School Diaries (Episode 6)


Hi guys.. After such a long time… I am so irregular.. I mean my last update was on May 15th.. I am so sorry guys.. Till today, actually till this moment i was in a mood to discontinue it because i got my school reopening on 20th June.. And now I am free because it is DIWALI VACATION but soon my school is going to reopen on this Tuesday(15/11/2016).. So idk when I will update the next episode but I want to end this series anyhow.. And thanks for all the love and support.. I have taken all the comments into consideration.. I know that I will not get the same readers who were reading the before episodes on may… But my warm welcome to all the new readers.. If you missed the before episodes here’s the link:
I will start with episode 6
Yes it was it.. It was the most awaited time.. It was NOW OR NEVER and DO OR DIE moment. As she had practiced it many times in various styles she was very confident and plus the pin was just in her hands. She started her speech boldly. She started very loudly. She did it purposedly to gain the attention of the sleeping audiences. She softened her voice continuing to speak. Her topic was Global warming. She described all the incidents that happened all over the world that also through ppt( power point ) presentation. Her presentations were so creative and attractive that the audience enjoyed it thoroughly. Her fluency was caught by the teachers. All the teachers were impressed even the ma’am that took her 10 points was impressed. Anjanaa also gained much confident seeing the increasing attention. It was not pretty long. It just took 7-8 minutes for Anjanaa to complete it. She was done with it. The auditorium filled with a huge round of applause. She was so happy thinking that those claps was for her. Next is Evelyn. They both smiled and Anjanaa passed the pin to Evelyn as she passed by. All the participants there praised and adored Anjanaa. Ivan gave his hand saying: Nice one mate. She took the hand(Both shake hands) saying: Thanks mate!
Ivan: I was a fool that I thought it would be a bad idea to join you. But I regret now that if…(Anjanaa interrupts)
Anjanaa: What if?? C’mon, I have not won the round. And you are like I won!!
Ivan: I assure you Round 1 is all yours. You have won it.
Anjanaa: Forgot about the 10 points that the teacher took due to my talks??
(Evelyn starts her presentation)
Anjanaa: Whatever it maybe. Now, shhh. Its my evelyn’s turn.
Ivan: Yeah whatever! (Ivan looks silently at her. He smiles seeing her nature.)
Evelyn started, her English was just so fluent. It can be said more fluent than Anjanaa. Her speech was effective but what was missing to be like Anjanaa’s speech was the presentation. She did’nt made the ppt. Anjanaa was hearing so carefully and she was counting too. Ivan saw Anjanaa counting and asked what was she doing.
Anjanaa: I am counting her good points on my right hand and negative points on the left.
Ivan: Okayyy! Nothing on your left and 2 points on your right. Good. I also think that she is doing well.
Anjanaa(making her face): THINK??? Of course she is doing GREAT!!
(Ivan laughs)
Ivan: You looked so funny when u made that face!! Oh my God. I can’t help myself laughing
Anjanaa: Yeah whatever!
Evelyn completes it. Anjanaa gets up first to give her a tight hug.
Anjanaa: You did it, friend!!
Evelyn: Oh like u did not! Tbh you were the best!
Anjanaa: Whatever
Anjanaa and Evelyn see ma’am coming towards them. The teacher’s name was Naina.
Teacher: You both did really well!! Anjanaa it was just spectacular!
Both of ‘em: Thanks, ma’am!
Teacher: So at this point I am taking back your 10 points!
Both of them were so happy especially Anjanaa!

Evelyn: I said it that everything was going to be fine
Anjanaa: And everything is fine now, my dear friend.
Anjanaa & Evelyn: Tysm ma’am
Teacher: My pleasure girls.
The teacher goes and both of them jump excitedly. Everyone notice them. Both of them feeling it, say together: Sorry. Sorry guys continue.
Anjanaa: I still cant believe it
Evelyn: But I believe it!
Ivan(to himself): Crazy girls!!
So the competition was over.. I mean everyone submitted their project prepared on the topic. Now it was judges turn to submit their scores. And only the winner will be announced. And the participants will be informed scores in the class.
The principal announces that there are two winners that get full 50 points.
Principal: One is Sasha and the other is Anjanaa!! The both get equal 50 pts. I congratulate both of you. Well done!! And all the best to all of you for the next round.
Anjanaa goes to the church in the school and thanks god for it.
As she was heading back to the classroom Ivan calls from behind and says : So you’re on your line to beat me!
Anjanaa: What if I am??
Ivan: Good luck then!
Anjanaa: Hm-mm.. Thanks!
Anjanaa goes and Ivan to himself: You’ll need it girl.. I have never come across a feeling called losing nor I want to feel it.. So I think I need to take my competitors very much seriously! Bit I don’t know why I do not have a feeling to accept her as my opponent… Ughhhhh, Damn it!! SHE IS MY OPPONENT!!
The break time is over and the classes are held as usual.. In Physics lecture, Ma’am goes on teaching and some students sleeping with their eyes open including Anjanaa and Evelyn 😛
But Ivan is the only attentive student and answers each and every question of teacher. Physics teacher’s name is Navya. The chapter going on is Gravitation
Navya ma’am: Who discovered gravity?
Navya ma’am: That was pretty simple. Now, can anyone solve the Illustration 1 given in your textbook?
No response from the class
Ma’am: Oh!! Its real simple.. If you cant solve this then don’t talk about solving other 20 illustrations given in the chapter!

