Savitri Devi and Devanshi *Maha Sangam* 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi running after the woman. She asks her to stop and sees speedy car coming towards herself. She manages to save the woman and herself.. Driver of the car scolds them. Woman asks Devanshi to move from her way and says she will kill her if she thinks her mad and don’t let her search her son. Devanshi says she will help her find her son and says I haven’t seen my child, but felt in my womb. She asks her to trust her and says I will make you meet your son. She says we shall go to children ward and see, else we will check near the accident spot. They come back to Savitri Devi Hospital. Woman finds her son in the children ward and get happy. Nurse sees Devanshi outside Children ward and informs Veer. Veer says ok and comes to devanshi. He asks where were you? Devanshi says

she went to search that woman’s son. Veer asks her to give her details. Sanchi comes and says I know her details. Driver/goon comes and says Kalki is here. Veer asks who is she? Sanchi says she is Kalki Shah, and have no family. Devanshi looks on.

Sanchi takes her to ward and asks her to sit. She gives her medicine and says you will feel better. Goon calls Menka and tells her that Kalki is here in the hospital. Menka is shocked. She tells Kusum that she is going to see her ill relative in hospital. Menka thinks how I will go now. Nutan comes and sits in car, says I will also go and search Kalki. Kusum says someone told me that you are just pretending to search her. Nutan blames Menka for spreading fake talks. Menka thinks she has to search Kalki. Nutan thinks she will be benefitted if Kalki comes back.

Sanchi tells Devanshi it is ok, if you don’t want to share. Devanshi tells that she lost her child in the same hospital a year back and says you saved my life and haven’t told anyone about me (how can it be possible, as Sanchi is doing internship since 2-3 months). Devanshi asks her not to tell this to anyone. Sanchi assures her.

Vardaan talks to someone on phone and says he is going to search Kalki. Pawan says you people are searching her as if she is your relative. Vardaan says we will know if you are her husband only after getting her. He asks him to go. Pawan says he will repair the car. Vardaan refuses. Pawan insists. He repairs the car and says it is fine now. Vardaan asks him to take money for his work and tries to give money. Devanshi’s pic falls down from his wallet. Pawan holds his collar and says you have bad eyes on my wife. Vardaan says she is my wife Devanshi. Pawan says I heard that your wife betrayed you. Vardaan recalls his father telling that Devanshi has an affair with Shekhar. He tells devanshi is his past.

Vaidehi comes to Gayatri and worriedly tells her that Neeta is kidnapped. Gayatri is shocked and asks how can you do this? Vaidehi says she couldn’t see Dr. Malhotra scolding her. She says Bhola the goon asks her to give 2 crores ransom. Gayatri asks her to sell her necklace. Vaidehi refuses and asks her to get money from Mr. Chawla for pharma deal. Gayatri calls Mr. Chawla and asks him to send money. He agrees and tells that he will send through Vikrant. Gayatri asks her not to do anything alone.

Sanchi tells Devanshi that they have to take wrong means to prove the truth. Devanshi thanks her. Sanchi asks her to come with her. Dadi does puja and prays for Sunny. She gives him 500 Rs and asks him to have something. They all wish him for his birthday. Phupha ji and Suman also gives him happy. Jaya gifts him watch. Sunny asks how do you know that I like it and says it is worth 4000 Rs. and says your birthday comes once in a year and asks why can’t she buy this. Khushboo comes and makes Sunny wear gold chain. Ashok gets tensed. Jaya asks why did you buy it. Khushboo says he is my nephew and tells that she felt bad to scold him. He asks about Jaya’s ring. Jaya says it is in cupboard. Nutan tells Kusum that Kalki is not found. Menka says she has to go and see her relative. Kusum thinks something is going on in her mind.

Gopi comes and says Kalki is not here, I have checked her everywhere and says only God can save her now. He prays to God. Menka thinks she shall leave from here, Kusum thinks to save Kalki so that she gets good in Kalki’s eyes. Gopi does aarti. Menka says she will do aarti and spills hot oil on Kusum’s feet. Kusum writhes in pain and thinks Menka will leave now. Pawan asks Mohan to tell where is Kalki. Mohan says I don’t know anything. Pawan says don’t know who tried to kill my life and asks him to tell where is his wife. Vardaan asks him to leave. They have a fight and the bullet is fired. Menka comes back home and hides before Kusum sees her. Kusum is about to see her, but she sees Vardaan bringing Pawan with Mohan’s help. Sshe asks why did you bring him. Vardaan says he brought him for humanity sake.

