Savitri Devi 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: : Sanchi’s medical licence is cancelled

Savitri Devi 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi seeing Sanchi Mishra is fraud written on the paper. The interns say slogans against her. Isha and Pragya gives her a cold attitude. Veer tells Sanchi that her bad luck starts here, and wishes her for the worst of bad luck. Dr. Malhotra asks Isha and Pragya, why they are not standing with Sanchi. They say they have seen her true face. Pragya gets some message and takes Isha with her. Sanchi cries.

Vikrant goons ties Sanket to chair and gives him electric shocks. Priya asks Vikrant to leave Sanket and promises to do as he says. She asks him to let Sanket go. Vikrant asks goon to stop the machine and asks Priya if she will love and take care of him. Priya nods yes. Vikrant says he will make Sanket have apples and other fruits if she behaves nicely with him else

he will make him have rotten food. Priya says she will do as he said. He makes Sanket have cake. Priya cries.

Dr. Malhotra tells the medical council members that Sanchi Mishra is a fraud and took admission in the college on fake identity and also tried to take his wife Savitri’s life. Member of the council asks what is the proof? Veer brings Sanchi Agarwal and says this is the proof. She is real Dr. Sanchi Agarwal.

Veer asks Sanchi Agarwal to tell. Sanchi Agarwal tells that she was about to do internship in this hospital and met with an accident on the same day. They accuse Sanchi for doing her accident. Sanchi defends herself and tells that she didn’t do Sanchi Agarwal’s accident. Sanchi tells that whatever she did was because of Dr. Malhotra. She tells that she was admitted in the college, but Dr. Malhotra removed her name from the list at the last time. Dr. Malhotra says he don’t want to clarify. Sanchi tells that Dr. Malhotra don’t want her to study in the college as she is Sunil Mishra’s daughter who started this college and hospital and from whom Dr. Malhotra snatched this hospital by betraying him. She asks him why is he silent. Dr. Malhotra tells that she is a fraud and says betrayal is in your blood. First your father, mother and now you. Sanchi asks where is her mother and asks if he made her missing. Dr. Malhotra asks what nonsense and asks council members not to waste time and declare their decision.

Jaya gains consciousness in the hospital and tells Nurse that she has to go. Nurse says you can’t go. Jaya goes from there. Members ask Dr. Kabir to read aloud their decision. Dr. Kabir reads that Sanchi’s medical licence is cancelled and she can’t practice medicine now. Dr. Malhotra thanks the members. Sanchi is shocked and recalls Jaya’s dream to see her as a successful doctor. She recalls everything and cries.

Jaya takes the CD out from the bricks. She turns and sees goons standing. Sanchi’s ID card and licence is snatched from her by the council member.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Swethaa

    uff..jaya can go with some people na with her to protect
    why going single and goons chasing
    and coming to priya-sanket
    in which era priya is living
    can’t she go to police station
    i love when vikrant said to priya-ur pappu charming na na prince charming very funny
    and why the interns throw stones or something on sanchi i feel bad for her and why she is crying soo much be practical and confidently said na why rona dhona

    1. Harshu123

      Hey guys first her maa is missing second when someone face humiliation tgen anyone can loose her confidence

  2. Rahul sharma

    I want kanchi

    1. Dhruti

      same i also want kanchi and why this kabir not help her?
      and did any one see prasha going some where when some message came in pragya’s phone? i think some think they know and may be they help sanchi………………i’m just pissed off this vikrant and priya-sanket track what is going on in show i just don’t know………………..i mean i can any one tolerate this kind of humiliation????
      i hope now sanchi’s mom and prasha do something…………….
      i don’t why i feel may be kabir help her secretly may be this is possible this is just my guess……….
      and i think this week also we don’t know about lead pair……………..

  3. Hope veer realise his mistake and support sanchi.

  4. Oh please this was my favouritec serial but I hate it.i miss their nor I support kanchi or San veer.I feel so bad for one is at her side.veer doesn’t deserve her at all.and kabir once again proved malhotra’s puppet.I used to love the serial in starting but now it’s becoming horrible day by stop priya’s drama also it was ok till a particular limit but now it sucks.

  5. anay bangalore

    Funny serial why cant savitri clear things with her son so that at least he can support them every one want to hide things from each other and become mahan later on

  6. I also think that kabir support sanchi secretly
    Just want Kanchi

  7. Savitri could have told veer the fact,so that he can help her …now everyone against sanchii

  8. It’s a complete boring serial plz change the track vr feed up with dis and make sanchi to win. U love kanchi pari. Plz try to do something

  9. I just hate this veer character.. Such a confused man with no brains of his own. At one point of time he says he loves sanchi n will nvr hurt n hate her but everytime he is the one who hurts her the most.. No trust in their relationship.. Everytime he repeats the same mistake again and again. Sanchi doesn’t deserve this brainless fellow veer…

    1. Harshu123

      Didn’t u remember his dialogue i will love u even when i hate u ok

    2. I do agree with u that veer is brainless but what to say about Kabir. Both of them fall for Sanchi since she is different from other. I don’t understand why her so called friends also misunderstood her. It hurts a lot when friendship break by some devil persons and circumstances. Hoping Sanchi will handle all this and when time came she show a big thumb?to her so called dumb lovers.

      1. True.. She should not choose anyone n particularly veer

  10. I hope veer understand saanchi and realize his mistake and help saanchi

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