Savitri Devi College & Hospital analysis by niyati

Hii guys, this is Niyu here. Before reading , i will tell u that this article is my point of view. If u are not agree, then it’s ok i have no problem with this.

Today i am not here with my ff , i want to talk about my one of the personal favourite show SDCH . When this show was started, i expect a lot from this show. A sweet, cute , nok-jhok type medical life of student like Dil mil gaye & Sanjeevani . When i got to know about their plot that this was Sanchi’s story to become successful doctor to fulfil her father’s dream , I found it interesting. I am always the supporter of bold & independent character & I found all these qualities in her character . She is dutiful, truthful, independent & a kind girl but now CVs destroyed her character too .

Now let’s move to Varun’s role Veer. Veer is my favourite character as he is cute prankster whose prank & cuteness bring wide smile on my face but now Cvs spoiled him making him insecure guy. I never forget CVs for this stupidity. About Kabeer i thought he is the robot of Dr. Malhotra but they prove me wrong . I found his character more interesting than others . He is arrogant , khadoos but a nice guy. I don’t know he had any past who make him arrogant as this is not reveal in serial . I think if he had any past, then it’s more amazing to watch.

Now, i talk about the story . When the story start, it’s going in right direction. Sanchi’s effort to change the rules of SDCH & always choose truth. Veer help her in every mission like a good friend. Cute pranks of Veer grab more viewers. Kabir always scold Sanchi for mistakes which she never done & feel bad after scolding.Well, i don’t like that Cheapde Riya interference….but some villians are necessary for storyline. Again, CVs bring illogical track of Priya’s marriage drama . I hate this to the core. Why CVs make Priya married with Vikrant if she love Sanket …..Now , this is also tolerating…..but moreover they portray Vikrant a Psycho who physically abused her….this is unbearable for me & i used too skip the part or changed the channel . Then , their idiotic track Khusboo &

Jaya….devrani-jethani drama like typical indian show. But i still used to watch for this Kanchi as i found a spark & a magical chemistry between them.They both are made for each other but i have no problem with Sanveer as i am big fan of Varun kapoor. I don’t find any chemistry between them as Swardha is look old than him…..Well , i am not here to discuss about Sanveer or Kanchi…..I like both of them though i am Kanchi fan. Sanchi start falling for Veer & then do drama with Kabeer for his mother’s health….this one is also not very bad as afer this they clear all misunderstandings. They bring Savitri for twist……She lose her memory ….like really….who bring these type of twist……They make it Sotan’s drama but we fans always keep patience. Now, this become too irritating guys….Believe me , i want that this one show is become better.

They again bring this love triangle track.Sanchi love Veer according to Cvs & her all messages reached to Dr . Kabir accidentally & create more misunderstandings……really even a 6 year old kid didn’t believe on this. Then again,Veer break up with Sanchi for a single reason that why she didn’t give vote to him in election & forget all he favours including bring her mother life’s back . Now coming to Kabeer….Poor guy, he lost in his dreamland only & think that Sanchi love her. I don’t want to see him heartbroken…..this make me cry. A big blunder that CVs make that theyruined Sanchi ‘s character. She is confused about her feeling & didn’t choose any one . She was fully forget about her father’s dream .After watching, yesterday episode i want to salute them for ruined this show. Again they dragging same track of love triangle track & stretch like it bubble gum. I must say that this show lost it’s charm, cuteness, concept. This is a really big disappointment for me guys. At least, unite Sanchi with someone….i prefer Kanchi as they have magical chemistry but i didn’t have any problem if they unite her with Veer. Plzz bring our cute veer, innocent sanchi & strict but kind mentor kabir.

They make Sanchi clear about her feelings . Stop the drama of Vikrant & Pragya . Most unbearable ongoing track….their Sotan’s drama……Make Sanchi concentrate on her carrer . Grow up Cvs & stop these illogical tracks .

When i start watching this show, i didn’t know this show is Rashmi Sharma creations otherwise i wil never see this as i know she stretch every track….same as she done with SSK. I love kanchi & only for them , i still bare this nonsense . We fans are fools who expect CVs that they give importance to our views but at least we share our views on TU. I am really upset from yesterday’s episode & thought to quit this show but i still used to watch it because for Kanchi & don’t want colors channel end this show like ek shringaar swabhimaan.I am done with this guys & now , i have no interest in watching this show.

