Say That You Love Me – Introduction

Urvashi : Sister Of Shomi And Loves Shekar And Evil Minded And Also Second Wife Of Shekar And Step Mother Of Swara Wants To Use Swara For Money She Has Only One Purpose In Life And That Is To Destroy Swara Acts To Love Swara More Than Anything
Shekar : A Great Business Man And Do What His Heart Says Loves Shomi His Wife And Daughter Swara And Always Wants To Protect Her From Evil People
Shomi Khan : First Wife Of Shekar And Loves Him Very Much Real Mother Of Swara
Parvati Maheswari : A Very Strict N Loving And Obedient Wife And Loves Her Children DP Ram
Dayandal Maheswari : A Very Strict Man About His Customs And Culture Never Consider Anyone More Than His Customs Not Even His Family
DP Maheswari : A Well Mannered And Strict Person About Customs But Also Modern
RP Maheswari : He Is A Business Man And Always Follow His Brother DP
AP Maheswari : A Very Kind Hearted And Lovely Lady And Do All Things Which Make Home Paradise Loves All Kids Equally A Lovable Mother And Smart Daughter-in-law
Sujhata Maheswari : A Funny And Kind Lady And Always Follows AP In Decisions
Sanskaar Maheswari : A Very Rude Arrogant Business Man For World But When It Comes To His Family He Becomes Soft As Silk He Hates Girls Who Show There Body To Attract Men
Swara : A Very Simple Sweet And Beautiful Girl And Doing Medical Study Loves Her Step Mom And Trusts Her Blindly
Raj Malhotra : Swara’s Fiance And A very Cunning And Bad Person He Has A Bad Eye On Swara’s Wealth And Her Beauty And Wants To Use Her For Business
Ragini Maheswari : A Very Loving And Bubbly Girl Loved Her Family More Than Any Thing Naughty Too But When It Comes To Serious Matters She Behaves Maturely
Uttra Maheswari : Aslo A Very Bubbly Naughty Girl
Rahul Maheswari : Youngest In Maheswari Family And Doing Study In Software Engg And Very Naughty More Than Anyone Whole House He always Irritate His Both Sisters But Behaves Well Mannered In Front Of Sanskaar N Calls Him Devil
s*xsena Arora : Best Friend Of Shekar And Loves Swara Like Her Daughter And Has A Doubt On Urvashi And Raj
Sanskaar And Ragini Are AP & DP Children
Rahul N Uttra Are Sujhata & RP Children
Swara Is Daughter Of Shomi & Shekar
Note : When Swara Was Three Years Old Than Shomi Died Due To Lungs Cancer So Shekar Married With Urvashi After That When Swara Becomes 7 Years Old Shekar Also Died In A car Accident…..!!!
So Here Was Introduction Of Characters………………!!!
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