Sanchi brings Devanshi to record room and deletes all past records of hers. Menka comes and asks receptionist about Kalki Shah. Receptionist tells that shse don’t know. Menka thinks how to search her. Sanchi tells Devanshi that she will destroy her files. Menka collides with her and the file falls down. Sanchi picks it up before Menka sees her. She then asks Pragya and Isha to destroy the file. They agree. Sanchi gives responsibility to Dr. Veer about his duty. He calls her selfish to have taken the credit. Sanchi says she deserves to be head intern. Veer says he will top in the exam. Sanchi says you would have made notes if you are serious.

Madhu and Bala bring saree and gives to Ria. They ask her to wear it and impress Dr. Kabir’s mum. They say once his mum agrees, then Dr. kabir also agrees. Sanchi calls Pragya and asks about Devanshi’s files. Pragya says she is burning it. Devanshi calls someone. Menka calls goon and says Kalki is here, and asks goon to kill her. Devanshi hears her. Pragya sees Devanshi missing. Devanshi comes to Pragya and tells that her enemy Menka is after her and asks her to help her go from the hospital. Pragya says she will help her come out of hospital.

Ria comes to Dr. Kabir’s mum wearing saree. Sanchi is surprised. Dr. kabir’s mum is surprised too. Ria says she is most comfortable in saree and goes on praising it. Dr. Kabir’s mum Kusum gets happy. Dr. Kabir comes. Kusum says Ria is looking good in saree and asks Dr. Kabir to see. Ria tries to go towards Dr. Kabir and her pallu gets stuck. Sanchi tries to help her and falls on Dr. Kabir. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir have an eye lock. Veer whistles to makes them realize. They get up. Kusum is much happy. She asks Ria why did she wear saree on jeans. She writes +1 for Sanchi and -1 for Ria.

Kusum sundari asks Vardaan not to worry and says deep relation is blossoming between you both. Vardaan says he is not interested. Kusum Sundari asks him to go and search her, and says she will be with Pawan. Kusum Sundari tries to get Pawan’s wallet. Nutan shouts thief thief. Kusum says its me. Nutan says you have done bad thing and says you shall die in less water. Kusum Sundari scolds herm and gets his wallet. She gets the chit and finds clue.

Adarsh tells Dr. Malhotra that Neeta didn’t come for the conference. Dr. Malhotra calls Gayatri and asks about Neeta. Gayatri says she might have went to meet her friend. Dr. Malhotra asks how she can go leaving conference and asks him to ask other doctor to take the conference.

Sunny distributes chocolates to his friends. His seniors ask him to tease girl. He refuses. They ask her to give his watch and remarks on Jaya. Sunny gets angry. They put him and he falls down and gets injured.

Mr. Chawla tells Vandana that Gayatri asked him to send 2 crores. Vandana asks didn’t you ask why they need. Mr. Chawla says no. Priya thinks she will not let Gayatri get the money. Sanchi stops Veer from going to conference and asks him to prepare notes. Isha asks Sanchi not to be strict with Veer and says you have taken all credit for yesterday. Sanchi says he deserves all this.

Priya brings Vikrant’s favorite water melon juice and says she made it. Vikrant thanks her. Priya says we couldn’t spend time together since many days because of fast. Vikrant says he was thinking to stay at home, but have to go and give cheque to Gayatri. Priya asks him to call Gayatri home and give her cheque. He calls her and asks her to come. Gayatri gets irked. Priya thinks she will do tit for tat. Sunny’s friend brings Sunny to hospital. Nurse asks Veer to attend an emergency patient. Veer checks Sunny.

Priya asks Pandit ji about Vikrant’s Shani dosh. Gayatri and Vaidehi come there. Priya touches their feet. Gayatri is surprised and asks if there is any puja. Vikrant says priya is getting his kundali checked, and he couldn’t refuse. Priya says I can’t take risk with your life. Vikrant asks what is the problem in showing kundli to other pandit. Pandit checks the kundali and says there is no shani dosh in his kundali. Priya asks why is he lying and asks if he don’t know how to check Kundali. Pandit ji says he is checking the kundalis since years and says there is no dosh in Vikrant’s kundali. Priya says our Pandit ji told that there is a shani dosh. The first Pandit comes there and is shocked as his lie is caught. Veer takes Sunny to ward. Sunny takes Sanchi’s name. Veer hears him.

