Savitri Devi and Devanshi *Maha Sangam* 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer treating Sunny. Sunny asks him to call Sanchi and says he will get himself treated by her. Veer says she is not here, and I am also a doctor. Sunny insists. Veer asks him to let him do the work. He cleans his wound. Isha sees Sunny and thinks to inform Sanchi. Pandit ji tells Vikrant that he has no kundli dosh. Priya says if you don’t know how to check kundli then tell clearly, why you are lying. Our pandit ji told that Vikrant’s kundli have dosh and he can’t be wrong, he will catch your lie. Pandit ji says what you are saying and says this Kundli have no shani dosh. That Pandit ji comes and tells that Vikrant’s kundli have danger shani dosh and says Priya had kept the fast few days back and I have done puja. Other Pandit ji tells that I have no misunderstanding

and tells about Shani dosh. Old Pandit ji tells that he heard that and that’s why made her do. Pandit ji says you are a fraud. Vikrant asks Pandit ji to tell who asked him to made her fast. Before Pandit could take her name, Gayatri slaps him and made him escape.

Isha tells Sanchi about Sunny’s accident. Nutan asks Kusum Sundari what is written in the paper. Kusum gives her paper. Nutan reads it. Kusum thinks about the riddle. She comes to the conclusion that Pawan have a house in forest.

Sanchi and Isha come to Sunny’s ward. They see Veer bandaging his wound. Veer asks him to rest and says I will come later. Sanchi says good job Veer. Veer says your mouth might be feeling pain to say this and tells that he has done perfect work, but if she wants she can check. Isha tells Sanchi that Veer gave him perfect stitches.

Devanshi thinks where is Pragya and Sanchi. Goons spot her and runs towards her. She takes the lift and goes. Pragya meets her and asks her to hide in the disaster ward. Vardaan asks a guy about his brother. He says he didn’t meet him. Vardaan checks his phone and says he called last night. Vardaan asks were did he keep kalki and slaps him. Gopi asks Vardaan to have patience and calm down. Vardaan thinks why he is caring for Kalki so much. Sanchi asks Sunny what happened to him. Sunny says he met with an accident with a bike. Veer hears him and asks if he is her brother. Menka scolds her goons and asks receptionist about Kalki Shah. Receptionist says Kalki Shah is on bed no 28. Pragya hears them and thinks to inform Sanchi.
Kusum tells Nutan that they shall solve 4th line. Nutan says she was trying to solve the riddle. Vardaan asks what? Kusum says nothing. She asks her to keep her mouth shut. She says she got Pawan’s address and it is in jungle. They shall go and search.

Pragya comes to Sanchi and tells that she sent Devanshi to disaster ward, but goons are reaching there. Menka comes to the disaster ward, but sees Isha on Kalki’s place. Sanchi and Pragya try to hide Kalki. Menka keeps searching her. Vardaan talks to his dad’s pic and thinks he is feeling as if he is losing someone closer to him. Gopi comes and tells that Kalki is in the hospital. Veer comes to Kalki and asks Sanchi why did she change her bed and why she didn’t update in system. Pragya says she was feeling that the bed is hard and that’s why we changed. Sanchi asks him to go and do the work which she gave him. Veer says I am intern and not your servant. Sanchi says I am head intern.

Devanshi recalls Vardaan’s love confession, their marriage and separation, seeing Sanchi and Veer fighting. Pragya asks them to stop it. Sanchi says sorry and says my assistant always do drama. Devanshi asks them not to fight like kids and says this way relations get stronger. Sanchi says it is just filmy talk and goes. Veer asks Kalki if Ms. Golgappa likes me. Kalki says it seems you like her. Veer says I was just asking, I have no interest in her. He asks about her pain. She says she is feeling good. Veer tells that patient’s pain goes seeing his cuteness. Sanchi comes and asks him to stop praising himself. Veer says she is jealous. Devanshi hopes that Veer and Sanchi get together.

Vardaan and Gopi come to the hospital. They ask ward boy about Kalki Shah. Ward boy says there is no patient here of this name, but I can tell you if you give money. Vardaan gets angry. Gopi gives him money and asks him to tell. Ward boy refuses to tell even after taking money. They meet a doctor who tells that Kalki Shah is in the hospital.

Vikrant tells Gayatri that he will not spare that Pandit. Gayatri says that pandit was fraud, and asks him not to react. She asks for cheque. Vikrant asks them to have tea. They sit and have tea. Bhola, the goon calls Vaidehi and asks for cheque. Vikrant gives them cheque. Gayatri and Vaidehi are about to leave. Priya thinks why they want the money and tells them that she will expose them. Gayatri says God knows that I have never thought bad about you, and says you are same as Ria to me. Gayatri thinks to make her cry.

