Say That You Love Me – Episode 4

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Previous Episode : Swara in confusion….!!!
***Episode 4 : Swara’s Decision***
Swara make Raj sit on the bed and was about to go just than Raj holds her hand and pulls her in his lap
Swara lands in his lap and Raj started to kiss on her neck while Swara who was shocked with Raj’s act come to senses and tries to free herself
Swara(Trying hard to free herds from his grip) : leave me Raj you….you are….not in your senses please leave me
Raj didn’t loose his grip and started to force her more he was about to remove her dress zip just than room door opens and Sanskaar came in….
(If you all are thinking that he had come to save her than you are wrong )
Sanskaar sees the sense in front of his self and was totally shocked Swara on seeing Sanskaar immediately frees herself and stand up from Raj’s lap while Raj was just grinning like idiot…
Sanskaar(angrily gritted his teeth) : I’m sorry I think I came at wrong time you guys carry on I’m leaving….
Swara who was already ashamed becomes more embarrassed listening to his taunts Sanskaar was about to leave but stops listening to Raj’s voice
Raj(drunken) : wait Mr Maheswari will you please drop Swara to GH as I’m busy right now and I’ll not be able to drop her please it’s a request….
Sanskaar was about to say NO but seeing Swara’s innocent face he unwillingly said ok
Sanskaar(angrily sees Swara) : I’m waiting in parking area come fast Miss Swara
Saying so he left from there while Swara sees Raj with disgust and also leaves behind Sanskaar

Sanskaar goes towards his Car and sat in it he opens the door and said
Sanskaar(angry) : come sit Miss Swara….
Swara who was already embarrassed due to resent incident becomes uncomfortable feeling Sanskaar’s gauze and said
Swara(casually) : it’s ok Mr Maheswari I’ll will manage you don’t take tension due to me….
Sanskaar’s blood was already boiling seeing her with Raj and now she said this all his face becomes red like volcano who will blast at any time….
Sanskaar(Furiouse) : Fine Than Stay Here And Wait For Someone Else
Swara Thinks A While n Than Realize His Warning
Swara(scared) : No Please Wait I’m Coming
Saying This She Sits In His Car
Swara(Monoluge) : I think it’s my father’s prayers who save me from this much big sin looks like Papa had sent Mr Maheswari there at right time otherwise till now I don’t what would have happened and than in parking area he also help me I’m such a foolish girl how I can’t understand the situation but thanks to God now I’m save I’ll never forgive Raj for his this act I think….I should think once more about this relation….may be Neha is right…Raj is not a good person for me
The chain of her thoughts broke by the stoking of car….

***AT GH***
The car stops in front of GH And Swara comes out saying thanks to Sanskaar
When Swara reached home Urvashi was sitting in lounge seeing Swara she said
Urvashi(smiles) : You came early where is Raj…
Before she could ask further Swara left from there angrily leaving Urvashi worried
She dials Raj’s number and there talk was muted…after talking with Raj she cuts the call and goes to her room for sleeping
***Next Morning***
Swara was at home and was thinking about recent incidents she again becomes old Swara
She was wearing a white Curidaar suit and her Dupatta was around her chest to cover it from evil eyes
Swara’s Dress

***IN Lounge***
Urvashi was sitting and watching tv just than a person came inside on seeing whom her smile vanishes
Person(greetings) : Hello Urvashi…it’s have been long time no see
Urvashi(angrily) ; what are you doing here Saxsena???? You was Shekar’s friend not mine and when he is no more what are you doing here get lost from my house….
Saxsena(calmly) : I know Shekar is not alive but Swara is still alive his daughter I came to meet her…
Urvashi was about to say NO but just than Swara enters in lounge and seeing her Urvashi didn’t said anything…
Saxsena(smiles brightly) ; hello Swara I’m Saxena your father’s best friend I was passing from here so thought to meet you….
Swara(smiles back) : it’s good you came uncle come sit….
Urvashi left from there making a excuse
Saxsena(feels guilty) : I’m sorry Swara I never came to meet you after your father’s death but what can I do your Mom doesn’t like me coming here so I left….
Swara(smiles) : it’s ok uncle you are like my father I have no issues with you
Saxsena(asks her) : Swara why didn’t you ever try to meet your father’s family….
Swara(angrily) : uncle please don’t talk about them I don’t like talking about them you know they are heartless people I know my Maa and Papa do a love marriage but when they both died they never came once to meet me till now they never showed up I just hate them
Saxsena sense something is fishy so he leave the topic
Saxsena(giving his card) : here is my card Swara take it and call me whenever you are in trouble I’ll always be there to help you
Swara(takes the card) : ok uncle
Sasena left from there while Swara keep that card in her purse

***IN Evening***
Raj came in GH and sees Urvashi is sitting worriedly in lounge and Swara is no where to be seen
Raj(casually) ; what happened Aunty why are you looking so disturbed….
Urvashi(angrily) : You know who came today…that Saxsena Shekar’s friend I’m affraid that he will spoil our plan….
Raj(makes her relax) : you don’t worry Aunty nothing will happened like that where is Swara…
Urvashi(asking suspiciously ) : she is in her room and did you do something in party from tomorrow she has not spoken much tell me…
Raj tells Urvashi everything making her angry….
Urvashi(shouting at him) ; you fool I told you to handle her carefully what’s the need to rush now go and talk to her before she changes her mind go….
Raj left from there to meet Swara

***IN Swara’s Room***
Swara was he’ll angry on Raj and she was even ready to break this alliance…
Raj(fake crying) : I’m sorry Swara I don’t know how this all happens please forgive please….
Swara(angrily) : I’m sorry Raj I can’t forgive you now you have crossed a your limits(cries)…you…you try to force me I changed my whole attitude for you started to attend those parties where I still feel uncomfortable and you did this with me (determinedly)I’m breaking this alliance write now…
Raj(shocked and pleads her) : please Swara don’t do this I was not in my senses I promise from now on I’ll never told you to do anything which you don’t like please just last chance please….
Swara(confuse) : but ….
Raj(emotionally black mail her) : Swara please don’t say NO think about Urvashi aunty for her said please give me last chance please…..
Swara(unwillingly) : ok but it’s your last chance…..
Raj(happy) : thank you Swara thank you so much (smirks evilly)let’s go out for outing and we will do dinner in a restaurant than will come back what’s say….
Swara(smiles) : ok you go out I’ll come after changing clothes…
Raj goes out from there smiling evilly now what’s coming in Swara’s way no one can tell you all expect me….???
Next Episode :
Swara(Scared & Crying) : Please Let Me Go I Am Not That Type Of Girl Please(crying Miserably)
Man(Smirk) : You Should Think This Before Darling Now Come And Give Me Pleasure For This Work You Came Here

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