School Diaries (Episode 1)

Hello! This is not a ff of any serial but a common story of a common girl and her life.. Mostly this story depicts the impossibilities of life.. Hope you will love it!! ✌✌

Anjanaa who is to 11th Std studying in St. Xavier’s High School. She is a home student and not new to the school. She has spent the last 12 years in this school only. Her classes has just started.. She is really excited to start her Higher Secondary life. After a week she comes to know that there’s a competition named Fresher’s Day. There will be total 5 rounds. Each round contains 50 points. The student who scores 250/250 will be given the title “Fresher of the Freshers”. And the girl having points after the FOTF will be titled as Miss Fresher and the guy having points after the FOTF will be titled as Master Fresher. She wanted to win this competition as it would earn her fame and the title. She started to concentrate on the competition. Then there was a guy named Ivan, who is a new student to the school. He did not care about the competition but he finds it to be interesting and takes part in it. He is an extrovert type, a funny, smart and a good-looking guy. He had all the qualities to impress a girl. Whereas Anjanaa was an introvert type, not having much frnds, smart and an okay looking girl. They never met until the day of meeting to inform the rules of the competition. The meeting was held at the auditorium where they apparantely have a meet. Actually Ivan was flirting with Anjanaa’s friend Lyla. Anjanaa had no choice other than to stand there and listen their conversation. Because all her old friends had left the school. There were some home students also but she never considered them as her friends. But she felt a bit awkward to just stand there. So she went inside and sat. She saw her one old friend sitting there. She was friends with her for one year but now separated because of streams. Her name is Nancy(Commerce Stream). Anjanaa had took Science-Maths. She went upto nancy and sat near her as she really enjoys her company. The meeting was over. Anjanaa was walking alone upto her class when she hears Ivan calling her…

Plz let me know whether to continue or not??

Credit to: Ameesha


  1. Ameesha

    Not many comments uptil now… Plz guys if u really love it just plz comment so i can know whether to continue it or not.. I m not hoping thath many but if i get a 25-30 reviews i would b happy to continue this ff.. I know 30 is too much.. But i want ur reviews and that also a 30.. Please guys if u can support me then that would be great..

    P.S.: If u think its bad, comment please so i can improve it

  2. aastha

    Ameesha plzzz continue……………..y did Ivan call her??????? Anjana reminds me of myself…….I’m also a kind of introvert….and I just simply cant go and speak to a complete stranger

  3. Roma

    Awesome start….plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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