Savitri Devi and Devanshi *Maha Sangam* 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir scolding Sanchi for her carelessness and says now patient will be punished for her mistake. They have to operate him again. Sanchi is upset. She checks both xrays and sees keys position different. She shows both xrays to Kabir and says keys position is different. Dr. Kabir thinks how this can happen. Veer hears them and runs to patient to take keys back. He says he will check him. Before he could take the keys, Dr. Kabir comes there and asks patient to relax and take keys from his pocket. He scolds Sanchi for keeping keys in Patient’s pocket and says this patient would have been operated again. Sanchi gets teary eyes. Veer gets happy. Other interns also gets happy. Veer tells them that he won the money this time. Sanchi comes there.

Sanchi says I never thought

that you will stoop so low, I thought your pranks are childish, but you …yourself is childish. She asks other interns if these pranks will make their career. She asks him to go ahead and top in the exam, which he can’t do as it needs hardwork. Veer asks how do you know and asks if she is God. Sanchi tells him that everyone don’t come here to waste their rich father’s money and asks them to let them study. Vaidehi meets a goon and gives him money for failing Neeta’s car brakes. She thinks Neeta should be on bed for 15-20 days and holds her responsible for the humiliation. Goon thinks to do something big.

Vikrant brings coffee and asks Priya to drink. Priya thinks there is something wrong with him, as he snatches coffee from my hand on first day of fast. Isha tells Sanchi that they shall leave as their shift is over. Sanchi says staff is less today and she is doing extra shift.. Isha says she is going to have her beauty sleep. She comes out and the board is about to fall on her. Veer comes and saves her. They fall down. They get up. Veer says I didn’t know that you like me. Isha says I think you are cute, but Sanchi is best for you. Sanchi comes out and asks Veer to do extra shift. She tells Isha that she has to wish Sunny on his birthday.

At Jaya’s house, Sanchi wishes Sunny happy birthday and promise to take him to have icecream. She asks him to go and open the door. Sunny opens the door. He finds his friends bringing cake for him and wishing him birthday. Jaya lights the candle. Suman also comes there. Jaya, dadi and Suman sing happy birthday Sunny. Khushboo comes and asks if they don’t have manners, why they can’t let her sleep. Dadi scolds Khushboo and asks her to wish Sunny. Khushboo wishes him happy birthday and makes him have cake.

Sanchi and Veer are treating the patients. Sanchi and Veer get code black. They run and see many patient brought to the hospital. Nurse informs them that the bridge is broken and the accident happen. Sanchi asks Veer to send code black to all interns. Veer sends code black, but everyone think that it is a prank. Sanchi is attending the patient. Veer comes to Sanchi and tells that no intern is coming. Sanchi says they might have thought that it is a prank, and tells that many interns are against her because of him. She says as they don’t have time to call the interns, they have to handle all patients together. She asks Veer to relax and treat patient.

Devanshi comes there in a bad state and is about to faint. She comes to the disaster ward and recalls taking lift from someone. A fb is shown, A man informs her that someone buried her in the temple, but they have saved her. Driver tells the man that the car is stopped. They both get down from the car. Devanshi sees driver hitting man on his head with rod and tries to run out of car. Driver brings her somewhere and asks his goons to kill her by evening. Devanshi hears him and thinks to escape. Driver and the goon come there and plan to kill and bury her inside. They open the rope. Devanshi runs fooling them. Goon sees her, but a car comes infront and Devanshi manages to hide. Goons see her behind the tree and try to catch her, but she manages to escape and come to Savitri Devi Hospital. Fb ends. She faints. Sanchi holds her and calls her Devanshi. She calls Nurse. She thinks how did Devanshi come here in this state.

Pawan tells everyone that the bomb will explode in 15 mins and everyone is automatic. He says if anyone of you act smart then I will kill everyone. Vardaan asks what does he wants. Pawan says I am getting bored and asks them to tell joke one by one. She says if I like the joke, then I will spare that person and the one who tells bad joke, will be buried in the same place as Kalki. Vardaan tells Pawan that he guarantees that nobody from his family can do such a thing. Kusum sundari tells joke and laughs. Others also laugh forcibly. Pawan asks shall I laugh. He asks her to tell joke. Vardaan says I will not leave you. Pawan says handle yourself. They tell the jokes. Vardaan says let us go, as we have to check if Kalki is fine. They have an argument.