Goons sees Kalki/Devanshi. Devanshi runs. Veer asks Sunny if Sanchi is his sister. Sunny says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shiksha

    Wonderful n awesome…

  2. Mars

    It was amazing just loved veer and devanshi. I can’t describe my happiness in words. It was short scene but something we got.
    I was seeing the scene as if sanskar is scolding Swara and showing his concern.
    Omg savitri Devi has sooo many characters my head start spinning as it was Jusy now I saw.
    Hellu baby rocked.
    And one thing, vardaan was having devanshi’s pick in his purse. He still love her. Wooow excited for devanshi’s story.

    1. NDSG


      1. Mars

        Mazaa aa gaya yarrr

    2. Abhilasha

      Same here yaar their short scene was 1000 times more magical then their pairing with others……….. Even I was thinking about how our sanskar use to scold swaraj for not caring for herself!!….. It was the best!!
      Till now I m not able to accept devdaan aur sanveer… Even sanveer I don’t want at all…. One reason for loving kanchi is this only…… I want my vahe… Swasan back
      But its fiction….. Moving on is part of life but some characters are inseparable part of our life so are our swasan

      1. Mars

        Well said abilasha dear. Honesty saying I don’t watch sdch bcoz I have no interest but for my hellu I watch devanshi. Only to see helly even we can’t compare devdaan with out heavenly swasan and about sanveer never in my dreams also I can think of them.

  3. today’s episode reminded me of swaragini..miss u swaragini.

  4. Finally our cute Jodi Swansan are together for few minutes in mahasangam…….love u altot Swansan….

    1. Kakali

      ❤❤Only for a few minutes. Urghhh we want moreeeeee!!! ❤❤❤

  5. Dr kabir came in the whole episode for jst 2mins but dat was worth the watch… damn good… perfect eyelock… hope to see more of kabir and sanchi

    1. Abhilasha

      Seriously yaar even I was waiting to see a kanchi scene and was disappointed that kabir was not appearing but when he appeared…… It was omggghh…….. Thank god at least we get a perfect duration eyelock…… ?????
      Do anyone have any idea about pairing in future…. Want kanchi!!!

      1. Mica

        well according my experience to watch similar story from other serials, Mr Khaddos and the lead female won’t be together. 🙂 🙂
        it is the most reason i don’t want to watch Savitri Devi

  6. Omg vahe . I m really super happy by watching them together . And mica i think you lost your intrest from swasan . You loved them so much even more than me but with in few months you forgot them . And now you love devdan according to me they are worst couple . No one can replace swasan . They are just perfect . I know there are some issues between vahe but those are their personal issues .

    1. Mica

      i just can ignore you, but it’s not good i think, i don’t know in what case that you can say i’m lost interest in Swasan, can you tell me ? please ?

      Look, VaHe have their new show nowadays, what do you think ? we should ignore them and don’t support them, let VaHe unsuccessful on their new show, and only crying over Swasan ?

      If you people love to see VaHe on big failure in future in the name of SWASAN fans, let it be..
      but i, or some of us just CAN’T do that .

      Being Devdan fans or Sanveer fans doesn’t mean that we forget Swasan, we only try to support them, THEY are working on Savitri DEvi serial and Devanshi serial now, not SWARAGINI anymore.

      Sometimes people don’t understand how hard for them to live on entertainment field, How hard for them to get new show in such a big competitors in it by simply saying, let it go off air soon, let it being flop, etc, etc.
      Will fans remember what kind of vk should going through when finally end up as Dr Veer Malholtra ? Will fans can granted that Helly will comeback soon if only Devanshi off air ?
      just try to understand them for sometimes,

      I know, being Swasan and VaHe, we are craving so badly to see them together as pair, but even you know that they have personal issue. a bitter truth that we forced to accept as we can’t do nothing, just pray that a magic happen for us.

      1. Phoniex

        Loving means supporting your favs not to just giveup on them. I love helly so i will support her on her every venture. and i Love VK so i will watch him.

