School Diaries (Episode 4)


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She was back home and she asked her mom to help to prepare the speech. Anjanaa was working hard on the project. She was preparing the file and CD both while her mom helped her prepare for her speech. Well, she just asked her mom to check the grammar as she prepared her speech long ago. It was 9:00 p.m. and her mom pointed out 20-25 mistakes in the speech. She is weak in grammar.
Mom: You don’t read paper, then how will you improve your grammar?
Anjanaa: Okay mom. Tomorrow onwards your daughter is going to read the news paper
Mom: It’s been years since I heard this. Your tomorrow never comes.
Anjanaa: It has come. And that tomorrow is tomorrow.
Mom: Let’s see your tomorrow. Now go to sleep
Anjanaa: No mom.. Its 9:30 and its time for my fav serial KRPKAB and after that at 10 EKDV. So not now.
Mom: Okay I am goin go to sleep, Good night!
Anjanaa: Night mom!
Anjanaa goes to sleep after seeing that two serials.
Anjanaa on the bed thinks about her crush. It’s her childhood love which she thinks is true love because she loves him since 3rd STD. And she has never been committed into a relationship. Nor she has got any proposals from anyone. The girls with her have got at least one proposal. But her number was 0.
Her crush hates her knowing she loves him. He got to know it when he was in 9th and she was in 8th. Only 1 year difference between them. The guy has a dashing personality. All the qualities that Ivan has except the quality of good-looking. Yes her crush is not good-looking but still got 5-6 proposals just because of his personality. Well, he’s really a good dancer. Good at heart. He hates Anjanaa but still talks to her. Talking just includes hi-bye. They just hi each other and bye each other. Except this they don’t do anything. Sometimes hi-byes are also not done. As both of them ignore each other. The reason the guy ignores is because of his hate and the reason Anjanaa ignores him is she never talks to a person that is not interested in her. If she speaks anything she speaks the opposite thing of what she actually wants to speak just in front of him.
For e.g.
Anjanaa: Can I have the chair(The chair is next to the guy) I want to fall (Mujhe girna hai).
Him: Girna hai (Want to fall)??
Anjanaa: Oops. I-I mean I want to S-sit!!
Every night she goes to bed she just thinks the awkward moments she had with him..
Anjanaa (to herself): How great stupid I am!! He must be thing that I am a idiot, stupid etc. Oh god why just in front of him. Not 2 or 3 times. It happens always we meet. For 1 month she had kept this guy out her mind. But she happened to meet him.. And then she had to keep him in her mind always. Hes so arrogant, not allowing me to live in peace. Ziddi dimag aur ziddi pyaar. Pyaar hone tha toh pyaar ho gaya. Ufff.

Next day in school, she enters the class when she sees a girl sitting next to her seat.
Anjanaa: Hi!! New here?
Evelyn: Yeah. BTW I am Evelyn! Nice to meet you!
Anjanaa: Same here! I am Anjanaa.
Evelyn: Oh anju!!
Anjanaa: I think u did not get it. Its Anjanaa
Evelyn: Yeah yeah anju!
Anjanaa: You’re doing this purposely, ryt? Anways you can call me that
Evelyn: Okay Anjaanaaa!
Anjanaa: Aanjanaa aa aa Aanjanii ii iii (x2)
Evelyn: You sing well!
Anjanaa: Oh thanks! Well, I am waiting for the talent round.
Evelyn: Yeah last and final round of the competition
Anjanaa: Hmm! Have you taken part??
Evelyn: Of course I have! I am new to this place not to the school! I am here from the first day of 11th. Its just that u didn’t notice!
Anjanaa: Ooohhhhooo ???
Evelyn: Aaahaaa! (Both of them laugh) I guess we will make great partners. Don’t u think??
Anjanaa: Sorry, I want to do the rounds all of my own and not combined. Sorry
(Evelyn bangs her head)
Evelyn: I meant seat partners!!
Anjanaa: Okay, yeah! We will be great together.
Evelyn: Hmmm!!! What do you think about me by looking??
Anjanaa: Hm. Pretty face, good nose, beautiful eyes, good smile and last but not the least a very naughty mind!
Evelyn: I am blushing!! ?? You are exactly right about my last quality. A very very very naughty mind. I can make these pupil dance.
Teacher: Evelyn and Anjanaa I am noticing you both from when. Just talking and talking. -10 points both of them.
Anjanaa: No ma’am. You cant do this.
Teacher: Who are you to teach my dos and sonts? Another word from your mouth another 10 points.
Anjanaa was very sad, her dream of being FOTF was gone. She cant blame Evelyn as she was also talking and talking
Evelyn was very cool.. She would not really mind if her another 10 points would have been taken.
Seeing Anjanaa like that Evelyn felt bad. She said that we will be careful next time. But Anjanaa was really very sad. She never cried in front of everyone so she smiled at Evelyn.

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