Say That You Love Me – Episode 7

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Prrevious : Swara Escapes and A new journey….!!!


***Episode 7 : Face to Face***

***IN CAR***

Rohan who was driving the car was very curious to know who is this girl whom her mother has sent to pick…He thought to ask from her….
He clears his thoughts and ask her…

Rohan(asks casually) : so hmmm who are you….I mean your name???

Swara who was lost in her thoughts came to senses listening to Rohan voice and said

Swara(hesitate) : hmm My name is Swara…Swara Shekar Maheswari….

Listening to the name Shekar Maheswari Rohan becomes shocked and applies the break instantly making Swara shocked as well….

He turns towards back seat where Swara was shockingly looking at him as why he stops the car….

Rohan(shockingly asks) : you…you are Swara….that Shekar uncle daughter right….???

Swara simply nodes in his question

Rohan(happily) : oh nice to meet you….I’m Rohan your cousin….wait we will talk all this in home ok….

Swara was just looking amused at his excitment as she was thinking that her Grand parents hate her that’s why they didn’t come to see her….

Soon car stops infront of a huge Haveli….Rohan comes down from car and open the door for Swara at first she was hesitant but gaining courage she started to move inside with Rohan who was excitedly explaining him all things….

As soon as Swara comes in lounge Ap who was waiting for them becomes happy seeing Swara and runs to her and engulfed her in a bone crushing his making her feel shocked first but than she also respond to that hug….

Ap(broke the hug) : I’m so happy that you are here…with us….you must be tired come I’ll show you guest room….we will talk in morning as there in no one in home…

Swara silently follows her and they stop in front of a room…she opens the door and asks Swara to come in….

Ap : this is your room you change your clothes and take rest ok…

She lovingly caress her hair and left from there leaving Swara alone…Swara lay down on bed and thinks about her life….

***Swara’s POV***

Here I am…at my father’s house….it’s really strange…the people whom I hate my whole life are now my shelter….

I think Mom was wrong she never let me know about them…she always fill hatred in my heart for them but it was all just a misunderstandings….

I wish….I wish Dad could be here if he would have been here…I wasn’t be that alone….

I’m sure Mom and Raj will be Mad at me for escaping from there Cage…but I did what I felt is right….I can’t live my whole life in that he’ll….

***POV ENDS***

***Next Morning***

***IN Swara’s Room***

Her sleep get disturbed by some voices….

Voice1 : She is so pretty….I wish I would be like her….
Voice2 : You always said like that idiot….talk something new which we don’t know…hehe

Voice3 : you both stop your stupid talks…look she is waking up…so stop talking….

Swara whose sleep was disturbed due to noises slowly opens her eyes and for one second she forget where she is….

She sees two girls and a boy in front of her bed…she tightly clutches the blanket in her fits being scared and waking at an unknown place…

Girl1(tries to make him relax) : Hey don’t be scared…I’m Ragini…your cousin…and she is Uttra and Rohan my sister and brother…

That’s when Swara remembers about last night…she sits on the bed properly and said

Swara(smiles) : I’m Swara….

Uttra(excited) : I know you are Shekar uncle’s daughter…omg you are so pretty…I’m so happy that you will live with us….you know we….

She was about to talk further but Rohan interrupts her

Rohan(pushes Uttra aside) : You stop little mouse…you always talk like this…(mimics like Uttra making Swara laugh)I wish I was also beautiful….Di you leave it you talk to me…I’m Rohan your younger brother,…and I’ll always protect you from evil ok…

Listening to brother Swara’s eyes becomes moist as she started to remember how much she was needed a brother who protects her and make her happy….

Seeing tears in her eyes Ragini scolds them and tries to console Swara

Ragini(consoles her) : Swara…you don’t mind…they both are like this…you please stop crying please….

Swara smiles seeing there concern and nodes in yes….before they talk further door of room opens and Ap came in with a lady….

Ap(smiles) : Swara come with us…Maa wants to meet you…

Swara with confused and scared expression started to follow them…on reaching at a door they both stops there and door opens revealing two men or his father’s age standing near bed and an old lady sitting on bed…..