  7. OK so finally vahe in one frame I can’t stop crying it was short but it’s OK pls colors if u really love to be first position then bring vahe together n about vardaan from today epi it proves he still love devanshi

    1. Kakali

      S, I want to say the same. ❤
      VaHe in one frame with the same magic and chemistry ❤❤❤

  8. NDSG

    Is anyone is alive here because I’m officially dead…????? my vahe on same frame again… That was the best part on whole episode… I’m soooooooooooo happy soo much?????????????

    1. Mica

      the best part is when kalki runs 😀 , such a cute fawn ????

    2. Mars

      Hihihi ndsg dear I m dead typing from heaven

      1. Kakali

        Marssss, I was paralyzed but still could type up my feelings. SwaSan power you see ?❤

    3. Kakali

      Depuuuu, are you still dead? Huh! I was paralyzed watching them. Will be dead surely after watching them again. ??

      1. NDSG

        Now little fine now. As Dr Veer and kalki came for the treatment of their little fan. And innocent fan ??????

        Kakali is similar to kalki????

    4. Kakali

      Urghhhh Depuuuuu!! I quite often read the name but then I have to read again to check whether it’s Kakali or Kalki. ?All are having the same problem.

      1. Mars

        Hey kakali dear swasan act as booster for their fans and we can write for them in worst situation also.
        And about u get confuse with kalki and your name then do u remembered when I joined tu and u helped me then I wrote your name as kalki only.
        I still remember my that stupid mistake.

  9. Omg I missed the scene of vahe. I am really very sad. Even yesterday I dream about their scene. But I was unable to watch it… As usual helly is rocking in each episode.

    1. Kakali

      Saira, you haven’t watched dear? You can go through the link I have provided to Mahira Di. you can see them. Yeiiiii?

      1. Thank u dear. I will surely watch.

  10. Iam devdaan fan and helly is my fev..but Idont desturb or hurt any swasan fans..than why here fight for devdaan and swasan..Iknow,here very few guys are devdaan fan..

    1. Gayatri accept it they just stand together for 1 min and create a magic . This is called chemistry . Aise hin best jodi award nahin jeete the wo . There is some magic between them for which they are still alive in many hearts . They are my swasan . And i like helly and mudit separately not as a couple . Devanshi aaj hai kal nahin hoga ek na ek din to jaroor end hoga and trust me wo don bahaut jald ayega . Swasan is the best rest are waste

    2. Mica

      Let it be Gayatri, just enjoy the show 😀 😀 😀
      don’t bother about it na , it’s your right to be devdaan fans as you are Devanshi fans from beginning serial 🙂 .
      You don’t hurt any one, just chill 🙂

  11. Want more of saanchi kabeer scenes?? plz plz cvs.. bring them together ☺

  12. MAHIRA

    Waiting for seeing the scene before commenting… But just reading gives palpitations!!!

    1. Mica

      did you remember when you said VaHe is SRK-Kajol on tellywood ? they just did that.. they did that !!!

      1. Kakali

        Of course VaHe is the Kajol & SRK of our heart. Epic can only be Epic.
        They are FIRE. aww my SwaSan/VaHe .❤❤❤ M in so love with it.
        Falling for them like anything again n again. ❤

      1. MAHIRA

        Ooooh… Big bear di’s hug!!!! Thank you so much 🙂

    2. Kakali

      No need of thank you Diiii. Just enjoy SwaSan/VaHe. They are so eternal. ❤❤❤

  13. Oh varun is sooooooooooooo super duper cute
    can’t wait to see the next epi

  14. Kriya agarwal

    Of sdch this is my fav epi love it perfect eye lock scn of sabir hop 2 c mr scn of both thank u sooooo mucccccch

    1. me to

  15. Kakali

    1 minute 6 seconds scene of My eternal VaHe. Oh god. Veer is always Veer while acting with his Co actors but today we saw the glimpse of Sanskar. Omgg m still getting goose bumps thinking of his gaze.
    He was in his veer character while coming towards Kalki. Wahi carefree walk. And the moment he stood in front of her he transformed. Freak.
    He just became Sanskar. Our old Sanskar who loved to scold his Swara.
    The way he said MUJHSE HAQ HAI to Kalki gazing her face was OMG.
    And Kalkiz innocent face while listening to his scoldings. It was Swaraaaaaaa. My babies.
    Both were SwaSan at that moment.
    He scolded her just the way he used to do and she looked at him with innocent eyes just the way she used to do.
    It was a HEAVENLY feeling.
    VaHe/SwaSan need not 1 & 30 minutes to burn the floor. just give them 2 minutes with eo and trust me people will drool over them like mad.
    Who know to SLAY.
    Damn it. These two moron souls can make Me feel paralyzed with their 1 minute 6 seconds scene then what would have happened if they would have gotten more than that?
    All know it very well.
    VaHe rocks, Audience shocks, fans cry with happiness .
    Live long my VaHe/ SwaSan.

