Say That You Love Me – Episode 8


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***Episode 8 : Shocks***

***IN MM***

As Sanskaar was dragging Swara towards the gate making her scared….she was continuously trying to free her wrist which was in his strong grip and crying too….

Sanskaar was about to push Swara out from house just than he heard a voice behind him….

“Stop it Sanskaar” he turns and find Ap behind him and Swara becomes happy seeing Ap and thanks to God for sending her

Ap comes towards Sanskaar and frees Swara’s wrist from Sanskaar’s hand and stares Sanskaar angrily making him confused….

Ap(angrily) : Sanskaar is this a way to behave with a Girl and….that too with your cousin…

Sanskaar(confused) : what cousin…Mom you know her…she…

Ap(angrily) ; I know her very well she is your Shekar uncle’s daughter Swara…and from now on she will live with us….

Now this was a bomb blast on Sanskaar’s head he was looking shockingly towards Swara who was now sobbing silently hugging Ap…while Ap was consoling her and making her calm…

Ap(politely to Swara) : Swara stop crying beta….I apologized from you from Sanskaar side…actually he didn’t know you so that’s why he behaves rudely….As he is a businessman so he remains alerts for our security you know… how much enemies he have….ok let’s go inside and make you eat breakfast…

Swara just nodes and left from there with Ap while Sanskaar was he’ll angry….

Sanskaar goes in garden and sat there on a bench and started to think something….

***Sanskaar’s POV***

How van be this happen….that…that Swara…is my cousin…Shekar uncle’s daughter omg….what the he’ll…

When I first time saw her I felt attraction towards her….she was so fragile innocent in that crowd…

But when I saw her in that Raj’s arms my blood was boiling….I don’t know what has happened to me….if I would have know that she is from our respected family…

I would have killed her for doing that cheap activities….I mean our house women didn’t go out without a Dupatta and she…she was sitting in that Raj’s lap that too in jeans and a top….ahhh…what the he’ll…I don’t know what should I do now….

When in this whole one week I talk with Dadi she was so happy I always thought that….her favourite grand daughter will be a mannered girl….I never ever in my dreams thinks that she…she is a cheap girl….

Relax Sanskaar…control yourself….you know that girl it’s ok….but what about your family….they are happy….so it’s better to stay silent rather than fighting….

Yah it’s good I’ll not tell these things to anyone…if Dadi comes to know her so cold favourite Grand daughter’s activities she will be broken….!!!

***POV ENDS***

After thing all this he also moves inside the house….


***AT Dinning Table***

All were sitting and having there break fast silently…as soon as Sanskaar came Swara becomes scared seeing him….she makes a excuse and left from there…

Swara(scared from Sanskaar) : hmmm Uncle…I’m done I’m going in kitchen…

Saying so she left while Sanskaar’s gauze follows Swara till the end of kitchen….

Days are passing like this….Swara always tried to stay away from Sanskaar as far as she can and Sanskaar also didn’t talk to her much as he don’t want to great a seen….

It has been a month since Sanskaar and Swara’s face off…Ragini who was in college many times tries to convince Swara to take admission in a college but she refused….

Guys as Sanskaar is a businessman so he always remain busy IN meeting and other thing so he always come home rarely so that’s why they didn’t come to face to face….


***IN Swara’s Room***

She was sitting on bed alone as everyone I mean Ragini Uttra and Rohan has gone to college….

Just than room door opens and Rohan came in….

Rohan(Hapoily) : Swara Di Dad is calling you…come fast….

Saying so he left from there and Swara also follows him till lounge…


***IN Lounge***

Everyone was sitting there expect Sanskaar….Swara goes towards Dadi and sat beside her….

Ram(Serious) ; we have decide something for you Swara….

Swara : yes uncle say….

Dp : Swara we want you to continue your studies…

Swara becomes scared…and this didn’t go unnoticed by all…

Ram(tries to give her courage) : we know Swara you are scared….as if you will go out they may caught you again….but it’s impossible now…as no can touch you…

Ap(smiles) : yes Swara you are also our daughter…we want you to complete your medical study so you can become a doctor….so we have made your admission in Ragini’s collage…

Swara : ok Aunty I’ll go….

Sujhata(happily) : that’s like our daughter….His bless you my child….stay always blessed…

Next Morning

It was a bright morning for a bright future Swara gets up and get ready…she goes collage with Ragini and Uttra….

Time passes and Swara started to adjust in collage envirment and her confidence which was lost also coming back slowly….


***IN GH***

Both Urvashi and Raj were finding Swara like a hungry dog whose prey has ran from there Cage

One day Raj came in GH happily and said something to Urvashi which make him surprised and happy as well

Raj(happily) ; Aunty we got to know…where Swara is…aunty she is there where we want to send her…

Urvashi(confused) : what do you mean,…where is she???

Raj(smirking) ; she is at Sanskaar’s house in Kolkata…

Urvashi(angry) : what??? What is she doing in that Sanskaar’s house???

Raj(explains all) : because that Sanskaar is Swara’s cousin…he is the son of Shekar’s brother Dp…

Urvashi(angry) : what??? How can this be happened…now what will we do

Raj(smirks evilly) : you don’t worry aunty..I know what I have to do….you just wait and watch…!!!

Screen fazes on Raj’s evil smirking face….!!!


Next : I don’t know….!!!


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