Say That You Love Me – Episode 1

Hi Guys I know you are missing my stories but you all also know that that I’m busy in exams I had written this episode a few days ago but couldn’t post due to lack of time and mistakes but now I’m posting I hope you all will like it…..!!!!!

***Episode 1 : Swara’s Life***


Lady(Smiles) : Oh My Baby You Come So Early From College Today?

Girl : Yah Mom Actually I Was Not Feeling Well So I Came Back Early I Am Feeling Dizzy and Tired

Lady Becomes Worried and Said

Lady(Worried) : What?? What Happened My Baby Wait I’ll Call The Doctor

The Lady Was About To Dial Doctor’s Number But The Girl Stops Her Mother In Mid Way Take Mobile From Her Mother’s Hand

Girl(assures her) : Mom Relax I’m a Little Tired I Will Take A Nap Then I Will Feel Better No Need To Call Doctor

Lady (still Worried) : Are You Sure Swara?

Swara : Yah Mom Ok I Am Going To My Room

***At Evening***

A Boy Comes To GM And Goes Towards The Lounge There He Sees A Lady Sitting On The Sofa And Watching TV

Boy(Smiles) : Hello Urvashi Aunty

Urvashi(Smiles) : Oh Raj Beta Come Come Have A Sit….

Raj Comes and Sit Beside The Urvashi

Raj : Aunty I Heard That Swara Is Unwell So I Came Here To Know Is She Fine Or Not?

Swara Who Awakes From His Sleep and Coming Towards The Lounge Heard Raj’s Talks and Said

Sawra(Calmly) : Raj Relax I am Fine I Was Just Little Tired Don’t Take Tension I am Absolutely Fit and Fine See

Saying This She Twirls In front Of Her Mother and Fiance

Raj(smiles) : Its Good May God Always Keep You Happy And Healthy and Give your All Diseases To Me If This Will Happen Then I Will Consider Lucky To My Self

Swara(Smiles) : Now Please Stop This Raj I am Perfectly Alright

Urvashi : Ok you Both Sit I’ll Go and Make Tea and Snacks For you Two

Raj : Ok Aunty

Urvashi Leaves From There To Give Them A Little Privacy So They Can Spend Some Quality Time Together

Swara : Raj Please Don’t Talk Useless Things In front Of Mom I Don’t Like It

Raj(naughtily) : Oh Swara What Should I Do When Ever I see you I Lost My Control and you are Too Cruel Who Didn’t Like My LOVE For You

Swara(trying to Make her understand) : Raj you Know that I Don’t Like These Things At least Not In front Of Mom

On Seeing Swara’s Rude behaviour Raj Get Angry

Raj(Angry) : Swara What Problem you Have With Me I am Not a Stranger I am your Fiance and you Always Stay Away From Me We Are Going To Get Married Soon and you Always Behave Rudely you Didn’t Even Give Me A Chance To Come Near you

Swara realise Her Mistake On seeing Raj’s Anger

Swara(Apology) : I am Sorry Raj I Was Little Rude I am So Sorry I Know you Love Me Very Much We are Getting Married Very Soon But I Don’t Like your These Romantic Behaviour Before Marriage you Know that I am Not like Those Girls Who Always Are Behind Boys

Raj Becomes Disappointed On Listening Swara’s Words and Said

Raj(Disappoint) : Swara are you Really a Girl ??? Girls Always Like Romantic Talks and you are Calling My Love Cheap Tricks Don’t you Love Me Swara???

Swara : No Raj you are Taking Me Wrong I Just Said That I Don’t Like These Things Before Marriage and you are My Mom’s Choice

Raj(Questiongly) : And What Is your Choice???

On Hearing Raj’s Question Swara Becomes Tensed

Sawra(tense) : Of Couse Mine Too

Raj(Raised her eyebrows) : And Love??? Do You Love Me???