    1. NDSG

      Kakali… That scene just freez me for a moment… The fire

      I can’t explain u but that scene it’s just amazing… This is what we call chemistry… ??????? the moment say hak hao mera I dead????????? i love it… Even I downloaded the scene…. ?

      1. Kakali

        Yooo Depuuuuu!!! I just couldn’t help out controlling my tears watching them. May be it was for a few seconds but still they created the same magic. Oh God. I died watching them.
        Varun with Helly and Helly with Varun. VaHe with eo can burn the floor. Loved it. I know for tomorrow we will miss it like anything but still their few seconds moment woke up many people from their sleep.
        Bang on my babies.
        Eternal SwaSan..❤❤❤❤❤

    2. NDSG

      Yup swasan is eternal… I can’t tell u my happiness… No couples can create that magic. Do u know Veer is not serious but for kalki he became serious, he said hak hai here.??????? I’m falt…????
      My vahe

      1. Kakali

        Yups. as I said he just converted into Sanskar while scolding Kalki. we get the glimpse of SwaSan . gosh it was magic. I love VaHe/SwaSan to the eternity. ❤❤My babies know how to slay.

    3. Mica

      Kakuuuuuuuuuuuuu…you know what ? your dream come true, 🙂 🙂
      Our Swasan family gathered here, same as WU of Swaragini’s page those time,
      damn it!!!!! We missed it soo badly naaa…
      only 1 minutes, and happiness there…

      1. Kakali

        Micaaaaaa m crying now. This is so awesome. My SwaSan here. Not1 but at least a few people whom I have been missing a lot. You know what one more SwaSan scene is coming up. I love Rajabeta Sharad, he loves SwaSan the way we do. More than him no1 can understand the feelings of SwaSan fans. Gosh. One more VaHe/SwaSan is coming. Yeiiiii super happy. They will again slay❤❤❤

      2. MAHIRA

        I was just saying the same, i feel like before , a missed feeling of being “home”… with family………………………………………………………………………….. sighning sadly!

  16. I want only veer and saachi scenes ..I love veer and sanchi

  17. omg……….today’s episode was bang on……….loved to watch vahe scenes after so long…….oh god it reminds of swaragini:( but so good to see swasan scene after such a long time…….coming to sdch,even though kabir’s part was small today, but it was really impactful…..and the eyelock, too good………..want to see more of kanchi scenes………..and ya if possible, some swasan scenes plzzzz b4 the mahasangam episodes end………plzzzzzzzz

    1. Kakali

      Hi Riya! According to some sources one more VaHe/SwaSan scene is on the way. Hope to see it soon. ❤

  18. bella=meera or niyati mujhe koi fark nhi pada,best jodi award jeeta hai to use aap aapne heart and mind me rakho jindgi bhar,us v.k ki puja karo..har roj rona aayega..

  19. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam for update..
    uugghhh i can’t see the scene further, stuck on my SWASAN scene then blank, only crying and crying. Happy and hurt, i just miss them soo badly

    1. Kakali

      M happy and hurt as well. Happy and flying9 thinking of the SwaSan/vahe scene but hurt that they will leave us after today. again back to normal mode. where Kalki, Vardhaan, SD, Veer n all. How badly I wish to watch my VaHe forever. It will hurt a lot. ?

      1. Mica

        We can only cry all night, i just want to convey my grateful feeling to everyone to gave us this HEAVENly Feeling ang HEAVENly couple even though it’s small part.
        Feel proud to both of them, Varun and Helly to be soo professional just for us, SWASAN FANs, thank you soo very much.