You guys alo share ur views, opinions in comment box but in a good maner & in good language as i hate abusive language . I know sometime i talk in hindi & use weird words like Anika but it didn’t mean that i like abusive language. So ,kindly request to all share ur views with peace & patience . One more message , Kanchi & Sanveer fans don’t start fighting as this analysis for our SDCH not for Kanchi or Sanveer.


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  1. U r ri8 they have changed the track of a cool med students life into a stupid luv triangle . I 2 hate priya’s part but still i watch this show for vk as i m his g8 fan . I think someone else should do sanchi’s role like swara of swaragini as she shares an awesome chemistry with vk.
    And i think they shld get back to first track about just simple but charmful msd drama

    1. Niyati

      Ya, i also feel same that they ruined the show but i don’t agree in that anyone fit on sanchi’s role as for her character they want dusky complexion girl , helli is beautiful & i know she has magical chemistry with vk. But it’s happen only in our dreams as they botg are part of different serials infact i hate devanshi too ….this is also a illogical drama.

  2. Neha7873

    I totally Agree with you

    1. Niyati

      Glad to know didu….you also share ur views….i done this analysis for that we fans find loopholes in show di. Take care.

  3. RuCh23

    Even I totally agree with you dear ??? only watched it for Kanchi ???

    1. Niyati

      Ya, ruwani same here stil watch this pakau serial for our kanchi.

  4. Niyaaa

    Hey niyati m agree with ur pov nd every single word is like u r telling all this behalf of me.. Sautan se bhara pada h show 1 sanchi veer kabir (ria)
    2. vikrant priya sanket
    3. savitri anand gayatri
    seriously aise seriel ko ye medical drama youth show kaise bol skte h iss show ka naam badal kar mere ek nahi do yaa phir buy one get one free rakh dena chahiye
    yahan har kaam galti se hi hota h show bhi galti se suru hua hmne bhi galti se dekha or ab bhi glti se ummeed lagaye badhe h..
    Character sketch before show start
    1.sanchi- simple ambitious innocent girl, want to fullfill his father dream
    2.veer- cute prankster, always makes us happy with their cute pranks
    3.kabir-strict arrogant but kind hearted
    4.ishgya-besties of sanchi
    1. Sanchi-shameless double timing don’t know whom she want nd forget about her so called maqsad
    2.veer-love sick devdas, brainless, boneless
    3.kabir-lov sick puppy, behave wiered, brainless does’t seem beyond sanchi mata
    4.ishgya- chamchi of sanchi nd doing always chindigiri
    Ufff isse jyada tarif or kya jarun m ab to bas yahi nikale h mere dil se apni to jaise taise kat jayegi(TU per ff padh kar) aapka kya hoga cvs aapka kya hoga.. Aise hi raha to wo din durr nahi jab ye show bhi off-air ho jayega juch karo isse pehle diwali aane se pehle tumhara diwala nikal jaye..

    1. Khamoshi

      Hahha amazing review dear ?? Diwala to nikal hi jayega.. 100 episodes to complete kar liye jaise taise..ab aagey kya hoga? 1000 episodes tak bhi mijhe nahi lagta ke medical training shuru hogi..woh to tab tak bhi Sautan drama hi dikhayenge

    2. Riyarocks

      I totally agree with u Niyu dear……..

    3. Niyati

      Hahaa…didu….agree with u infact i also use hindi words in my analysis but administration never allowed …leavee it….You are right i love now one character….how beautiful they portray their role….cvs want that we say like this….ye toh unhe koi sapnon main bhi nahi bolega….mujhe sabse zyada gussa sanchi par aa raha ki apna mision bhool gayi……I didn’t get it that indian serial always destroy bold character of girls….humare indian drama ki heroines kisi se bhi lad sakti hai….in fact supernatural powers se bhi …lekin apne famile ke galat decision main unka saath dengi…wow….same is my favourite character Anika of Ishqbaaz…..bandi kisi se bhi lad sakti hai….lekin Shivay se nahi….what nonsense….that’s why i always make my ff character bold & brave as i am fed up .