Devanshi wakes up in the hospital. She pretends to be asleep seeing Sanchi coming. Sanchi checks her report, pulse etc and asks her to get up. She says last time also I couldn’t ask you. Pawan tells that kusum sundari’s joke was really bad and asks her to get ready and go to pit. Kusum says no. He asks Vardaan to tell joke. Pawan says I don’t think he will agree. Vardaan asks him to stop. He recalls telling joke to Devanshi. A fb is shown, Devanshi asking him not to crack joke with anyone. Fb ends. Vardaan thinks he will tell bad joke. He tells the joke. Kusum thinks this joke is bad than mine. Pawan laughs and says I haven’t heard such bad jokes in my life. He aims gun at Kusum. Vardaan asks him to kill kalki and takes blame on himself. He then snatches gun from his. Pawan shows the bomb timer. Everyone is scared. Pawan laughs and tells that all of them are fool. He says why I will kill myself along with you. Man saving Kalki comes to Pawan and tells that driver betrayed them. Pawan is shocked.

Devanshi sees a woman crying for her baby. Nurse asks Devanshi about her name. Devanshi says she is kalki shah. Sanchi asks her why did she lie? Devanshi says she is kalki. Pawan scolds Vardaan and says I will stand like a wall. He says he will catch the culprit who tried to kill Kalki. Vardaan is about to go. Menka 3stops him and asks why he is so concerned for her. She gets a call and comes to know that Devanshi fled. Mohan says he will offer Prasad to God if Kalki is found. Kusum tells Mohan that in one day, Pawan came and you have changed your color. He asks if she has done this. Kusum says she wants Vardaan and Kalki to marry and says why I am telling you, as you have no value for my dreams. She says I have brought the land and you have snatched the gold. They blame each other. Nutan tells Gopi that she don’t care if Kalki dies. Gopi says she has done so many favors and tells that once she is back, I will return her keys. Nutan thinks she won’t let Gopi complain to Kalki about her.

Menka tells goons that she is coming. Kusum thinks you might be behind the kidnapping and blames her. Menka refuses. Kusum says whoever tried to failed her plan will not be spared. She asks her to come with her and help her search Devanshi. Dr. Kabir comes to Veer and Sanchi and asks about all interns. Veer says they didn’t come. Sanchi says we have handled all patients and their reports are here. Dr. Kabir checks their reports. Devanshi sees the woman calling her son. Sanchi comes to Devanshi. Devanshi says I am kalki. Sanchi thinks don’t know why she is lying and tells that she came to check her. Devanshi thinks she can’t let her truth come out until she succeeds. She tells the woman that she will find her son.

Neeta sits in her car and asks driver to take her. Dr. Kabir scolds all interns for ignoring code black and asks if they will become Doctor like this. Dr. Kabir appreciates Sanchi, and before he could take Veer’s name, Sanchi takes all the credit. Veer gets upset and angry with her. Neeta asks the driver where he is taking her. She sees his face and calls him Bhola asking him to free her. She runs out of car. He makes her smell chloroform. Vaidehi awaits for the news of Neeta’s accident to come. Bhola calls her and tells her that he has kidnapped Neeta and demands 2 crores Rs. Vaidehi is shocked. Sanchi asks Nurse about Devanshi. Nurse says don’t know where she left.

Menka and her goons are shocked to see Isha. Later Sanchi is treating devanshi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    You were so right Micu… it hurts badly to know that they’re just there in the same palce and not see them togetehr 🙁 🙁
    And honestly between reading Savitri part and Devansh part, Devanshi drama was suffocating me a lot, these people are there just for figuration… ot’s like if as soon as Devanshi was no more with them, there is no any kind of interest in what they’re doing…
    Vardhaan is worried for Kalki good… Pawan is a mas man… 🙁
    And for Savithro, slowly Veer is taking the leading place, soon the stroy will be twisted surly and he’ll finsih with Sanchi

    1. Mica

      😀 😀 😀 😀 , i told you !! huh! i think this Savitri Devi Hospital is good Hospital, woman patients threatened by woman doctors ??????
      Vardhaan’s worried about humanity na, nothing else ! huh! he still in love to Devanshi.
      I’m not watching Savitri Devi as i know the happy go lucky boy will end up with lead female 🙁 ,
      I was disappointed already on korean, Indonesian and telenovela version, i’m on Mr Khaddos’s team than Mr happy go lucky’s team.