    2. Kakali

      Huh! M feeling embarrassed as I said so many things earlier . But I won’t say SORRY either as it was common.
      Yups you are right, they are professonal. (Duno why getting laugh saying this).
      I hope everything goes well.
      Happy for all the SwaSan FD. ❤

      1. Mica

        😀 😀 😀 , please don’t beee……huh! as really they played with our emotion on first day na, people know how “TOO MUCH” you are regarding Swasan, unlike me 😛 😛

  20. i’m crying in happiness??my swasan fd is happy?ppl who left swaragini serial after kavya’s track also just came n saw these serials just for vahe??my swasan are best?got so many feels for that 1mins scene?i want my babies back??will watch today also…as i think they will be again on single frame atleast(not scene)but it is enough??they create fire together for 1sec. also???i hope my babies will be back together?remembering all old memories of swasan/vahe??and with my swasan fd…swasan fans i love u guys??i miss u so much?but yesterday we r again united for that 1min scene..and talked abt old memories?love my swasan…love my swasan fd❤?

  21. Seebu_s

    i’m crying in happiness??my swasan fd is happy?ppl who left swaragini serial after kavya’s track also just came n saw these serials just for vahe??my swasan are best?got so many feels for that 1mins scene?i want my babies back??will watch today also…as i think they will be again on single frame atleast(not scene)but it is enough??they create fire together for 1sec. also???i hope my babies will be back together?remembering all old memories of swasan/vahe??and with my swasan fd…swasan fans i love u guys??i miss u so much?but yesterday we r again united for that 1min scene..and talked abt old memories?love my swasan?…love my swasan fd❤?

    1. Kakali

      What about me cry partner? Urghhhh this is SwaSan/VaHe magic. One minute scene and BANG ON.
      Pray to watch them back again❤❤❤❤❤

    2. NDSG

      True seebu…. After watching that scene I was just dancing…??????? I heard one more vahe scene God I’m very happy.???????
      Vahe one scene bought us together??????.
      ???? on screen

  22. Love u swara and sanskar.

    1. Kakali

      These two names sounds magical ❤❤

  23. i think they are going to make isha veer ki Jodi and Sanchi kabir ki Jodi
    But i personally prefer sanveer ???

  24. Neptune

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh guys am crying first of all because i missed the scene… and second am missing my SWASAN s hellllll……………….
    such a small scene of theirs but still such a great response….
    it tells that people have still not forgotten SWASAN……
    swasanians please please respond more on the mahasangam and please guyssssssssssss repond on SWASAN stories on tu too……

    guys please give devanshi a chance….. am sure helly wouldn’t dissapoint you….. she is working really hard on this….


    1. Kakali

      Naptuneeeeee!! Forgetting SwaSan is next to impossible for all of us. No matter how much we have moved on. Enjoy the scene going through the links I have provided dear.
      And about Devanshi, Helly is slaying with her mind blowing acting skill.

    2. Mica

      I’m sorry if only unable active on Swasan page nowadays, 🙁 between my hectic schedule, i somehow should active on some Swaragini page on Indonesia 😀 :D, you know na, Swasan fever happen on Indonesia nowadays, yay!!!!!

      1. Neptune

        mica am not telling about you dear.. you see the comments in swasan ffs are really less nowadays…..
        and i want all the helly fans to support her in devanshi…
        you know there are sooooooooooooooooooooo many admirers for her but still the trp of the show is low…
        and even the concept of the show right from the start is amazing as well as new…

        this is one of the most prompt social evil in india… don’t know why people are not seeing it …..
        people just want love stories… where first the hero heroine fight and then fall in love and then seperate…
        people just like seeing love stories….
        very few shows are there based on some other concepts…
        and i am PROUD of helly to work in such show..

    3. I know and I have statted watching devanshi and actually sdch not that bad but sanveer is just unbearable but guys i think we need to give a chance go both shows right cause we r having many helly fans ND her popularity is sameike before or could see more than before but varun is loosing his stardom I want you guys to support both I know u all r hellyholics but still…. I love both of them equally

  25. Secret

    I can’t say anything today i just want to give a big wala thank u to kakali for giving that link on this page. I am unable to watch thease both shows but i watched my swasan through this link. Swara again hurted herself for others and sanskar started to scold her. I know they were devansi and veer but still i was feeling swasan magic.

    1. Kakali

      No need of thank you dear. Anything for our SwaSan family. 😀
      They were only SwaSan at that moment. I didn’t feel any1 else rather than them. ❤❤

      1. Secret

        Right kakali. They were, they are and they will always be our swasan. ??

