Say That You Love Me – Teaser

…Note to be noted….
Some people have doubt that may be Swasan are brother sister so here I’m clearing there confusion read carefully….
1 : Shekar is not the real son or Parvati Maheswari as when he was about 2 to 3 years old his parents died in a accident
2 : As Deyandal Maheswari was best friend of Shekar’s father so he adopted him after Shekar’s parents death… and everyone in MM knows that Shekar was not the real son of family but still they treated him as family….
3 : Most important Swasan earlier didn’t know that they are cousin and neither Swara has ever tied Rakhi to Sanskaar so no brother sister relation and one more thing they don’t have same blood so no chance of brother sister
I hope now you must have cleared your misconception…if still you have any doubt you can ask me….!!!
Sense – 1
Swara is sleeping peacefully just than she feels someone’s guaze….she slowly open her eyes and becomes shocked to see Sanskaar bending on her….
She was having no strength face Devil so she closed her eyes and again let fall her head on pillow….
Just then she feels a hand on her face caressing it gently….
Sanskaar ran his hand on her face caressing it gently and than stop at her neck….
Sanskaar(emotionless) : He must have touch you here….
Listening to this she opens her eyes which were full of hatred….
She somehow pushed him and gets up from bed….she reached near door and turns towards him…
Swara(Emotional) : I hate you Sanskaar Maheswari I hate you….more than that Raj I hate you….
Saying so she left from there making Sanskaar was unwillingly….
Sense – 2
Raj(angrily) : You can’t make her marry with someone else….she is mine…
DP(angry) : she is daughter of this house and who the he’ll are you to say all this….
Raj(proudly and smirks) : I’m her fiance….
Dp(angry) : then we break this engagement now itself….now get out from our house….before we kill you for trying to defame our respect….
Raj(laughs evilly) : hahaha….respect…the respect which you are talking about….she had already given that to me…that to by……..
Before he could complete his sentence he feels as burning sensation on his cheek….yes he for a slap…but from whom…
Keep thinking….hehe
Sense – 3
Swara was standing near window lost in seeing moon…just then she feels someone’s presence behind her….
She turns instantly….and as soon as she turns….A person encircled her in his arms….making her surprised and shocked…
Swara(shocked) : You……
Before she could complete her sentence that person started to kiss her softly….and soon he takes her to bed and they indulge in Love making…
In whole love making The Man was just showing his action but Swara neither respond nor reject his touch….she just keep going this with flow….
So here I’m ending teaser…!!!
I hope you all will like it….!!!So please shower your comments and votes….on my story…please…!!!

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