Kusum and Nutan come to the jungle and see a house. Kusum says we will expose this Pawan. They find the gate locked. Kusum asks Nutan to get big stone. Nutan asks her to bring stone. Kusum brings stone and breaks the lock. They get inside the house and see many puzzles and taunts on the walls. Nutan laughs and says he made your fun in unconsciousness. Kusum takes water and splashes on her face. Nutan says she will teach a lesson to Pawan. Gopi asks Vardaan to have patience. Doctor brings some other woman and says she is Kalki. Woman asks who are they? Vardaan says she is not Kalki. Doctor says we have just one patient of this name and asks them to check in Savitri Devi Hospital. Gopi says it is far, Kalki can’t go there. We have to file missing report. Ward boys are taking the stretcher. Goon stops him and gets angry. Something falls on the goon and he holds ward boy collar. Menka asks goon to leave him.

Sanchi asks who are they. Menka says she is Kalki’s sister. Sanchi says you don’t look like her sister from any angle and calls security, says she knows that they came to kill her. Sanchi asks Security to lock them in room and says she will call Police. Dr. Malhotra comes and says good job Sanchi. Sanchi helps Kalki get the discharge. Kalki talks to her about Veer and goes. Dr. Kabir asks Veer if he gave stitches to emergency patient. He says yes. Dr. Kabir appreciates him and says he will shake hand. Veer says it is a big thing for me and forwards his hand for the hand shake, but Dr. Kabir goes past him and shakes hand with Sanchi. Veer says I had given him stitches. Dr. Kabir says Sanchi made you practice well. He asks them to go and study for exam.

Kusum tries to kill Pawan, but he wakes up and holds the knife. He tells that he kept wallet here purposely and tells that she has stolen his money. Kusum says she didn’t steal his money, but the riddle. Pawan says you are caught. Jaya informs Dadi about Sunny accident and tells that he will come tomorrow. Dadi and Khushboo asks her to take them. Jaya tells dadi that Sunny is in Savitri Devi hospital and Sanchi is with him. Dadi says ok. Khushboo thinks to find out about the secret. Vaidehi and Gayatri come to give money to the Bhola, the blackmailer. Bhola asks them to keep the money and go. They leave. Gopi tells Vardaan that if Kalki is not found then Pawan will hurt Kusum. Vardaan says my mum have suffered much and I won’t let him harm her. Mohan tells him that Kusum is sweet to Kalki so that she can take temple and house back. He says there is no such person, who have no defects. Vardaan says my mum is good. Mohan thinks Vardaan is blinded in Kusum’s love.

Sanchi stops Veer and asks where is he going? Veer asks if she wants more credit. Sanchi stops him and asks him to study, says she will check Sunny. Veer thanks her and says he can handle his study and patients both. Sanchi says Veer is behaving weird. Isha tells that he is making me remind you. Sanchi runs after him. Sunny talks to his friend and tells that he don’t want to tell anyone that seniors beaten him. Veer hears him. He says seniors used to ragged me and beaten me, but one day ragging ended. Sunny asks what did you do? Veer asks him to tell truth. Sunny tells that his seniors used to rag him daily. Veer says I will teach you kung fu etc…Sunny says really. Veer says no and asks him to do some acting. He asks him to sleep now. Adarsh feels burning smell and comes to the room. He sees Devanshi’s name on the floor. He comes to the CCTV room and and asks him to show the footage of store room. He sees Pragya going to store room and then coming alone. He looks on.

Kusum thinks where is Menka and thinks she must be behind Kalki’s kidnap. Mohan tells Kusum that he is not her servant. Kusum says I have never thought you as servant, and says she loves him since years. Mohan says there is no trust between them. A guy comes and asks where is Pawan. They break the things in the house. Gopi says he will call police. Inspector comes there. Gopi asks him to arrest them. Pawan comes and says Inspector came to arrest you all, and not them. Pawan tells that he is doubtful that they have kidnapped his wife. Inspector asks them to come with him. Vardaan asks what is proof? Pawan says you have to pay for harming my wife.

A man tells Devanshi that a man entered home and claiming that he is your brother. Devanshi is shocked. Ward boy asks Pragya to come, as Dr. Malhotra called you. Pragya goes. Sanchi looks on.

Dr. Mahotra asks Pragya why did you burn the file. Pragya tells that she burnt the file on Sanchi’s saying. Dr. Malhotra gets furious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No no no way. Don’t want to see veer saanchi together. Devanshi..yaar tumhe wish karne ko aur kuch nhi mila kya??
    plz cvs see…kabir n sanchi makes a magical pair. veer should be paired with someone else like helly?


    God it took eternity to be updated!!!
    Thanks Hasan madam 🙂
    scrawling up!