    2. Kakali

      Yups dear!!! ❤Ever green SwaSan!! ❤❤

  26. RANdomfANCreationz

    I actually loved today’s episode ? Even though I skipped devanshi parts since I only watch savitri Devi college and Hospital hope vahe fans liked veer-Devanshi scenes ? Actually I also liked it and as for the episode kabir-Saanchi scene was ???? haha Riya ??? I like it whenever Kabir’s Mom is like Saanchi +1 Riya -1 ???

  27. Kakali

    Omgggg the update is written by H. Hasan Mam.
    Thnk u mam for it. I/We SwaSan fans missed you soo much. It’s been since so long I read your update.
    I hope you are doing good.
    A crocodile hug for you mam.❤

  28. That cute Veer and devanshi scene reminded me of swara and sanskar, so emotional, brought so many memories, miss u swaragini, still can’t accept devdaan and vanchi, it is always swasan for me

    1. Kakali

      Gimme Hi5 dear!!! ❤❤

    2. Mica

      Hersheys.. omg!!! miss you soo much na, XOXO

  29. MAHIRA

    Micu !!! You’re 10000% it’s magic just like SRK-Kajol…. after “the issue” I wasn’t excepting that at all, I was just waiting for something very light, like he just acts doctor when she’s unconscious or they just exchange words…BUt No… in that few seconds they were back… our Swasan were back!
    Kaku I saw it just the same way you did… Devanshi saving a woman and searching a child is something in her character in Devanshi too but today it wasn’t for the devanshi side, it was a glimpse of Swara who will have to bear someone’s scolding silently when she never does just because this someone is Sanskar…
    Veer… from the “excuse me” (which is his trademark as he used to say it the same way in Saraswatichandra and of course with Swaragini, just in Swaragini he never say it while scolding, he’s too irked for that :p)
    And there they are….
    Asking first sternly like knowing in advance that he’ll not like the response, a response which he doesn’t like! Another doctor would have smiled to her humanity and said ok but you should be resting, not HIM… not her Sasnakr who kept scolding her for her careless, “mera haq hai”… as if saying Go Swara… Go Helly and act with other, make other projects… just like me…I’ll still have this haq to just stand in front of you and act like Sanskar the loving carring and mad hubby when i’m actually being a silly childish pranktist in doctor’s clothes :p
    And there she was, silent obedient (which she’s not in any ther situation, sirf when she knows that he’s right and if she tries to defend herself saying that it was needed he’ll just be angrier)
    so bowing her head down, her eyes still looking up to him in that so cute beautiful manner that just Swara can be and she lets him finish to tell her how pissed off he is from her carelessness…
    MAGIC isn’t enough to descrobe, it’s just like SRK-Kajol, intemporel and out of this dimension… it’s something too huge to be put in a random case of nature!
    But CVs… Colors… and many others… see it by yourself, see what bringing them back for few seconds on screen can make the trp jump up to a never expected level… think about it, HeVA is an on screen couple like never tellywood has knew… don’t wast your money and our love by avoiding the chance this chemistry is giving you….
    still I’m supporting both Helly and Varun in their projects because like you said Mica it’s important to keep the level up, there is new comers everyday in this industry and a flop one day is a flop for everyday… so Helly keep rocking in this Devanshi like you’re doing since making your entry, don’t spare those useless people around you!
    And Varun… I’m just waiting for the main track of the serial to start, for you to be like this untemporel RAJ/RAHUL avatar in bollywood who comes suddenly and from the whole females around him, he’ll fall for the one who is already engaged, about being married… just then, at the most inexpected moment of her life, you’ll turn to be her prince charming… sorry Savitri’s fans but the couple you’re waiting for will surely be spoiled soon but don’t worry… just then the magic side of the serial will appear finally! :p

    1. Kakali

      Mahiraaaaaaa Diiii!! M crying now reading your comment. Truly feeling blessed to see some of SwaSanians in this page together after so long. In all the SNS, people are gathering up for celebrating the small yet magical happy happy. I’m so happy for myself and you all as well.
      You should thank Rajabeta Sharad(Swaragini dialogue writer, currently writing all the SD dialogues) He knows what we SwaSan fans want. So he gave just a small scene which was filled with deep meanings.
      I dun have much vocabulary to express my happiness. Happy tears flowing continuously ???.

