Savitri Devi 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Anand learns about Priya’s death

Savitri Devi 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naintara stopping Sanchi from entering the hospital. Sanchi falls down. Gayatri gives glasses and watch to Anand. They get leaving. The bottles reach the ward door and blast. Sanchi comes inside the hospital by a window. She stops Anand and Gayatri from coming out. Gayatri asks what are you doing here. Sanchi says I didn’t do anything, go out of hospital soon. Naintara comes and says this is the limit, I didn’t see a stubborn girl like you, everyone hates you, you are shameless, see how they die now. Sanchi says I won’t let anything happen to them. Gayatri says you have gone mad, I will call police. Sanchi says don’t call, go out of this hospital, you are threat by someone else. Anand asks who, what are you saying.

Sanchi says I will explain later. Police comes

and arrests Sanchi. Sanchi says please go out of hospital fast, else it won’t be good. Naintara pities Sanchi. Sanchi says till I m alive, I won’t let anything happen to you. Gayatri says enough now, you are mad, just go. Veer comes and stops them. He says Sanchi won’t go anywhere. He gets some papers. Inspector checks bail papers. Lawyer says you can’t take Sanchi anywhere. Inspector leaves Sanchi. Sanchi thanks Veer. Veer says its okay I shall take them. Sanchi says go home with them, its imp to be with them. Naintara says you did wrong, I will show you what I can do. Sanchi thinks I won’t let you win.

Savitri cries seeing Priya’s pic. She asks srvant to keep Priya’s pic in storeroom, so that Anand doesn’t see it. She says no one shall talk about this. Veer, Anand and Gayatri come home. Savitri thanks Lord. He asks did any puja happen here. Sanchi prays that she fights with Naintara. Naintara sees Sanchi and says she should beg to me instead Lord, I will rule here. She takes a hammer to break temple. Her hand stops and hammer falls. Naintara says I will snatch powers now, I will kill everyone. She targets Sanchi. Sanchi gets hit on the walls.

Savitri asks Gayatri to take Anand to her room. Gayatri says no, I have prepared another room for Anand. Savitri says fine. Gayatri thinks how long will I hide this secret, I have to do something soon. Anand talks on call and gets Priya’s post mortem report. He gets shocked. She cries and says our Priya is no more, she left us. Naintara says I told you to be away from my matter. She throws Sanchi on walls. Sanchi cries in pain. Naintara says you can’t understand my pain, you will also lose life like these sinners. She throws Sanchi away. Sanchi falls down. She sees temple and prays.

Naintara ties up Sanchi in ropes. Sanchi falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I want kabir back

  2. Guys there is a good news for kabir fans he us back in show

    1. How do you know?
      Is it true?
      Why is he back in THIS crap

      1. Yes it’s true but I saw 1 of his pic in install of riya post I think he is gayatri raaz in her room n he is hostages by her

    2. Really???😄😄😄😳

    3. What??? Is it true yar….I’m so happy yarrr…..

  3. OMG kabir is back I am so happy and excited to see VS back

  4. CuteBabByVeer

    😂😂😂Don’t exicted kabir fans .👎👎👎because sachi kabir divorce ahead . Our Sanveer is fixed couple .as par news gayatri kidnap kabir and forcefully sign divorce paper and send sachi. So don’t keep any hope for your kanchi .Sanveer is lead and golden couple of ColorsTV

    1. N u even don’t get edited sanchi is just a pendulum kabhi yaha toh kabhi vaha and haa kabir fans has no hopes fir sanchi bcoz v r kabir n veer fans nt sanveer ya kanchi

    2. In which news u saw that divorce papers

    3. All the Kabir aka VS fans are just happy for him being back in the show and onscreen
      I am happy that they are getting divorced because anyway even being with Kabir Saanchi was just thinking about veer.

    4. Really wow kabir sanchi r getting divorced thanks for this news. I m so happy finally my kabir will be free from that shameless woman sanchi. That woman can only give him pain at least we all kabir fans will be relaxed that cheap woman will be out of Kabir’s life at least after this I m going to be very happy bcz I hate sanchi and don’t want around kabir at all. U veer fans r shameless as ur favorite this lady gave so much pain to veer still u ppl want her with veer. Congratulations to you ppl as ur veer’s life will again become hell bcoz sanchi will come back in his life 😀😀😀😂😂😂😂

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