On Hearing This Swara Becomes Tensed and Don’t Know What To Do Or Say She Starts To Play With Her Fingers While Raj Was Seeing Straightly In Her Eyes
On Not Hearing Reply Of His Question He Angrily Got Up From Sofa and Leaves From There

Swara(calling her from behind) : Raj Wait Raj Raj…..

But He Leaves Without Listening TO her Just Then Urvashi Comes From Kitchen With Snacks and Tea

Urvashi(Question) : Swara Where Is Raj??? And Why are you Looking So Upset???

Swara(Worried) : Ma Ma Raj Get Angry On me

Swara Has A Very Little and Pure Heart Who Always Keeps Everybody Happy On Seeing Raj Angry She Starts To Cry
Urvashi Comes ear Her and Places Her Hand On Her Shoulder and Said

Urvasi(consoles & makes her understand) : Baby Raj Is your Fiance you Both are Going To Get Married Sooner Then Why you Always Becomes Hesitate Spending Quality Time With Him He Is Going To B your Life Partner Think n Give Him your Time

Swara(Hesitate) : But Mom….

She Was Cut Off By Her Mom’s Words

Urvashi : Swara Raj Is The Son Of My Childhood Friend and I Know Him I Have Full Faith On you Too That you Both Will never Cross your Limits But What Raj Is Saying Its also Not Wrong and It Is The Right of your Generation

Swara(Innocently) : Now What Should I Do Mama??

Urvashi(trying to make her understand) : You Do What I Say Look Swara Raj Is The Only Son Of Their Parents He Is Talented and Handsome Also and He Is Going To Be A Great Business Man If you Always Talk Like That Then He Will Misunderstood you

Swara(Determined) : Mom I Will Try My Best That From Next Time he Wouldn’t Have Any Problem With Me….

Urvashi(smiles and patted her cheek) : Very Good My Baby Doll


***At College***

Swara Is Sitting In Lawn With Her Best Friend Sonia Who Knows Everything About Swara and His Life

Swara : Sonia Give Me Some Idea To Apologize From Raj

Sonia(Irritated) : Please Swara Don’t Talk About Raj In front Of Me you Know I Don’t Like Him

Saying This She Picks Up Her Books From Grass nand Starts To Walk Towards The Class Room

Swara(Monoluge) : Now What Happened To Her?

Swara : Sonia Listen Sonia Here I am In Trouble How To Apologize From Raj you are Not Paying Any Heed To My Words

Sonia(Angry) : Swara I Don’t Know What your Mom Saw In That Idiot Raj That She Fix your Marriage With That Cheap Guy He Is Not Worth Of you He Is Using you Just For your Property

Swara Becomes Angry On Listening Sonia’s Words and Said

Sawra(Angry) : ENOUGH Sonia you have No Right To Talk About My Mom and Fiance In That Way you Know What I am Fool Who Is Asking Help From you Bye…….

Saying This She Leaves From There While Sonia Tries To Stop Him But She Ignore Her Voice and Goes From There


***At GM***

Swara Reached Home and Goes To Her Room and Thought To Call Raj and Apologize For Her Behaviour She Dials His Number and Wait For Him To Pick Up The Call after. Two to three Rings He Picks Up The Call

Raj : Hello

Swara(Hesitate) : Hello Raj Its Me Swara

Raj : Oh Swara Yah Tell

Swara(Apologyy) : Raj I am Sorry For Last Time Please Forgive Me

On Listening This Raj Becomes Happy and Forgave Her Easily As He Was Just Waiting For Swara’s Apology

Raj(Happy) : Its Ok Swara I Forgave you So now you Won’t Become Angry On Me If I Talk Romantically

Swara(Happy) : No


On Hearing This Swara Blushes and Cuts The Call……….


Next Episode : Sanskaar’s Entry…..!!!


Guys I Have Written The Episode In Hurry So If There Is Any Mistake So Please Forgive Me…!!!

Please Leave Ur Valuable Comments and Remember Guys your Comments R My Strength….!!!

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