    2. Neptune

      mahi diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……. you are absolutely right…. if they want their trp to increase they should show more n more swasan oops VAHE scenes… how i wish that they come back in a serial as the lead pair and rock it once again…..

      well i don’t know what were the issues between vahe can anyone tell me please ??

    3. Secret

      Your sentence “go swara go helly work with others, on other projects just like me but i will still have haq to stand in frount of you and act like sanskar” too good. they are with others now but still they are swasan for us.

    4. Mica

      Mahira diiiiiiiiii.. you always make me crying… OUR HEAVENLY SWASAN there na, they are back in form Veer and kalki, but still, they are SWASAN..
      Be frank, once i saw varun as Veer,(yesterday episode) i cursed Rs and team to make varun such a dumb doctor, got scolding from sanchi, know nothing to do in such situation, god! even though i’m not Vk fans, its soo hurt to watch him just like that 🙁 🙁 .
      but a MAGIC happen !!!!
      once Dr Veer-Devanshi face off, he was kinda get recharged, there was some energy sucked to his body, turned him to Sanskar avatar, scolding his careless Swara,..
      i dunno why, somehow there was romantic gaze as Sanskar to Swara on his eyes.
      Meanwhile Helly, from Khaddos Kalki, her face suddenly became soft and cute, just like Swara.. gooddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!

      i can’t support Varun 🙁 , it’s not about Vk actually, but since i know what kind of pair will end up 🙁 🙁 🙁 , i prefer stay away of it.

  30. MAHIRA

    OH GOD… I missed this page (means a page where Swasanians are around ^^)
    see our long long messages are even back :p

    1. Kakali

      Like always, SwaSan affect. Gosh. I want them back Mahira Di. ???

  31. Guys do support devanshi…I m also a big swasan fan..but we need to move on from them…obviously they will always be in our hearts… seeing them back on screen as a couple is next to impossible (well though I also want to see them again but vk will never agree..and I want helly to work with people who respect and admire her)..we should support helly in her new show..she is really working hard for it…plus the show is becoming interesting day by has become more interesting after the entry of watch it and support helly guys..

    1. Kakali

      Hi, Zoya! Heheheh moving on from SwaSan is so impossible for me. But that doesn’t mean I will not not support Helly. We will be always there for her no matter what.
      Indeed the show has become so interesting with the dhasuuu entry of Piyushh!! ❤

  32. I don’t know what to say 75 comments on this page. It’s only because of our swasan.i know I have moved on but still I can’t forget the magic of swasan. I know a show with vahe is next to impossible so I am also going with the flow. Guys support devanshi and helly. She is really doing a great job.

    1. Kakali

      Nothing is impossible Sairaaaa!!! We all are supporting Helly initially whether it’s in TU,insta,Twitter or FB.
      No matter what we will be always there for Helly. she has been rocking with her show and will do more awesome with time. <3

  33. Phoniex

    god, i can’t tell how much we love them. Helly and Varun will always remain our most iconic pair they are fire which can burn any heart with their one min or screen presence. the level of acting they showcase with each other is beyond perfect as if they both have turned into someone else around each other. They inspire the other one to be a better version of themselves. I have seen both Devanshi and Savitri Devi but never felt the level of perfection from them also but when they are together they show the best picture of themselves. I was so missing Varun acting properly the way he should act and I was missing the spark on Helly as well now when I saw them today I got why that spark was missing. Because it is both of them who complete each other. They both make each other better actors with their hard work and acting inspire to outrun the other.

  34. Rs see swasan power they appear only for short timetime n their fans r flat on their chemistry. pls bring them again in ur new project .I whish rashmi ji the way u r trying to increase trp of sdch in past u have tried during sr

    1. Yes s I think rashmimam should reconsider about our swasan and their chemistry. If she bring a show with then it will be surely a hit. But what can we do we can just hope so.

  35. My God….. This mahasangam reminded me about some comment in sr page…..””……….”” That pair is more rocking (hve more fans) than swasan…. Now agree what is swasan…. When colors, directors know that wht swasan are..

  36. Kakali

    Gd mrng ev1. Hi, H. Hasan mam! Urghh waiting for written updates since decades that I can start my blabberings.
    Update soon mam. Otherwise I’m gonna burst out as I’m having so many emotions right now. ?
    Can’t take load of all these things together. Huh better I sleep. ?

  37. Wat happen yr why are u not updating yesterday episode of 19 july update fast

  38. love u vk

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