School Diaries (Episode 2)


Hi guys i know i did not get the reviews as i expected but i decide to finish this story anyhow!! No matter what.. I hope u will love the Episode 2!!

Anjanaa was really surprised because she never thought that she will ever talk to that guy and she was wonderstruck that how he knows her name. She turned around and saw him he was standing just behind her. Anjanaa suddenly asked, “How do u know my name?” He showed a notebook in his hand (it was Anjanaa’s). She said, “Oh I am really sorry. BTW Thanks and where did u get this from?” “You forgot it on your seat. There’s one thing I wanted to say that your friend Lyla is really so boring”, says Ivan. Anjanaa says,”You are such a flirt. Ek toh flirt bhi karte ho aur bolte ho boring thi!”Ivan replies,”Oh hello, Kya tune dekha mujhe uske saath flirt karte hue?? Main vaha khada bore ho raha tha! Tum bhi bore ho rahi thi uske liye toh vaha si chali gayi thi. Vaise main kissi ke saath flirt nahi karta. Bada sharif hu main!!” Anjanaa replies, “Haan toh bano naa sharif. Lyla ki baat hum dono kyun kar rahe hai?” “Tum sahi bol rahi ho. Why should we talk about her!! Vaise…. Chali gayi??!! Kuch bolne bhi nahi diye aapne baare mein..


Now Anjanaa thinks of her Round 1. Round 1 is a project. The topic is ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE. The students have to present their ideas neatly on their own. The one who will be bringing a new concept will be awarded 50 points. Anjanaa thinks I need to think really something new so that I can score 50. I will nail it.

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  1. Hey ameesha …i suggest you to use english for the conversation since many of the readers dnt know hindi .. 🙁 though, I dnt have an probelm and I know you wont have any oroblem regarding that since you write really well… But yr it was too short.. I was all ready to read but it ended in few minutes 🙁
    Keep writing. Post next dear 🙂 a longer one 😉

  2. nice story …………………..i felt like i can relate myself to this story ………………….pls dont end it ameesha ……………………….and a request to readers do comment ……….its amazing

  3. shiina mashiro

    Did you see sakurasou na pet na kanojo ? Isn’t it the best anime ever ? I am talking about you fan fiction picture. Please reply . Well about your episode it was superb dear . Make it longer.

    1. I found the image on google images when i searched for school friends anime.. I’ve never seen any anime serial.. Sorry for the late reply

  4. Oh my god i am blushing right now.. The comments u both gave were a very great encouragement.. Roshni i will write all the parts in english only.. If i add a little hindi to it.. Is it okay? But i will try my best to avoid hindi.. Priya i will make it long.. Thanks for the reviews

    1. Surely dear… I dnt have anyyy problem frankly..

  5. Reallyyy niccceeeee

  6. Cute…..

  7. ammesha plzzzzz write evrything in eng or atleast give eng translation…………….i dont know hindi……………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Hi ammu…very nice episode, but plzzzz make little longer. ..loved it dearrrr…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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