Savitri Devi 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Jaya exposes Dr. Malhotra

Savitri Devi 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya coming to the under construction building and looks for the bricks where she has hidden the CD. She then thinks where to search and searches for the CD in the bricks kept there. She thinks where did that marks go which I made on the bricks. She checks and gets the brick with the mark. She takes the bricks out and gets the CD kept under it. She gets happy and cries happily. She turns and sees goons standing. They walk towards her. Goon asks her to give them CD and is about to snatch CD from her hand, just then Isha and Pragya hit on their head and they fall down. Jaya is happy to see Isha, Pragya and Savitri there. A fb is shown, Jaya calls Savitri and tells that she is in govt hospital. She says she is going to get the CD.

Savitri messages Pragya asking her to

come with Isha there. Pragya asks Jaya to come soon and tells that Sanchi is in big problem and asks her to come. Savitri asks her to come. Gayatri calls goon and he tells her that Jaya ran with CD. Medical council member asks Sanchi to give her ID card. She gives her ID card and stethoscope. They ask for her lab coat also. Veer thinks he shall not feel bad for this betrayal woman. Dr. Malhotra asks them to call guards and kick her out, her stuff is outside the hospital. Sanchi cries. Ms. D’souza asks Sanchi to come. Sanchi comes out of the cabin in the reception area. She looks at Veer. Veer and Dr. Kabir looks unaffected. Sanchi looks at the hospital and recalls the memories. Dr. Malhotra says your game is over, now get out of my hospital. He holds her hand and asks her to get lost. He pushes her. Jaya comes and holds her. Isha, Pragya, Savitri also come there.

Sanchi asks are you fine? Jaya says I am fine. Dr. Malhotra is shocked. Gayatri also comes to hospital. Dr. Malhotra says this is the woman who taught Sanchi how to betray people and make fun of their life. He says you came at the right moment to see the result of your star student, and says we are kicking her out. He says what do you think that mother and daughter will act and we will not know. He says curtain is down from your drama. He asks her to take her daughter and leave. Jaya says you said right that truth can’t be hidden. She says we have staged this drama, but we did wrong. Until now people have seen your good side, but today they will see my truth. She shows the CD. Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra gets tensed and shocked. Adarsh is shocked and confused. Dr. Malhotra looks at Gayatri.

Gayatri makes a tensed face. Jaya goes to Sanchi and asks her to come. Savitri and Jaya hold Sanchi’s hand and take her inside. Dr. Malhotra and his supporters are shocked, while everyone is surprised. Jaya and Sanchi play the CD, while Isha and Pragya switch off lights. They show the CD on projector screen. Sanchi asks Jaya what is all this. Dr. Malhotra asks her to close it and asks what she wants to show. Jaya says your truth and says today it shall be proved that you are actually a killer. She plays CD again. Dr. Malhotra gets tensed. It is shown in the CD that Dr. Malhotra took out oxygen pipe while doing Sunil Mishra’s operation because of which, he died. He then puts the pipe back. Everyone is shocked to see this. Sanchi cries and says Papa….seeing Sunil Mishra’s face. Isha opens the light. Veer and Dr. Kabir feel bad. Sanchi cries badly knowing the shocking truth. Jaya tries to console her and says time has come to get justice for your Papa. She says now your father’s murderer will cry and not us. Sanchi gets up angrily, goes near Dr. Malhotra and till now I was against your rules, but now I am against you. She asks him to start reverse countdown.

Dr. Malhotra throws Sanchi’s stuff out and says he don’t want to see their faces and also inauspicious thing related to them and throws Sunil Aasthi’s kalash. Sanchi, Isha and Pragya pick the ashes. Jaya swears to send him to jail in 24 hours.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shining

    if malhotra gets exposed so soon then what will be left in the show to see

  2. Now it’s good to see exited to c wt any nxt

  3. Plz anybody tell me repeat telecast time plz

    1. Prakruti

      Ya dear.. It’s 2:00 am ?

  4. Feeling so much bad 4 sanchi nd kabir did n’t say anything,,hw could he??.. Did n’t except it 4m kabir..

  5. I guess serial is ending so it is moving fast…

  6. Shivaniiii

    What is this yaar, how can veer and kabir behaves this way with sanchi??? I mean if they say that they love her, can’t they trust her???
    Actually i think they are both are setting new defination of love “say i love u in good time and leave her all alone in tough time when she needs u the most”
    Now i think sanchi deserves someone better than kabir and Veer. Someone who actually care for her.

    1. Dhruti

      i also felt same here shivani
      but i like one thing of kabir is he didn’t behave like veer
      how veer behave with sanchi
      but i think there will no kanchi or sanveer
      only women are solve this problem……… women empowerment kind of i think is good………….what you say????

      1. veer ka us tarah react karna samajh sakte hai kyu ki use kaha gaya ki they were tryinh to kill his mother so he reacted that way but he must have analysed na saanchi kitni baar uski mom ki jaan bachayi when she was in coma

  7. I do agree with u Shivanii. Sanchi deserve someone better than them. I know now they will support them but what the use when she herself and jaya proved malhotra sin. I also think that sdch is going to be off air shortly.

  8. I hope veer support saanchi and jaya against if Dr.malhotra

  9. Finally Dr.Malhotra truth revealed. Hopefully sanchi is safe & veer should stand with her.

  10. Otakustuff

    Finally show is showing something to look forward to…i really hope that malhotra finally suffers…and priya ko release kardo yaar faltu torture se!

  11. Sanveer

    Great! I hope Kabir and veer both support Sanchi❤️

  12. I m really hurt and feel bad for the situation that Sanchi is in…She is standing against bad and everyone were against her and especially the guys who once confessed to be in love with her. She need not win against the bad but the strength of our people (friends&family) always should be with us…that is the greatest thing…Today’s episode truely showed complete WOMEN EMPOWERMENT!!! For the first time, all the ladies came together for a good cause and pulled it out…We were thinking who will support???? The guys are turned into watchers…And women ruled!!! It is one of the best episodes.

  13. I Thing Sanchi never forgive to veer and kabeer both r useless. Both r bakvas.

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