      1. Secret

        Dear mica, may i ask you something. Which is your favorite pair? Swasan or devdhan. Don’t know why i feel that you are helly’s fan more than swasan. Don’t take me wrong. I know you never mentioned this in your comments but i still feel that.

      2. Mica

        yeah Secret, i’m first is Swasan fans, VaHe fans and Helly fans, but not in term as Vk fans 🙂 anything else ?
        about Devdaan pair, well i only support Helly’s project, nothing else. It’s mean i’m not Swasan fans ? so, let it be 🙂

  2. I know that it’s only for increasing the trp. We will not get single vahe scene. Anyways there is no need of mahasangam. Waiting for the episodes after mahasangam.

  3. no veer-devanshi scene.if they do not show us veer devanshi scene then this mahasangam is use less for me.

  4. Omg pta nhi cvs walo k dimag m kya h i mean saaf dkh rha tha veer patient ko keys k lye checkout kr rha tha or sab jante h wo kitna bda prnkstr h phir bhi kbir scold sanchi dm part of show but the cutest part is when veer sav isha i like ishveer n kanchi pair its my personal opinion

  5. Kriya agarwal

    Hey miara also am nt lk kabir scold sanchi i miss swasan scn thats will be gud if veer sav kalki from falling rewind the swsan, luv kanchi

  6. Thanks amena di for the mahasangham update…what’s a mixture..epi..SDCH..scene long but devanshi scene is short??I was not expecting this..anyway,epi was good..waiting for the next update..I heard,Pawan and devanshi’s mystery revealed soon..waiting It..a

    1. Mica

      Gayatri, SDCH have 1 hour duration for every episode, unlike Devanshi na, 🙂

    2. Savitri devi ‘s scene were longer bcz vo 1 ghnte aata he…n devanshi aadha ghnta…

  7. Mica

    H Hasan mam….. gooosshhh missed you soo much !! since ages na i disturbing your post on Swaragini page 🙁 🙁 🙁 , i miss Swaragini alot 🙁 :(. thank you for update. love you!

    Waaa… i love derby between my yummy Vardhaan and this hotty Pavan… 😀 😀 😀
    and devdaan’s scene, i miss them alot!! and vardhaan’s face when remembering those moment 🙁 🙁 🙁 heart breaking.
    I’m sure there is still love for Devanshi. Please Vardhaan, don’t move on to Kalki !!!!
    i’m not watching kalki with a mother part yet 🙁
    but Kalki and sanchi kinda wearing same type of jeans, cute cute cute !!!
    mahasangam ????? or sautan bani saheli ??????

    1. NDSG

      Hey mica… Saw u after long time.???? about mahasangam. ? I wasted my time. My my cutiepie????? Sanskar????? . and kalki, I wish she will soon take her revenge. She lost her baby. Feels very bad for her. Don’t leave anyone kalki.

      Who episode is wated on joke suno?????

      1. Mica

        wasted on joke suno ? my foot!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 it’s the best part na ??????
        saw me after long time ??? huh! another bakwass joke, correction, he is Dr Veer, not sanskar, and he is taken, not yummy anymore ??????

    2. NDSG

      Sorry, for my comment… I saw u after many days and I became excited it’s all my fault. For me he is Sanskar

      I never except this.


      1. Mica

        NDSG, huh! don’t fool me, ????????? *push back to fb
        No Sanskar here, Swara kept him on her embrace huh!
        even i never expect this from you 🙁 🙁 🙁

    3. NDSG Y? R u wasting ur time on those who already fallen for other couples they forget SWASAN.

      And don’t know from which angel that monkey ?? looks yummy he is ? ??? .
      Esey log bus apni biwi k character pe ugli uthana jate h… Not like our Sanskar.

      Aur us joke wale part k, seriously totaly waste. Us ? k acting same expression nothing new. Even dr Veer k little part was better than it.

      U know mica what’s the difference between Sanskar and that ?
      When swara falls from cliff sanskar too jumped unliked ur favorite one. Sorry if it’s hurt. But truth is that u changed.