  5. Khamoshi

    I totally agree with u dear. U r absolutely right.. i am too done with the show..i only watched this serial some parts just bcoz of KANCHI.. if there were no scenes of them on a particular day..i skip that episode … i want to see Kabir with sanchi and Sanchi with Kabir..clearly.
    No more confusion i can tolerate..otherwise i will stops this much of efforts also. Hate CVs same for Rashmi Sharma production team.. bakwas

    1. Niyaaa

      Hey mitu bakwas word bhi kam pad jaye Is show ko… Ab audience bhi cvs ko yahi kahne wali h aata majhi satakli… Aali re aali aata tujhi bari aali off air hone ki…hahaha

    2. Niyati

      Same here sweetie ….i don’t do this anaysis to find their mistakes….i done this because one of my favourite show is ruined…I don’t understand this RS creations . i am addicted of kanchi otherwise i really quit…..Infact all serial become same…..My ishqbaaz, SDCH ,YRKKKH. Kabhi toh man karta hai ki tv hi tod du lekin dhyan aata hai parents bhi ghar par hai….wo muje tod denge…hehe.

  6. Anonymousaa

    I completely agree with u
    I have never watched DMG and Sanjeevani so I cannot compare them with SDCH.
    Bhaag bakul bhaag that premeired with SDCH has already wrapped up and here we still don’t know the male lead.
    I wouldn’t have seen SDCH had I not seen the fall and catch scene between Kanchi in 4th epi. That time I felt immediate spark and chemistry between the duo so for Kanchi I started watching the show.
    But now I am disappointed looking at how Sanchi’s character is shaping up. I never liked Sanveer yet I don’t want Kanchi to take place putting Sanchi’s character at stake.
    About Vikrant Priya drama; Priya is a lawyer isn’t she? I didn’t know lawyers would tolerate crime. But since Sanket made a reentry I have no problem as the scenes are now watchable with Saniya together.Finally no more Khusboo drama.
    But still we can hope for good.

    1. Niyati

      Ya, Priya is a lawyer….why she tolerate this….I don’t get if if they make girl’s character a fearless , then their ego is hury.They want to shoe that she need Sanket for this. If u didn’t watch DMG & Sanjeevani , if these shows are online available , just watch them one time .you fall in love with them…….What was the cast choice…fun scene , their bond ….these meomories no one erase ….i also hope for kanchi & still watch for them.

  7. Riyarocks

    Niyati dear…….u r absolutely right……….I too had a lot of expectations from this show initially, but the cvs hv really disappointed us with this usual love shuv drama & typical family drama too…………I just hope sanchi should focus on her career rather than wasting her time after veer….& another one…..sunny…he seemed really mature initially, but he also got trapped by khushboo… irritating……….in short, I’m fed up with this drama…..can’t bear it anymore……. & sorry in advance if by any means I did sound rude……….

    1. Niyati

      Didu, you never hurt me…i didn’t know why everyone say sorry….i mention don’t talk in foul language….you only share ur views prinku di & agreed with this. You are right sometime i feel i will kill khusboo…..accha khasa ghar se bahar thi lejkin humari jaya mata ji khud hi unhe ghar main lekar aayi….this is like that…..Aa bail mujhe maar.Ya, i too want Sanchi focus on her carreer .I still watch for Kanchi . If in today episode she refuse kabir….i am sure i will throw vase on television …isse accha toh dur hi raho warna parents ki maar khaani padegi tb todne ke liye …hehe….Don’t say sorry again didu as u don’t talk rude…..Aap rude baat karna chao toh bhi nahi kar sakti .

      1. Riyarocks

        haha……..thats so sweet of u Niyati……& btw, I’ve a better option…I watch bhootu instead of sdch now a days & dear, I’m just loving it……I think u might also like it(not sure)…..anyways, hv a great day ahead & luv u dherrrr saara…………

      2. Niyati

        Ya, didu Anu also say to watch bhootu….I also watch’s a pleasing tale di. Luv u too soo much.

