Savitri Devi 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya challenges Veer to get Sanchi marry Kabir in 3 days

Savitri Devi 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer wishing happy holi to Dr.Malhotra. Ayesha comes and wishes them happy holi. Sanchi and Jaya comes there. Gayatri calls Jaya and says I couldn’t welcome you yesterday and is about to apply color, when Jaya stops her and calls her criminal. She asks her not to say that the hospital is hers. Dr. Malhotra asks her not to forget that he can get her jailed again. Dr. Kabir comes and says you can’t talk to her like that. Dr. Malhotra says oh he is her damad. Jaya says yes, he is my damad and tells Dr. Malhotra that she will make him leave in a moment.

Gayatri comes to Ayesha’s room and sees her phone. She thinks about Ayesha blackmailing her with the recorded confession and breaks the phone. Ayesha comes here. Gayatri says it is broken by mistake. Ayesha

says no problem, you are my to be sasumaa and takes her credit card. Gayatri goes. Ayesha thinks Gayatri is fool to think that she has no copy of proofs.

Jaya and Sanchi are in the canteen. Dr. Kabir comes there. Jaya asks them to have food in a single plate. Kusum asks them to have food together. They sit to have food. Veer also acts to have food with Ayesha. Isha thinks what is happening and gets worried. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that she can’t act more. She sees Veer there and hugs Dr. Kabir saying she can’t stay away from him. Veer beats Dr. Kabir and takes Sanchi with him. He takes her to terrace and tells her that someone told him that she is acting to love Dr. Kabir and asks what is her helplessness. Sanchi says she is marrying Kabir with her wish. Veer says we both know it is a lie, if we can’t live then we will die together. Sanchi asks if he is mad?

Veer applies holi color on here face and tilak on her forehead. He says we can die together, as I can’t see you becoming of someone else. Sanchi asks if he has gone mad. Veer asks her to accept him. Dr. Kabir comes there and calls Sanchi. Veer asks him to stay away and tells that only she has right on her. Dr. Kabir says Sanchi is my fiancé and I have right on her. They are about to fall down, when Jaya comes and makes them fall back and says Sanchi was never yours.

She says it was good that Sanchi left you as you are dangerous like your father. Today you have proved that you have bad blood of Dr. Malhotra. She says first your father killed my husband and today you were trying to take her life. Veer says not me, but you. She says are you blindfolded and says how can you come out of jail, and the same day Sanchi and Dr. Kabir decide to get engaged. Jaya asks him to stop it and says Sanchi is engaged to Dr. Kabir as she loves him. Veer says it is a lie. Jaya says lets ask Sanchi. She turns to Sanchi and emotionally blackmails her to prove him wrong. She keeps her hand on her head and asks her to tell that she is engaged to Dr. Kabir as she likes him. Sanchi nods her head and thinks she likes and loves Dr. Kabir as a friend. Veer asks sanchi not to lie. Jaya says it is decided and says she will get Sanchi and Dr. kabir marry in 3 days. Veer says if Sanchi is ready, then I will also marry Ayesha after 3 days.

Sanchi gets ready for marriage. Isha is hopeful as someone (Pragya) returns to stop Sanchi’s marriage. She comes and slaps Veer. Veer is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pragya is back n now kaanchi will not get together I’m sure Kabir will turn negative I’ll leave to watch this show called percent

    1. Dhruti

      sahi me prasha hi kuch na kuch karke sanveer ki shaadi karvayegi………….means no kanchi thats for sure as usually typical rs show swapping grooms………..i just tolerate this show because of vs and st otherwise not interested in this show the forget the concept of the show and motive of the show……………

      1. Anee

        yeah dhruti that’y I don’t like pragya from beginning…I know they will definitely do something for not kaanchi for sanveer.

  2. i guess somewhere I had hope that kanchi will happen but now I have lost all the hopes of kanchi….this is my last comment of mine in this forum….experience of watching this serial was amazing….there were so things I did while watching this serial…coming home early so that I can watch this serial….waiting to get glimpse of kabir…reading ff & thinking y these things dont happen in serial….requesting in this & other forum to make kanchi as pair….even writing emails to make kanchi as lead pair….at last I want to thank rashmi mam for giving us kabir & no one could have been better than vikram sir….many of the times my comment would end with the sentence hope for kanchi but today I wont be writing that bcoz I have lost all hopes of kanchi….thank u all…bye…tc

    1. Totally agree with you.

  3. Really annoying.. concept was good when it was airing not anymore.. firstly priya now Kabeer. Crab story line ever.

  4. Veer has become a complete pshycho. I m hating him. If its going to be sanveer . I can’t tolerate the two pshycho sanveer in one frame. This show has no story only a breakup patch drama with zero chemestry couple.

  5. Even I too thought of writing goodbye comment… mam if sanveer track is introduced due to the low trp then I want bring light to one point….this is a exam season all young fans r busy in preparing for exam….even other channels same slot serials trp has become low too….trp is nothing to do with present track….sorry if I had said something wrong….at the end ur decision is final….I guess for the last time I am requesting u for kanchi pair as I can’t see sanveer track…..thank u so much for giving us Dr.kabir…I never got attached so much to any character till now & to be honest I am feeling very sad too….once again thank u so much for everything

    1. U r true dear .. my boards r going on so I’m just reading the updates .. I was just addicted to the serial just coz of Dr kabir nd pragya n also earlier coz of its different concept .. but now its just disgusting prove one’s luv they r just destroying others self respect … it’ll be so humiliating for kabir when veer will marry sanchi…. one thing more .. kanchi fans r more than sanveerians .. nd now they’ll leave watching SDCH

  6. Guys sorry to tell u but the next track mein sanchi aur veer ki Shaadi hoge to jjetne logoko show dekhna chodna hai to chodna sakthe

    I agree I’m huge kaanchi fan but this is true

  7. I don’t know with which pair will they end up. I like SanVeer a lot. But seeing marriage arrangements in serial I am not understanding what they are going to do, i want SanVeer to be married.

  8. What i feel the reason for low trp is the irritating storyline. I have never seen a weak villain like malohtra who is doing nothing. And all the other characters in the show are just like a showpiece. I m not able to understand if sanveer will be paired up what will be the role of other characters in the show. The story will be a family drama instead of medical drama. I am not able to find out anything interesting in the show after this sanveer pairing. Soooooo goodbye sdch forever.


  10. If kachi was not leading pair….l surely say goodbye to this serial

  11. Kaash Sanchi marry to Kabir then the story will also been interesting to watch just like twinkle and kunj , Suraj and chakor ??

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