Savitri Devi 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ayesha instigates Veer against Sanchi

Savitri Devi 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi telling Veer that even though he is a good doctor, but a bad human being. Veer thinks Sanchi is right. Ria finishes the surgery and comes to washroom. Sanchi is washing her face there. Ayesha is in the washroom. Ria goes to the same washroom. Sanchi asks how was the operation. Ayesha asks her to ask the nurses in the OT. Sanchi says I will ask and asks her to come out. Ria gives her apron and other stuff to Ayesha. Ayesha comes out and goes with Sanchi. A girl goes to the washroom. Ria stops her from shouting and comes out after Sanchi leaves.

Gayatri tells Ayesha to take advantage of Veer’s weakness. Ayesha says Veer will not be saved now. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir asks about Ayesha doing surgery. Interns praise Ayesha. Ayesha says now your doubts might be cleared

and says she is going to check her patients. Veer holds Sanchi and tells her that he is in extreme pain. Sanchi asks where you are hurt. Veer says his pain can be healed by her love. Sanchi asks him not to say nonsense. Veer says if you don’t believe me then its ok, but hear my heart beat once, don’t you see pain in my eyes, can’t you see my love and guilt. Sanchi recalls Savitri taking promise from her. Veer says I love you very much and is ready to wait for you all life. He asks for a last chance and says I love you. He is about to kiss her. they hear about Dr. Kabir’s accident. Sanchi runs hearing this. Ayesha comes there and smirks. She says what is wrong with her, she left you again for Dr. Kabir. Veer says Sanchi is a doctor and went to save him. Ayesha says I respect her professionalism, she shouldn’t have gone there running, would have call him or confirm it. She says Dr. Kabir is perfectly fine, I have seen him.

Ayesha asks Veer to come and check and says Dr. Kabir is fine. Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir and says you should have been careful as his hand bleeds. Dr. Kabir says what it was more serious then I wouldn’t have done surgery. Sanchi keeps her hand on his mouth and asks him not to say it. Dr. Kabir says you gets serious soon. Ayesha brings Veer there and says Sanchi loves Dr. Kabir , he is so lucky. I wish someone would have loved me same way. Gayatri and Ayesha smirks.

Veer recalls Sanchi’s concern for Dr. Kabir and Ayesha’s words. He gets angry and breaks the things in his room. Ayesha comes there and switches off lights. Veer says I don’t want to talk to you and asks her to go. She says you will do as I say. She dances around him seductively. Mahi sanam janam plays…She pushes him on bed. Veer beraks the things in room and says he is not interested in her or dance. He says I just loves Sanchi. Ayesha says Sanchi loves Dr. Kabir, and everyone is saying this, and says you are named as Sanchi’s tommy and asks why you are taking interest in her as she don’t look at you. She asks him to go and hear interns talking. She calls Ria and says he is coming. Veer goes out and sees interns laughing about Sanchi and him and ses Sanchi, Dr. Kabir and Veer’s pics as dog. Ayesha comes there and says this is people thinking between you and Sanchi’s relation. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir comes there laughing. Ayesha asks him not to give much importance to Sanchi and asks him not to lose his self respect.

Veer wants to clear everything from Sanchi. He hears Sanchi telling that whatever she is today is because Dr. Kabir and he is her inspiration.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kabir and saanchi are the perfect pair

  2. Thank today at least today I saw saw kaanchis sweet moments yepeeeee
    But I miss pragya lot she us the jaan of the show

  3. Today I saw the epi….it was nice… I really love the chemistry of kanchi

  4. I am so happy seeing kanchi moments…….they look so good together

  5. Dhruti

    yuppie i also show today’s episode and it was soooooooooo awesome and the chemistry between kanchi is soooooooo amazing…………………

  6. Just saw this episode…..really kanchi pair is so cute….plz rs mam make it a lead pair

  7. Lokesh

    Aaj to bas Maaza aa gaya (Kasam se) yaar. Kanchi only.

  8. Stupid story and bad episode

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