  8. Anonymousaa

    Hey and about the pairing did anyone use to watch palko ki chhaon mein? It was also RST show.
    There Suman an orphan falls in love with Karan and marries him. After marriage they meet with an accident and Karan supposedly dies.After that Suman struggles being a widow and Kartik,Karan’s elder brother who initially liked her supports her then duo fall in love and marry. Then now Karan returns back claiming Suman to be his wife while a girl Paru claims to be Karan’s wife.Finally things are sorted out and Kartik stays with Suman while Karan stays with Paru.
    So what I want to say is even a marriage cannot determine lead pair in RS show.So there is no use predicting pair.

    1. Niyati

      Hey i didn’t watch that serial but after reading story…i will bet that this is surely rashmi mata serial… seriously…..who make story like this even a 5 year old kid have no interest to watch these type of shows.

  9. Sakash.

    Hi Niyati.I agree to all the words u said dear.First a fall they must clear by making pair.I mean either kaanchi or sanveer.They r destroying Saanchi character.Veer suppose to be cute and sweet in starting. Now he always change into angry bird mode for simple reasons.Kabir is a senior doctor.To be frank kabir highlighted story by his rudeness,strict behaviour.Now they changed his character totally apathetic.All r shocked seeing his new shade.By changing his shade.The specialness of Dr.Kabir got disappeared.It will be exciting in starting.
    Watching his new behaviour some what i am too so glad.But i like old kabir.Yes he misunderstood saanchi always but later he comes to know what she is?And other thing priya,vikrant one is unbearable.He always create some stupid drama.Sanket and priya looks good together.Khushboo’s character is not necessary.Pragya’s talks always brings smile.Isha too…

    This is my opinion…(Niyati)…

    1. Niyati

      I agreed with ever single word of ur bhai…..veer always get in angry bird mode…..i don’t want to talk about sanchi otherwise i write full essay on her comment .I am really glad that we fans come forward & share opinion & our views.

  10. Dhruti

    niyati i also felt bad because they ruin all characters specially sanchi, kabir and veer………..i like veer’s prankster personality i enjoyed his pranks……sanchi’s innocent personality i love it and how she focused on her mission… touch my heart (vo meri inspiration thi i mean how to focus on my goal kind of i can’t express any more sorry for that)and i also like kabir’s personality as khadoos, rude but have a soft heart and how much he love his mom and how he dedicated toward his work………….and now all are like what i say just live it……..i also want kanchi as pair because i found a spark & a magical chemistry between them…………They both are made for each other but i have no problem with Sanveer as i am big fan of Varun kapoor. I don’t find any chemistry between varun and swardha (i like chemistry between varun and helly rather than varun and swardha’s chemistry) but i like kanchi as a pair …………….i am sorry if i say something wrong but my intention is what i feel about sdch show not discuss about kanchi and sanveer.i hope cvs wale pehle jesa sab kar de i mean sab ki personality pehle jesi kar de………

    1. Niyati

      No di , you don’t say sorry i know every one love swasan & chemistry between helly & vk is on other leve…no one rach that level…..I am really agreed to ur views cvs destroyed every single character …..mostly lead….sanchi, veer & kabir… i am fed up now…..Don ‘t say sorry didu as this analysis for share ur views…..i mention that don’t use foul language as …when i comment on Ishqbaaz analysis … they talk in abusive manner…..that’s why i mention this here…. i know our kanchi family is never is like that ……infact they didn’t hurt anyone .

  11. Anuradha123

    Niyu sweetie.. U r absolutely correct… I respect your point of view…. This show has become a waste for me… They r not focusing on the main thing, just dragging the serial beyond infinity… Sanchi ko dekhkar mera dimag ka paara Chad jaata hai.. This veer is just ridiculous, jab sanchi ne usey vote nahi diya usko toh gussa hi aa gaya.. Kabir ka character pehle toh thik chal raha tha but aajkal usko love ka fever chadh gaya hai.. Producers ka kya hai woh sirf serial drag karna jaante hai, fans k feelings se unko kya lena dena… Now a days I don’t watch this stupid drama… I’m enjoying bhootu… Sdch se lakh guna accha hai… And TV ka badho bahu and agnifera is also nice.. Meri durga n sdch dono ki kahani bhale hi (a+b)2 Se suru huye thi ab toh pura formula hi change kar diya production unit ne… I’m enjoying ff otherwise I m not going to waste my valuable time on watching this crap..