Everyone starts to turn pages and are very surprised. Suddenly Ivan raises his hand
Ivan: I can solve it!
Ma’am: Good!! Come..
Evelyn to Anjanaa: Kitna padhaku hai!! Shanna banne aya gadha( How much he studies!! Trying to become oversmart, donkey)
Anjanaa laughs.. Till then he has solved the sum on the board and took his seat and then he turned behind and smiles to Anjanaa
Evelyn: Oh my god?? I guess he heard us!
Anjanaa: Oh c’mon he cant hear us from that distance!
Evelyn: You’re right! (Takes a breath of relief!)
Anjanaa wonders about his smile! She thinks of it during the lecture.. But after then she forgets about it!
The school gets over and a huge crowd gets around Anjanaa and Evelyn.. They wonder what bthe matter is..
One of the girls: Oh my god Anjanaa you were just so awesome.. I mean you were so good on the stage! Really very good!
Anjanaa: Umm, Thank you!!
Another girl : Hmm.. You were really good.. And I want you to join my group! Group name is AMAZING GIRLS!! Wanna join?
Evelyn: And BTW who are you to ask us to join in the group??
The girl: Oh girl, you’ve mistaken me! I don’t want you to join the group.. I just want Anjanaa to join.. And BTW I am Karumi, the leader of the group
She turns toward Anjanaa and extends her hand!
Anjanaa (ignores the hand): No thanks, KARUMI!! Bye!
Saying this she turns away and leaves!
Evelyn: Oh my god!! You were amazing! I thought you would have love to join her group!
Anjanaa: Did you?? Really??
Evelyn: Yeah a little! But thank god you didn’t!
Anjanaa: Oh c’mon evelyn! Did you notice how she talked to you?? I hated it at point so I had to talk like that! And the top of that I hated to be under someone.. I mean (Ivan interrupts)
Ivan: Hey!!
Anjanaa and Evelyn (surprisingly): H-hey!
Ivan: So??
Evelyn: What so??
Ivan: What’s up? Everything good?
Evelyn: Sky is up and yeah everything good.. Thanks for your bothering!! Now you may leave
Anjanaa and Ivan laugh!
Ivan: Hhaahahahaa( fake) What a PJ!!
Evelyn: Thanks
Ivan: Welcome but no welcome!
Anjanaa laughs!!
Evelyn: Hey why are you going on laugh and laugh only?? Say something!!
Anjanaa( Laughingly says): What should I say?? You two are good together! I mean(Laughs badly)
Evelyn: Heyyy heyyy!!
Ivan: Hey hey hey!!
Evelyn: Don’t imitate me, okay?
Ivan: I didn’t, okay?? You only said it 2 times but I said it 3 times! Cant you make out the difference?
Evelyn: Oh really?? But the words are mine!
Ivan: I am not in a mood to argue.. Bye!!

After ivan goes
Evelyn: An absolute IDIOT!!
Anjanaa is still laughing!
Evelyn: Bye you laugher! Will talk tomorrow! I hope till then you will not be laughing!!!
Anjanaa: Ok bye!
Back at the school ground, Karumi is very angry on Anjanaa because of her rude behavior!
Karumi: How dare she talks to me like that!! I am going to make this place a real hell for her! She deserves that only!!
Other girls: Chill Karumi! She has just won the 1st round… The rest of the game is in our hands! So just don’t be so much now itself.. We do have time.. Now time can only say what to do with her
Karumi is still angry!

Guys I need your comments to know whether this episode was good or bad! Whether shoul I make any changes or let it be in its own way!! I may not reply or may reply(Depends) But I take everyone’s comment into consideration!! I cant promise about the next episode will be soon or not but I will try my best to finish it!

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