School Diaries (Episode 5)


I am really so sorry guys for the late post.. These days not getting time to finish the story. If this update is short please let me know i will make it more long.. I thank all my readers for ur support and love.
Guys if u r new reading this story here’s the link for my last 4 episodes. Hope u will enjoy it!
She was backing home thinking of the incident that happened in school. She prayed to god that do anything and let ma’am take back my 10 points. She was waiting for her bus when she saw Ivan also coming to the bus stop.
Anjanaa(murmurs): Why u had to send him when I prayed for something else!!
Ivan: Did u say something? Am I disturbing you??
Anjanaa: No no, how can I and u!!!
Ivan: What U and I?
Anjanaa: Aaghh!! I made it short like how can I speak something and how can u disturb me!!
Ivan: Now I understand!!
Anjanaa: Tubelight toh der se jalti hai naa( Ur light sparks very late)!!
Ivan: Sorry??
Anjanaa: I’ m sorry!! Did u hear that??
Ivan: Yeah
Anjanaa: I am sorry!
Ivan: Leave that all!! God heard ur prayer!
Anjanaa shocked thinking how he came to know about my prayer but she dint care it that much as she was awaiting for the good news about her score being taken back.
Ivan: I got the topic!!
Anjanaa: So?? It wasn’t my prayer!!
Ivan: You only said yesterday that u really wish that i get my topic as soon as possible!!
Anjanaa: Did I say that? (She bangs her head with her head).. I forgot so easily!!
Ivan: No no its not about ur memory!! Its about your dreams!! Remember #DreamQueen
Anjanaa: See I don’t dream all the time as u think!!
Ivan: Your bus has arrived u should leave now.
Anjanaa boarded the bus and looks at Ivan who was waiting for his bus. She takes a seat and thinks about Ivan on her way. She thinks how easily she forgot about her worry which would have been so impossible. Maybe God heard her prayer at that moment instead of taking back that points she sent him to send away her worries regarding that incident.
She reached home and she practiced her speech with expressions. She had to learn by heart that speech. She did it first. She had done enough of practice in front of mirror and in front of her family. She was awaiting that big day. It was the next day. Today she went to sleep early. This time on bed she was thinking of Ivan instead of her crush. She was remembering all the little moments she had with him she thought it to be weird. She said to herself,” No Anjanaa its ur big day tomorrow and don’t let your competitor Ivan ruin it.”
So finally her first step of her crucial time had arrived.. Her heart started to beat when she started her journey in bus. When she arrived at school it started to grow like anything. One person came from back and beat her back saying,”Hey! Hows it going!” She was so shocked and jumped with fear. It was Evelyn
Evelyn: Chill what are u scared of?. Chill ma’am is not going to take another 10 points because we are in campus!
Anjanaa: Oh h-h-hii!! I just freaked out. I.. (She dint get any words, her mouth was trembling too)
Evelyn: Oh my god!! You are sweating and you freaked out!! You okay?? Your head is so hot I guess u shud go back to home as I think u are a lil feverish!!
Anjanaa: N-n-no!! I will not go back.. It’s my big day.. I cant back out at the last moment.
Evelyn: Now I get!! Stage fear, right Hey yaar chill, come sit here. See it happens with everyone. Its not your first time. You have fought this fear so many times, haven’t you?? Then also this fear will not leave us alone. It will come and disturb us every moment like this. Sometimes they win and most of the time loses. To not let that fear win, there’s a simple trick!! Do u have a safety pin?? Or U-pin or the like?
Anjanaa: Yeah I do have a U-pin(paper clip), but how will that work..
Evelyn: Just give it to me!!
Anjanaa: Take!
Evelyn keeps that pin near to her heart she asks Anjanaa to close her eyes. And she asks her to open it now
Evelyn: How do u feel now??
Anjanaa: OMG!! What you did?? Some black magic?? I feel really much better now.
Evelyn: That sounds great! Well this is called pin magic. This pin takes away all the negative thoughts from your heart and you feel better. If u feel anything at that moment. Just try this pin magic! Come lets go. Its time for our class and your big day!
(They both smile)
Anjanaa: Evelyn!! You are so good! I mean… (Evelyn interrupts)
Evelyn: Sshhh!! It was my duty after giving u that horrible moment yesterday I felt very bad, now much better!!
Anjanaa: It was equally my fault!! It was not only in your part.
Evelyn: Now, u will make me late.. Plz come!!
Anjanaa: Oh sorry!
They reach the class and see the class quiet as they are busy in project! One boy named Adil calls Anjanaa.
Adil: Anjanaa I need you help ree!!
Anjanaa: Haan haan bol(Yeah say)!
Adil: Fill this front page and decorate it!! (Boys are zero at creativity so they ask help from the girls for decorating project and all!! I guess this happens in every class!)
Anjanaa: Give! (She decorates.. She did it really well as she is good in it)
Adil: Teacher will be confused about it! But chalta hai(Its okay).. Thanks yaar!!
Anjanaa: Anytime yaar!
She checks her CD and file and its there!!
Anjanaa: Hows ur preparation??
Evelyn: Pretty good!! Yours?
Anjanaa: Good!
Evelyn: Hm! (Smiles)
After the assembly the 11thies are called to the auditorium! The auditorium is really well decorated then the participants are called to one side!! Anjanaa and Evelyn are on one side. Anjanaa is given number 13 and Evelyn number 14. Ivan is on number 7. All the participants were very confident. Anjanaa was also confident as she had the pin with her. Its Ivan’s turn his speech was really very impressive. He gave the speech just like a politician. So the judges thought it to be really good. His speech was on Tsunami and he described all the tsunami disasters that happened recently and in the past. His turn was over. After that all he speeches were not so good. The speech was good but the speaker was very tensed and they didn’t complete it as they wasted time stammering. Next was 13 it means it was our Anju’s turn.
She went up to the stage and looked at the audience. The audience was really getting bored as they had heard 12 speeches. She assures herself that hers will not be like the others. The audience will love it. She is going to nail it.
Sorry guys, i will not give the speech copywright. I am not getting an effective speech. As it is my imagination, can you guys also imagine that she gave an amazing speech. So sorry i know i had so many days but i am really bad in english please forgiive for not giving the speech. Dont force me to write the speech. It will be really worst.I will be a little late for the next post.. Please forgive that also.

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