    1. Niyati

      Ya, i am agreed dearie ….i also watch bhootu… cute story….intact Arshiya who play role of bhootu is so cuteee….loved that show & we fas want pleasant tale & nice concept like bhootu. Sanchi ke baare main baat na hi karo toh sahi hai warna din se shaam ho jayegi……cvs se ab kuch hope karna ki wo humari feeling ki kadar rakhenge bewakoofi hai..Ya,same here i too enjoy ff as they are far better than original SDCH . CVs dekh lenge na hum sab ke ff toh bechare sharam se paani paani ho jayenge… hum aisa kyun na likh paye.

  12. Hey niyati. Can you plz post this excellent comment on india forums /sdch column. It is a big platform and the cvs of this show follow that forum! Who knows maybe they will realise their mistake and rectify it

    1. Niyati

      Ya,whenever i get time i will definitely post sweetie . Actually , i don’t follow india forums but about CVs they never realised their mistakes . I will surely tried.

  13. Perfect analysis dear… ab to pragya bhi kafi irritating hai… veer ke alava usse kuch nhi dikhta… stupid log… sanchi to sabse mahaan hai…. medical drama ke naam me….. i only read updates now…

    1. Niyati

      Ya, ageed to u dear….this show is now typical indian drama & become too irritating . Glad that u all share ur views here.

  14. I totally agree….they ruined the show…..I just watch this show for kanchi

    1. Niyati

      Ya, same hee sweetie i still watch for our kanchi only.

  15. Ziyarasheed

    Very well said niyati. I totally agree with you. I think the fan fictions are far more better than the original track. Honestly speaking, I’ve stopped reading the updates and I only read ffs. I expected a lot from varuns character but they just turned him to a spineless brainless Dumbo. And the Gayatri vaidehi pair are so irritating. Also the Jaya household. How can someone turn a medical drama into a saas bahu aur saazish wala sequence. The CVS really need to be appreciated for this.

    1. Niyati

      Ya, feel same here …..ff are more interesting to read. I totally agree with u sweetie.This show is unbearable but still watch that pakau serial for kamchi.

  16. I am agreed with u all. I think among all serial “airlince” is best. abt sdch it is so unexpectedly moving onwards.., ishkbaz such a creep . Shivay is shown with five girls. Cheeeee!! And childhood marrige drama fully out of mind, yaar!!!!!

    1. Niyati

      Ya, ishqbaaz is also become just carap though that one show is my favourite serial & i love shivika too much but cvs destroyed this beautiful story . I am fed up of these indian dramas.

  17. Oh My Maata!!!!!!!!! I alws wanted Sanveer but yaha iss show mei raite se zada aur kuch nahi phail raha …..niyati dear good analysis n u said na that u wnted to talk wid me thru pm but yaar kya karu itni saari cheapde cheeze ho gayi ki meine apna naymaz wala account hi delete kr dia….lol….Still i cn give u my e mail ID , if u want u cn contact me thru that …aur agar whatsapp pe tum ho toh mujhe apna number de dena ……my ID

    [email protected]………………… contact me i u want to …wud luv talking wid u…..btw my real name is polly …NAYMAZ sirf account tha …that wasn’t my real name

    1. Niyati

      Ya, di i agreed from u didu. This show is a crap. Ya,di wil sure talk through email. Why u delete ur account didu . Are u alright ?

      1. yaa sweetheart i m good…due to some misunderstandings i had to delete my account ….waiting for ur msg on my account….gimme ur whatsapp no. also wud luv hooking up with u 🙂 🙂

  18. I’m totally agree wid u….the story writers they r just stretching d story….n I just hate there mello drama of jaya n khushboo

    1. Niyati

      Ya, same here dear but cvs don’t give any importance for our views but i used to watch this crap for our kanchi.

  19. When I get to know that VK is coming back in this serial I was soo happy I even changed my computer cls timing to watch this serial but now I don’t want to watch this show they show typical sass bahu drama in the name of medical drama

    1. Niyati

      Ya, u are right sweetie….it become 2 rs serial only now.

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