    “Devanshi recalls Vardaan’s love confession, their marriage and separation, seeing Sanchi and Veer fighting.”
    I feel like betrayed… it’s silly na? but ha… it’s hurting…


    “Veer tells that patient’s pain goes seeing his cuteness.”
    he’s so right :p :p


    “Devanshi hopes that Veer and Sanchi get together.”
    and as she has been mata or was born to be mata or something in this way, all her wishes will be fulfilled see, Savitri’s fans… our princess is creating the leading couple of the serial (she’s creating Veer’s couple… oh God, this is a drama in a drama… now it’s Helly who is saying “you’re right Varun, go and make your project bigger, get fame and create magic, this is my haq to be the starting point of it”
    *yes, this Mahira is completely mad*

    1. But we want kabeer and saachi pair

      1. MAHIRA

        I understand you but think about it. From the few I know about this serial there some past between kanchi’s mother or family and the director of the hospital… Something revengeful
        It’s obvious that a love story between veer and kanchi will have deeper sense than a random love story especially when they seem opposites in characters and life.
        Veer on the other hand is apparently hiding a deep sadness of his mother’s love behind this silliness and somehow in this maha sangam we have a glimpse of his serious and doctor side, a tiny part but it’s just the beginning… Hope he’ll not spoil her exam just to prove that he’s better than her

  6. I want more sanchi nd kabir seen…in complete show kabir seen is only for 2 min….really nt fair for kabeer


    “Kalki talks to her about Veer and goes. Dr. Kabir asks Veer if he gave stitches to emergency patient. He says yes. Dr. Kabir appreciates him and says he will shake hand. Veer says it is a big thing for me and forwards his hand for the hand shake, but Dr. Kabir goes past him and shakes hand with Sanchi. Veer says I had given him stitches. Dr. Kabir says Sanchi made you practice well. He asks them to go and study for exam. ”

    I’m really loving this maha sangam thing after all, it’s really giving a huge punch in Savitri’s serial, changing slowly but surely the track and all of sudden that silly dumbo look alike doctor called Veer became better, got interest in his torturer Sanchi, makes good work showing that he’s a doctor after all and ha, no any prank??? lol

    Hope it will give the same to the Devanshi track… but for this, Veer should meet Vardaan too (no,it will hurt more!)


    “Vardaan says my mum have suffered much and I won’t let him harm her” can I slap him, Mica?

    1. Mica

      sure 😀 😀 😀 , but please be gentle, or he will be not yummy vardhaan anymore, btw huh! i should watch the episode when Devanshi got torture and humiliation 🙁 🙁 , seem i missed soo much parts,


    1. MAHIRA

      Humble suggestion, be patient… it’s always so difficult to imagine the changing in the track and it scares like hell that the magic pairing you’re loving will disappeat but by experience, it’s just to make it bigger later and Savitri devi is just in the beginning, there is surely much more to come and characters are yet to be discovered , to be buit…
      Varun Kapoor is an excellent actor (i watched him in 2 other shows) and he’s surely not here to just show cuteness, make pranks and play the fool of the group… He’s here to lead and it’s predictable or how is it possible to make the director’s son so silly??? just just a prank for cvs, making people wait for a track when they’re slowly preparing something else, building something else.
      I don’t know if it will work or not, but I’m sure about 1 thing, Veer is able to win hearts, Sanchi’s or fans just like he did in Saraswatichandra and Swaragini 🙂


  11. MAHIRA

    Ok, this is making me go completely crazy… just reading!
    Now, I’ll comment after watching, Kaku betaaaaa???? can you please give a link today too??? “puppy oldy face”

    1. Kakali
      Here you go diii.
      I will comment after some time.
      Thnk u H. Hasan Mam for the update. Will miss u after today. *hug

      1. MAHIRA

        Thank you dear 🙂 🙂

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    I have a feeling kabir and Saanchi will end up as one pair and veer and isha as another if not isha maybe veer will be paired with someone else later on.
    And I have seen many shows where from the beginning in the show they say which pair will end up and in the show initially they will show scenes of the female lead with other lead first and then later she ends up with someone else which is what is happening in SDCnH’s case first they will show a lot of Sanveer scenes and later it will end up with Kaanchi. So Kaanchi fans don’t give up hopes. for now enjoy the show and I also feel kabir deserves more scenes I like his character though

  13. Kabeer and saachi make a great pair. Though veer is cute we want Kabeer as the male lead. Devanshi please support Kabeer and saachi not veer and saachi.

  14. I want sanveer. Kabir is so dumb and omg his so called expressions. Just looks like an idiot. Aur jo log yaha par ye bol rhe hain hai ki agar sanveer ki couple bani toh they will quit show let me remind them of jndsd. Jab ravish aur vividha ki jodi ban rhi thi tab vitharv ke fans yehi bolte the. Par us waqt trp was high. Jaise hi vitharv came back, what happened, show hi band ho gya. Kya vitharvians ne show quit kar diya. All i can say is pls be quiet and wait for what cvs have planned. Its interesting right now, jaise hi woh dumb kabeer lead ban jaega show will be a big flop.And come on swasan fans, pls keep supporting sanveer agar ek acche serial ko dekhna chahte ho toh.

