School Diaries (Episode 3)


Hi again!! I did this one according to all you request. I have avoided hindi here. I tried to make it long.. If u need more long than this i can make it more long. Just let me know! I have got my reviews, no need to spend your time commenting.. If u need any change in this track or anything then only comment.. Thanks for ur reviews

Next day, when Anjanaa enters the class suddenly Ivan rushes to her. Ivan is seen excited. He asks Anjanaa whether she could be his partner. She gets shocked.
Anjanaa: Excuse me!!
Ivan: Well, you are excused!!
Anjanaa: W-Wait what? What just you said a few seconds ago?
Ivan: I am asking whether you would join me for the combined project? Are you interested in doing this round 1 combined???
Anjanaa: When was this group idea informed?
Ivan: When you were in your dream world!! It was informed yesterday itself in the meeting. Wake up for god’s sake. Just forget that I ever asked u about the partnership. Bye #DreamQueen
Anjanaa: B-Bye!

Ivan(to his frnds): Guys I thought she is a smart girl. Thank God, I got to know about it now itself otherwise your Ivan would have lost Round 1 with that #DreamQueen.
Anjanaa was unpacking her bag and was preparing herself for the 1st period, she was thinking that what she was thinking at that time when the group idea was informed.. But anyways she thanks her thought at that time as she did not want to work with Ivan.
It was recess time. Anjanaa had no1 to talk or share food with. She was really lonely. But she never let anyone know about her loneliness so she did some or the other work like working for the project or her did her homework instead of eating food. She had friends but for just saying that they were her friends.
Ivan(to himself): I guess this #DreamQueen works really hard. Should I ask her again?…. No Ivan you can do it without her help. Yeah I will. I will nail it.
All through Anjanaa’s school life Anjanaa had taken the help of the internet for all her projects. But this time she said no to the internet and accepted her thoughts. She believed in herself that her thoughts are going to give her a score of 50.
Thinking, thinking and thinking Anjanaa thought of a phrase ‘Precaution is better than cure’. She got the idea. Yes she got it for her speech.. Way to go..

She was so excited to execute her idea on the same day. She did not have patience, she wanted the school to get over so that she can reach home and work on her plan.. But the submission day was 3 days ahead
As the school hours got over she rushed to the bus station but she got to know that the bus she was waiting for will not arrive within next 15 mins. But she could not wait. But she had to as she did not have enough money to catch an Auto-rickshaw. She started thinking there at the bus station itself like how she will start her speech on it. Actually the person just had to give the speech and submit her project done on CD, pen drive, file or chart. They will be judged on the basis of their speech which should be very effective. 35 points for the speech and 15 points for the thing done on file or any other thing.. She did not worry about her file as she could manage it. She was worried about her speech. She saw Ivan noticing all the little things surrounding him.

Anjanaa: What you’re doing??
Ivan: I am thinking about my project
Anjanaa: You did not get the topic still?? Oh I wish you would get it soon.
Ivan: We are competitors, which means we can be called enemies too. Don’t get so close to your enemy.
Anjanaa: You must have heard this “Keep ur friends close and enemies closer”
(Ivan went closer to her)
Anjanaa: What are you doing.
Ivan: You said to be closer.
(Anjanaa pushes him away)
Anjanaa: Stay away! We are not enemies. We are competitors.
Ivan: I wish you could stay on my level. You’ ve still no idea of my level. I am saying FOTF 2016 is none other than Ivan Gregory, Miss #DreamQueen.
Her bus arrives and she boards the bus and ignores him.
Ivan(to himself): Miss #DreamQueen watch me win and I will watch u lose. (Laughs)

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  1. Nice one ameesha… 🙂 🙂 eventhough you dnt want comment hehe Iam very much eager to do the same :p 😉 .. Hey if you get time, plzz read my ff’s .. One of them is “first love in school” hope you like it.. 🙂
    And yp this one is longer 🙂 you really did good job 🙂

  2. Thanks roshni.. I will surely read it as u read mine.. @shiina mashiro I dont watch any anime serial i got this from google search.. i replied to ur comment in the morning but i think u did not see it so i am replying again 🙂

  3. it was nice episode ……….waiting for nxt one ………………tc dear

  4. Awesome, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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