….and falls
All the paper flies …but the boy catches her through holding her waist ……
Swara : sanskar ..
Sanskar : haan Swara ….
Swara : Buddhu ,,….
Sanskar : what happened Swara …
Swara : array leave me ….
Sanskar : oh that .
Sanskar leaves Swara and she falls down
Swara : ouch …..sanskar

Sanslar laughs
Sankar : u only said to leave I left ….
Swara : shut up … help me
Sanskar : OK OK
Sanskar pulls Swara closer …
Both have an eye lock …
Swara : I need to go sanskar
Sanskar : reallly
Swara : haan ……
Sanskar holds her hand tightly
Swara gets nervous ….
Swara : bye ….
She leaves before sanskar could do anything
Sanskar : one day ……u will be mine Swara
Sanskar smiles

Precap : swaragini jealous …….

Hope u all like it

Credit to: Sara

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