      1. Mica

        Neha !!! dare to call my yummy Vardhaan as monkey or you will face the worst of me (cursing you to have lovely husband kinda Sanskar, huh!)
        and dare to compare between Sanskar and Vardhaan, they are soo different ?????????, if only you compare them, it’s humiliation for Sanskar’s character na 🙁 🙁

        when Swara fallen from the cliff, Sanskar knows that nothing wrong in that.
        when Devanshi fallen from the cliff, Vardhaan only know that his wife pregnant when he KNEW that he nEVER touch her.
        as i ever asked, what will a husband do when he found out his wife pregnant and he NEVER touch her ?
        then his father (the most trusted person for him) told him that Devanshi is cheater.

        That why, in this leap, when Vardhaan is showing kinda puppet of his “mother”,
        it’s the BEST thing for me, mean vardhaan is not vardhaan anymore. his pain made him losing his soul, he has no passion to live anymore, that’s why he follows whatever kusum order for him, as he is kinda a body without soul. and i love that.

        About Devanshi will accept him again or not, it’s depend on her na. 😛
        what your opinion about it ?
        btw, huh! don’t ask my yummy vardhaan to jump from cliff 🙁

      2. Mica

        btw Neha, how this Swaragini scene come to Devanshi ?

  8. ohe, god,my devdaan jokes are awesome..missing my old cute devdaan..

  9. sorry,h hasan thanks a lot for the update..

  10. I just love devarshi part. When i was watching devarshi part , I laughed like an mad. And kusum and pavan ‘s acting are awesome. Helly part was very very short. She hasn’t do anything I mean the whole episode she was playing only an unconscious patient role. When sanchi stopped veer for night duty , u won’t believe I was so much happy that time {( mann main laddu phuta) but everything wasted when they didn’t give a single scene on heva. And one thing first time I watched sdhc , but truly the actors are very very bad in acting. I couldn’t believe myself this one is rs production house show.

    1. Devanshi*

  11. hmm mica you are joky….na?? Seriously,I do not like any mixture epi…But this cvs made me upset..Idont like SDCH…Iam only one devamshi viwer..

    1. Mica

      which one ? sautan bani saheli ? ??????? , it’ s a joke, my friends made a fun of it when we only get Swarda and Helly ‘s pic instead of VaHe .
      well, same pinch na, but i couldn’t watch whole kalki ‘s scene as my internet is suck,

      @Neptune, hellooooooo.. waiting Vahe scene ? 😀 😀 😀

  12. Neptune

    helllooooooooooooo everybody am so sorry for not being here for all these days but what to do was caught up for some family work….
    i was sooooooooooooooooooo happy when i got to know that vahe are coming together once again…
    yaar please atleast show one scene of theirs…..
    i soooooooooooooooooooo wish they come together in any show as main leads please pray for it guys…

  13. Sdch in one word is DUMB

  14. Gys dnt unds me the fact is they combind both shows for high rating. Its nt liked at all by me. When the so called mahasangam will end? Gys dnt take my cmnt wrng i am just expressing my thoughts.

  15. Mars

    Kalki’a acting was amazing loved her.

    1. NDSG

      Vahe r amazing… But want kalki and Veer encounter ??????

      1. Mars

        Yuppo I m on cloud9

  16. The serial devanshi is a dumb in one word.

    1. Mica

      If it is your real opinion, i have no problem in that, 🙂 🙂 🙂 , EVERY BODY HAVE RIGHT na,
      but if you said that only to reply back to what wardhaRosyyi ever said, it’s kinda unfair 🙂 , i checked that Wardha is SDCH fans, sanbeer fans, so, it quite unfair to drag devanshi serial in this matter.
      (sorry as i saw your opinion and wardha has similarity na )

      1. Mars

        Well said mica dear and sweety dear I support u.

    2. Did anyone asked u the definition of devanshi no na?….so please if you cant comment good then please dont comment….varda for u toooo

      1. Shrilatha

        Sweet you don’t have any Right to say whether she has to comment good or not .understood.the way you belong to this page even she has rights.just get that into you mind ok

  17. Haha…. Nice episode… Kalki’s scene less….sdhc first time I saw this serial n loved kabir…..sanchi is best for kabir…. About vahe…. I knew it that there will b no scenes of vahe….. “””Happy for that”” she won’t get any certificate from people…. Want to see some kabir & kalki scenes…