**IN Room***

She scaredly walks inside the room…and stands at door by bowing her head down….whole room was silent as if a pin will be dropped…it’s voice will echoes…

After some time Parvati Maheswari(old lady) started to speak….

Parvati(with feeble tone) : I think my grand daughter is very angry with me that…she even didn’t come near me….it’s ok I myself with go to her…

Listening to this Swara lifts her head and sees Parvati who was about to fall and runs to her and holds her and makes her sit on the bed

Parvati(hugs Swara emotionally) : My Shekar’s daughter….how much big you have become….so innocent….you look same like your mother…and you have your father’s eyes….

Swara who was already emotional listening to her father name started to cry hugging Parvati….while room was filled with tears….everyone present there was having tears in there eyes….

After almost 15 minutes Parvati broke the hug and asks from Swara about Shekar making Swara shocked….

Parvati(caressing her hair) ; what is your name….???

Swara : Swara….

Paravati(emotional) : it’s really beautiful name…. Swara where is Shekar why he didn’t come with you….Ohh I get it now….he must be still angry in us that,…we didn’t come to meet him….you he is really stubborn like his father….you don’t worry if I call him he will surely come….give me his number….

Swara(crying) : he….he will never come now….

Parvati(smiles as she thinks he is still angry) : as I said I know he is stubborn you just tell me where is he…I my self will go to take him…

Swara(crying miserably) : he will never come…because…because he left me…he left this work Dadi…he left wall of us….

Saying so she break down in Parvati arms making everyone cry who were present there….Parvati also hugs Swara and cries harder as Shekar was her obedient child and most pampered one….and listening to his death news was not less than a Shocked….
Everyone present in room was crying as if Shekar Maheswari has died today instead of 12 years before….

Then Swara explains all the happenings and evil activities of her so cold mother and fiance making Everyone gasp in shocked….

Swara(complains) : why you….never come to meet me Dadi,…you know mom said you all hate me…she also said that you will never accept me in your family…as I’m a Bengali….

Dp who was standing there goes towards Swara and placed his hand on her head and said….

Dp(emotionally cares her hair) ; it’s not true beta….we have come…when Shekar died to take you with us but your mother…said she will take care of you….and we see that she is taking care of you like her own child so we left…of we would have known that….she has such evil intentions behind all this….we wouldn’t have been left you there lonely….

Swara just nodes….

Ap(smiles) : you have no need to worry now as no one can take you from here….as it’s your house….we will protect you….from all evils…ok…

Swara becomes overwhelmed with there concern and hugged Ap tightly….she was feeling like it’s her own mother who is with her….

Soon time passes and all goes to there room….

It has been one week since Swara has come to MM and she was very happy…Rohan Ragini and Uttra were always there for her….she has made a thick bond with them in a short time…but it’s said that…happiness never remains….

Ragini was having a elder brother whose name Swara didn’t know as whenever Ragini talks about him she refers him as brother and Rohan calls him Hitler as he is strict but Swara never payed any heed to this thing……


***After one week***

***IN Garden***

It was morning time and Swara was sitting in garden and enjoying nature just than door of house knocks….as she was alone there she thought to open it..

As soon as she opens the door she becomes shocked….horrified….every kind of emotion was in her face seeing the person infront of him….and guess what it was Sanskaar in his track suit….

Sanskaar becomes also shocked seeing Swara there but he thinks that she came to meet him….and in the other hand Swara comes to know that he is Sanskaar Maheswari Ragini’s elder brother….she was scared she don’t know what to do….
She moves backwards while he forwards before she did something Sanskaar holds her wrist angrily and started to drag her towards gate….

Swara(Furiously) : You What Are You Doing In My Home Tell Me Dammit…

Swara Is Crying Miserably

Swara(Scared & Fumbles) : I …I ..

Sanskaar(Angry) : I Know You Came Here For Which Purpose Look It’s My Home Don’t Create A Seen And Leave From Here Before Anyone Sees You

Swara(Crying & Fumbles) : No… You Are Taking Me Wrong ….I…I..

Sanskaar(Super Angry) : I Don’t Want Your Explanation Just Get Lost I Know You Are Very Stubborn You Will Not Go Like This Wait Let Me Help You


Next : Suspense….!!!

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