    1. me too want sanveer

    2. That is your opinion which according to some kanchi fans like me is wrong. Kabeer and saachi pair is great and the show will definitely be a hit if kabeer happens to be the male lead..

      1. Absolutely dear it is my opinion which may be wrong according to you
        but I have my own perspective right and moreover varun kapoor is not meant to be a parallel lead but ” THE LEAD”
        The show is already hit and moreover if Sanveer are a pair then also people like me who are varun’s fans will continue watching even if Kaanchi fans quit
        Varun does not need any kaanchi fans , he himself has a huge fan base
        And yes your opinion does not matter to me
        I will forever love sanveer and varun

    3. It’s true we want sanveer anyhow but we want they always rock and Kabeer only a khadoos hitler.The no. of fans are decreasing for Sanveer.So bad after all he is so cute and best pair for Sanchi

  15. When will this mhasangam end yrr it’s so bouring I need only sdc&h episode .

    1. VINAL

      It was last episode of mahasangam

  16. In savitri devi college and hospital writter come a good story but I want that sacchi opposite kabir make a good couple in story and serial make a good story in tv industry
    Hope I will see always a good and healthy story…

  17. Secret

    Nice episode. So finally end of mahasangam episodes. What to say about it. We all knew it from before that this mahasangam will end like this only. It was good to see vahe together in 2nd episode of ms. Yesterday’s episode was also good but don’t know why i was expecting something more. Best of luck devanshi and sdch. people are liking devdhan. i hope they will like sanveer or kanchi whatever it will be. I am vk’s fan but don’t know why i can’t except sanveer may be the hangover of swasan is not allowing me to do so. I don’t say that i don’t like or i hate devdhan and sanveer. I just can’t give them the place of swasan in my heart. i wish that cvs again give a ms of devanshi and sdch so we will again get some special scenes of vahe. I know my wish is weird but it’s possible na like sr and ssk. So till then keep loving your favorites and keep remembering our swasan?.

    1. Secret

      I know some swasan fans will get angry because unhe lagega ki me unki dukhti rag par ugli rakh rhi hu but yar i was expecting some selfies and photos of vahe fron behind the scene. I knew it from before that we are not going to get any type of that thing but still i was expecting?? silly me??.

  18. I think Sanchi wouldn’t top tommorow’s exam…

    I don’t know who else will top but sanchi will definitely not…

    Let’s see what happens:(

  19. Colors play as much u can u r not gonna at no 1 .seriously as we all know Sns is going to end u change time slot of devanshi n sdch to gain trp .thanks to CVS they gave vahe scene but its hurting also. Colors if u can’t give us swasan again then pls stop ur nonsense by asking whether we miss them or not u can only get few comments .I don’t know y said this much but seriously I hate colors partial channel

  20. Mars

    Just amazing epi. Devanshi part was superb. Loved veer and kalki scene.
    Kalki just nailed like always. So sad for devanshi as she was remembering vardaan. Hope so everything get fine between them.
    Now I m super excited for devanshi as she will come back and it will be worth watching tashan between kalki vardaan and pavan. Waiting……
    Hellu baby rocked in all roles just love her.

  21. Rudra tumhe kis angle se kabir dumb lagta h i mean seriously kabhi usne stupid prank nhi kiya mana sab writer n cvs k uper depend krta h ki actor kya kre kitna role h to kanchi fan ne kabhi sanveer ki jodi pasand nhi ki phr bhi veer k bare m galat nhi kha or wase bhi ek jodi or ek actor k piche lage rhoge to dusro ko mauka kab milega swasan pair best tha to iska matlab ye nhi h ki varun/veer ki har kisi k sath fit h sabki apni soch h or jo ye kah rhe h ki kabir k lead m aane se so band ho jayega to ab veer k hone se trp high kyu nhi hui is mahasangam ki jarurat nhi padti samjhe to apna dimag apne pas rakho

    1. Baklol ho kya, mera dimag toh apne hi pass hai. Tumhe toh nhi diya

  22. Me 2 want kabir n sanchi pair this is best 4 sdch jab tk dono k scn nhi dikhayenge kabir ko thodi imprtnc nhi milegi tb tk to kuch nhi hoga cvs wale usse jyada to khushbo, gayatri,priya tak ko dikhate h agar triangle krna h to bhi dono lead ko equal scene dene chahiye

  23. this week trp rate of devanshi- 0.8

    1. Mars

      Woow it increased from last week only small increase but its there.
      Thank you informing dear.

    2. Mica

      naaa.. still 0.7

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