  18. Kakali

    I must say Rashmi mam knows how to plays. I must say COLORS knows how to play. God, to obiviosly increase the trp they didn’t mind to play with our feelings. They are fully aware of the fact that MILLIONS of VaHe fans will stick to the television to get the single glimpse of their FAV VaHe together which was almost a dream to us. So they played the card. Margin the both shows, man even if I say it’s wrong to dream about Veer and Devanshi scene but we can’t help out. We just CAN’T DAMN IT. VaHe or SwaSan is just not a passing cloud for us whom we will forgot after they parted their way. NEVER EVER. They are still in our hearts just like the beats and like always it started to beat fast seeing them together after so many months. So what you want, NOT TO THINK ABOUT VEER OR DEVANSHI SCENE? NOT TO IMAGINE A SINGLE SCENE OF THEM TOGETHER? Do you think it can happen ? A HUGE NOO you moron prople!! No1 can help out controlling their emotions after watching them together but not a single glance. Colors or Rashmi man whoever or whatsoever they are but they have gone to an extreme level to hurt us. Do you think it will increase TRP of both the shows? *chuckle
    dream dream dream.
    I feel so bad for my SwaSan lovers who get disappointed. They know imagining their scene is of no use but still they did. Of course they will. It is our SwaSan/VaHe after all damn it. But what is the outcome? We do all know. But I myself can’t be practical then what will I say to others? FO!!!!! Play how much you want, use how much u want to use us. But no matter what Colors you will stay at the position 3rd in top list or may be out of the list this time. Look what m blabbering!! So angry na, hmm it happens when I see my dear SwaSan lovers disappointed and sad face. Once again saying making us upset, no1 is going to get nothing. And plzzzz don’t give me any kind of lecture to being practical or whatever. Bdw two days are still left, isn’t it? Can I expect something? Waaaa lemme sleep. Hufffff!! Now I’m practical and advice the others to be the same. ?? I did so right by not watching the episode ??. I better watch my new PAWAN(Mica dare you even try to eye him?)?? Hurrahhhhh!! Devanshi will rock with Devdaan and Pawan. M sleepy now. ?? Did I blabber too much? Nothing new. Anyway Good evng ev1 . Enjoy the 1 & half hour show. ??

    1. hey dear i haven’t seen complete mahasagam part just my mom was watching tv and by chance she switched to colors and what guess dr. veer and kalki were talking or u can say dr. veer is asking questions and advicing kalki
      no doubt again i love them

      1. Kakali

        I saw I watched. I did everything. I m just watching that over and over again. This is the same way Sanskar used to scold Swara “HAQ HAI MUJHE ” (Pati hu tunhara, haq hai datne ka) (Doctor hu Main aapka, haq hai apko daatne ka). Awwwwwwmy babies. my SwaSan. ❤

    2. Mica

      hotty Pawan ??? take that, at least you didn’t come between me and yummy Vardhaan

      1. Kakali

        You can love a bhai(Mudit)og yours. Just like ahem ahem. *run
        No matter what Mudit will be always your Rakhi bhai. I have given up on him as you are my SOUL SISTER ?????Keep him to urself. now don’t eye my Pawan. (in ur mind even). You need everything. Huh?

  19. Secret

    It’s time for second update of mahasangam and here i am commenting on this update. I just want to say that i am a huge fan of swasan and i was thinking that they will give some vahe scene but no they didn’t. About dewansi i am not a big fan of that show but still i was happy for helly’s role it’s good. Then comes sdch seriously yar. Our cute hot smart responsible sanskar is now a little brain good for nothing prankster. I just want this sow to wrap up soon. I don’t care about sanveer or sanbeer. I just want vk in a good role not any veer type role. My heart really got angry when i found veer so dumb. And about devdhan i know many swasan fans have forgot swasan and now are devdhan’s fan. Now for them their lovable devdhan is more magical n unbreakable than swasan. No offense it’s their personal choice i can’t say anything about them. But for some fans swasan are still most perfect couple. And for me they are much more better than devdhan or sanveer. (i can’t even compare sanveer with swasan). Sorry for this long comment but it’s the frustration of a fan who is watching his favorite character (sanskar, believe me i loved him more than swara) as a weak character (veer) but i really feel what i said.

    1. well i have seen dr. veer and devanshi together ang again they see each other made me soo happy dear

    2. Mica

      Sorry Secret, how can you know that many Swasan fans forgot about Swasan and now they are devdan fans or Sanveer Fans ?
      Look, VaHe have their new show nowadays, what do you think ? we should ignore them and don’t support them, let VaHe unsuccessful on their new show, and only crying over Swasan ?

