Hey this anniya,again back with a new os.Only I am giving u prologue of it.
Swara – 15 year , use to wear full selves suit, always wear burka whenever she has to go outside. Life is more than hell.( don’t worry in this os she is not rape victim but still victim.)
Sanskar- 19 year old, victim(for a change I am not showing him negative)silent boy.Rich,( also not gf problems)Not any frnd , live in shell.
Kaveri – guardian of swara, behave rudely with her, Want to throw her due to society.
Raj – guardian of sanskar, hate him,want to throw him again due to society.
Swara live in Delhi and sanskar in Assam. Both have totally diff life. One is poor and other is rich. But also have common connection both are victim. Yet wanted to live. Both have some hope.One day everything will change.

Main question is why she is wearing burka, for which crime society is punishing both of them.
How they overcome this society.
How they face this world without any support.
Is they able to get happy ending or without ending their torture they will die.

To know more about it stay tune with aniya , I will update it on next Sunday. One more thing sometimes only girls are not victim boys too. In this story again some reliaty check of this society.How this society destroy two lives…
It is not love story. But still swasan will be together.
This Sunday wait for ‘ does my decision was right’
Tomorrow no update of bhabhi give me ur sister hand.
Tell me ur views about my new OS scar.
If response is good, then only I will update because os require more time than ff.
Till then bye , love u all.


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.