Hey guys .. I am new to this field ……I am 1st year robotics …hope u all like this ff and support ..I have read quite of ff’s here and meri aashique , love u swasan were my favorite stories ever …..and is written by dolly ……
So here I will try to entertain u all ……
Its an swasan ff …..
Story ,
The bell rings …….
Swara : guys there is an announcement to make ……
Whole class became silent
Swara : as we have started our new academic year …we will have a pathfinder camp …..
Whole class cheers
Swara : who all r interested will have to fill the form …ragini gives these forms to all
Swara handovers the paper to all …..
Tanu : Swara ……is it compulsory
Swara : arrey tanu ….didn’t u hear what I said ..and by the way u r old student so u know this right !
Tanu bites her tongue .
Teacher comes in
Teacher : Swara did u distribute the forms ….
Swara : yes mam …..
Teacher : good …children’s hope u all join this year as we will go with 10th,11thand 12th …
Swara and ragini becomes happy
Ankit : mam y with seniors
Teacher : because u r in 9th , u all have became seniors now u should go with seniors only
Ankit : no mam we want to go with 8th and other juniors
Teacher : y u want to rag them right
Ankit : no no mam … I am a very good boy ….
Whole class laughs ….
Teacher : we know how good u r …now sit …..
Ankit sits …
Manik enters …
Teacher : manik what principal said
Manik : mam she called Swara …and asked the phone numbers of students for confirmation
Teacher : Swara u go with him ..
Swaman leaves …
Teacher : ragini u collect record notes
Ragini : OK mam
@corridor .
Manik ; Swara …what do u think about this year ….
Swara : what do u mean manik
Manik : at least this year u will accept my love …..
Swara : manik ….
Manik : we r friends from childhood and still u r not sccepting me
Swara : manik let’s just be friends ……being a student we need to focus on studies rather than thinking about this stupid things
Manik : until u accept I will think about this only
Swara : manik
Manik : I lobpve u Swara
Swara : manik manik …now stop
Manik : OK will u accept
Swara : manik …now we r in front of principal room ….so stop ur nonsense
Manik pouts : OK

@principal room ..
Principal was talking with a boy who was handsome , good looking he is non other than sanskar
Principal : oh so here Swara .
Swara : good afternoon mam ….
Sanskar smiles at Swara …
Swara gives a light smile
Manik : mam …. y u called her
Principal : manik u go and bring last year trip records
Manik : OK mam
Manik leaves ….
Principal : Swara I want u to attend this trip ….its compulsory to u as u r the general head girl ….
Swara : OK mam
Principal : we have limited seats only this time ……so u and sanskar deal with it ….
Swasan : OK mam ….(sanskar is the head boy )
Principal : by tomorrow I want the list on in my table OK …
Sanskar : OK mam
Principal : u both may leave now …
Swasan nods and leaves

Swara : sanskar ….today in canteen I will meet u OK ….
Sanskar : OK Swara ….is manik again torturing u
Swara confused : how did u find it
Sanskar : I saw the way u looked at him
Swara : haan sanskar ..but plz don’t tell to Laksh …he will kill manik again …..u remember last time right …
Sanskar : OK don’t worry (changes the topic) how is being a senior
Swara : its great ..but being a junior was more fun I guess ….
Sanskar : truly said ….OK bye ……meet u in canteen …
Swara : bye
Sanskar goes into X – A
Swara into IX – A

@Swara class …
Swara tanu and ragini sit together ….
Its maths class
Everyone were sleepy …..
Swara : mam 3/-2 is an irrational number
Mam : because the denominator have negative …so its an irrational number …
Swara : if in that case ….what if the number is like -3/-2
Mam : it is an rational number because ..we can cancel the both minus and make them positive ….
Swara : oh so it will be 3/2
Mam : u r absolutely right my dear
Swara : thanks mam …
Everyone were just open mouthed seeing Swara …asking many questions to clear her doubt …
After the class ….
Ragini : always y u be the teachers pet huh ?
Swara while arranging the book
Swara : that’s because ..u all don’t answer ….
Tanu : meri ma ….plz give us also chance always u r telling the answer
Swara : OK OK ..I am going canteen now
Ragini : u didn’t bring food ….
Swara : actually going to meet ur bro
Ragini : y ?
Swara : what stupid question u r asking …he is the head boy so I should consult with him right ..
Ragini : oh OK OK ….
Tanu : wait someone is staring at u Swara ….
Ragini and tanu laughs …
Swara turns its MANIK
Swara : huh ,……again he started ….
Ragini : still I can’t stop laughing ………what happened last time ….ur bro got smoke from ears ….
Tanu : oh ya ….ha ha ha ……..
Swara (angry) : both stop laughing OK …..
Ragtan stopped seeing Swara anger …
Manik comes ..
Ragtan tries to control their laughter
Manik : Swara answer …
Swara : y can’t u let me stay peacefully ……
Manik : if u will answer me then
Swara : I said thousand times no no no
Manik : till u say yes ..I won’t go anywhere ….

At that time sanskar and Swara bro pass
Ragini scared : Swara ur bro is coming with my bro
Swara gets scared and lushes manik and goes out of the class with ragtan
Sanskar winks at Swara not to worry
Swara relaxes and smiles at sanskar ……
Sanskar gets memerised .

Precap : who is Swara brother

Hope u all like this episode and support me with ur comments …..plz ……
School journey starts

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