      If you people love to see VaHe on big failure in future in the name of SWASAN fans, let it be..
      but i, or some of us just CAN’T do that .
      Being Devdan fans or Sanveer fans doesn’t mean that we forget Swasan, we only try to support them, THEY are working on Savitri DEvi serial and Devanshi serial now, not SWARAGINI anymore.

    3. Mica

      Sorry Secret, how can you know that many Swasan fans forgot about Swasan and now they are devdan fans or Sanveer Fans ?
      Look, VaHe have their new show nowadays, what do you think ? we should ignore them and don’t support them, let VaHe unsuccessful on their new show, and only crying over Swasan ?

      If you people love to see VaHe on big failure in future in the name of SWASAN fans, let it be..
      but i, or some of us just CAN’T do that .
      Being Devdan fans or Sanveer fans doesn’t mean that we forget Swasan, we only try to support them, THEY are working on Savitri DEvi serial and Devanshi serial now, not SWARAGINI anymore.

      Sometimes people don’t understand how hard for them to live on entertainment field, How hard for them to get new show in such a big competitor in it by simply saying, let it go off air soon, let it being flop, etc, etc.
      Sorry if i hurt you or any friends, i just try to talk about reality 🙂

      1. Secret

        Ya i can understand your pov. Everyone has their own opinion about everything. And about entertainment world, i know how hard it is for them to get shows. No one want vahe to get unsuccessful on the name of swasan because we all love them. I was just asking that are u helly’s fan or specially swasan fan. I asked that casually i was not taunting u for liking devdhan. I was not saying that u you have forgot swasan and all. Now about my comment, i said that i dont like vk as veer and i want sdch to end soon it doesn’t mean that i want him to be unsuccessful. And the second thing i said was that many swasan fans have forgot them, it was my own opinion. So don’t think that it was for u.

    4. Kakali

      Hi Secret! I hope you won’t mind answering you since m not Mica.
      According to me and rest of the people Mica is crazy SwaSan fan just like me.
      She supports DS show as it is related to Helly which you said is actually right. she is a Hellyholic just the way you are a VarunHolic(Actually you never mentioned this but I still feel that).
      Supporting an another show doesn’t make you forgot your FAV. SwaSan was, were and will be always FAV to me and Mica and all of us as well. No pair can take their place but can make new couple new place in our heart. It’s a common thing dear!!!
      It hurts when some1 asks like this. It deeply hurts. Try to be in that particular personz place and understand it.
      I hope you don’t mind my words.
      Gd nyt. Sweet Dreams.

      1. Secret

        Good morning kakali. Ofcource i won’t mind answering you to me because i know that u are crazy swasan fan same goes with mika and in the last but not the least i am also one of them. I already have said that what i asked to mica was just a particular ques. Just like “which is your favorite colour red or blue but i feel it’s pink because u always wear that”. It wasn’t like i was saying that she has forgot swasan and all. So plzz don’t get hurt. And yes you are right i am vk’s fan but at first i am swasanholic.

  20. *missing anu dear, S& some friend…

  21. Mars

    Ohhh god I can’t wait for today’s update to comment as I m super excited to see my swasan again on same screen just loved their scene. I got tears to see them again

  22. Yar…. Just watched 2nd mahasangam and guess what today’s episode was superb…. Firstly we got vahe scene… Ya it was short but still it was treat to our eyes… And it was so cute like how veer was advising kalki…. I remembered how sanskar used to advise and care swaraj…… Loved the part
    Then proceeding to next best scene…… Kanchi???o god due to that idiot Rita sanchi fall on Dr kabir and I think this was longest eye lock in sdcah…….. I was dancing… Hehe……
    And I swear if CVS paired sanveer then surely I will quit the show bcoz I can’t firstly imagine varun with anyone else secondly with sanchi…. No chance bcoz I m already in love with kanchi and swasan which is heavenly couple nothing can replace that……
    Rs production always sswaps pairs like they did in swaragini from swalak to swasan…. It was the best thing they ever did but can’t bear sanveer…… And veer is much better with isha remember their falling scene!!!
    Its my personal opinion… I just love swasan and kanchi…. So don’t take me wrong an pls keep praying and requesting for kanchi and even I want that soon veer wrap up from this and helly toootooo… And we got vahe chemistry!!
    Neutral opinion for devdaan!!

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